13 Rental Property Software To Consider (Plus Benefits)

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Published March 11, 2022

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When landlords find it challenging to manage several tenants, they often rely on technology to automate their tasks. Rental property software allows you to collect payments, communicate with tenants and post vacancies. Learning about different products can help you choose the one that suits your rental portfolio and budget. In this article, we list 13 rental property software products and discuss their key benefits.

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13 rental property software options

Here are 13 rental property software options to consider using:

1. AppFolio

AppFolio is a popular tool for landlords with larger portfolios. Users typically manage at least 50 units, though the platform can support landlords who manage over 1,000 units. AppFolio is compatible with properties ranging from residential homes to student housing, allowing it to act as a comprehensive tool for landlords with diverse portfolios. Key features include rent collection, accounting software and advanced marketing tools.

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2. Yardi Breeze

Yardi Breeze is a cloud-based software that's appropriate for landlords with varying portfolio sizes. Standard features include rent collection, invoice management and a comprehensive marketing platform. Landlords also use Yardi Breeze to require third-party renter's insurance that protects belongings in the event of a fire or theft. Tenants can easily enroll and view the status of their processing claims.

3. SimplifyEm

Real estate professionals designed SimplifyEm to be a comprehensive landlord management solution. The software supports rental portfolios ranging from one to 2,000 units and streamlines the tenant screening process. Landlords can conduct background checks to ensure the tenant has acceptable criminal, eviction and credit histories. SimplifyEm also automates late fees and sends late rent notices to help landlords collect payments timely.

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4. TurboTenant

TurboTenant is a rental property software that charges tenants instead of landlords. This pricing model makes it an accessible option for landlords on a strict budget and increases tenant accountability. Landlords use the platform to collect payments, screen tenants and send bulk messages from a single inbox. TurboTenant also partners with popular rental listing sites to advertise vacant properties, allowing landlords to fill available spaces faster.

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5. Buildium

Property managers designed Buildium to be a comprehensive management solution for landlords. It has a specialized tenant portal that automatically collects payments and organizes maintenance requests. Buildium also has comprehensive accounting features for receiving cash payments, monitoring business expenses and filing 1099s. Another useful feature is for conducting inspections. Landlords can use inspection templates or customize their own to evaluate properties before a move-in or move-out date.

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6. Propertyware

Propertyware is an appropriate solution for landlords who manage single-family homes. Its custom dashboards make it easy to see the desired insights and alerts, and the scalability helps landlords manage properties in multiple regions. Propertyware also offers advanced training to help landlords streamline their management practices. While the software has several useful features, one of its most impressive is its marketing capabilities. Landlords can track leads, follow up with potential tenants to fill vacancies fast and create branded websites to boost conversions.

7. MRI Software

While MRI Software is compatible with residential properties and community home associations, it's most popular among landlords who manage commercial real estate. In addition to streamlining rent collection for commercial offices and industrial buildings, it supports the financial complexities that come with managing these types of properties. Key MRI Software features include strategic planning and analysis, space management and investment management.

8. DoorLoop

DoorLoop is a comprehensive and easy-to-use rental property software. Landlords get a dedicated account manager that can help you quickly resolve issues and ensure tenant satisfaction. The built-in CRM and tenant portal automatically collects ACH and credit card payments, helping landlords eliminate bounced checks and excessive bank fees. Landlords also appreciate the software's vendor management, property lister and data migration capabilities. Another useful DoorLoop feature is the ability to receive maintenance requests and hire the appropriate vendor to resolve the problem.

9. Hemlane

As a comprehensive property management solution, Hemlane helps many landlords work remotely. One particularly useful feature for remote work is agent matching. Hemlane connects landlords with qualified local agents to conduct showings and encourage tenants to finalize their lease agreements. Landlords also use this software to advertise their properties and track which websites attract the most potential tenants. Hemlane supports branded websites for listing vacancies and automatically updating property details.

10. Landlordy

Landlordy is a unique rental property tool that landlords access via a mobile app. It stores data on the user's device instead of the app's cloud or servers, meaning there are no account logins. The free version supports a single rental property, but one can pay for more advanced features. Paid Landlordy plans give access to data restoration and personalization options for rent invoices. Other useful features include digital expense receipts, logs of tenant payments and service record management.

11. Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct helps landlords manage rental portfolios of various sizes. Extensive accounting features ensure organized financial records and preparation for tax season. For instance, landlords often rely on Rentec Direct's 1099-MISC electronic filing system and automatic ACH payment collection. Rentec Direct also provides a professional website that promotes listings. Tenants can use the website to access files, share electronic signatures and submit maintenance requests.

12. TenantCloud

While TenantCloud supports users of all experience levels, it's especially useful for new landlords. The basic accounting features make it easy to store and retrieve financial data, such as tenant payments and late fees. There's also a feature for hiring vendors to process maintenance requests, ensuring landlords provide high-quality service to tenants. TenantCloud is accessible via desktop and a mobile app to help landlords streamline their workflow wherever they are.

13. Rent Manager

Rent Manager is a comprehensive tool that landlords use to serve tenants and collect payments. Its extensive customer service ensures the success of users by offering onboarding, training and continued support. Rent Manager provides standard rental property software features like accounting, reporting and marketing. The budgeting feature is especially useful for tracking expenses and predicting future projections. While Rent Manager's features are extensive, it integrates with other software to ensure a good user experience.

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