66 Research Ideas for Your Next Project or Assignment

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated July 13, 2022 | Published April 20, 2021

Updated July 13, 2022

Published April 20, 2021

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If you’re in high school, college or graduate school, you may need to conduct research for an assignment. Research papers and projects can help you debate a topic, explore a subject you’re interested in or express your opinions. Browsing topics in a variety of subjects can help you generate your own ideas for your next essay, thesis or presentation. 

In this article, we explain why research ideas are important and provide a list of 66 research ideas to help guide you.

Why are research ideas important?

It's important to consider a variety of research ideas to help you find one that interests you. By choosing a topic related to your personal interests or studies, you can develop your research skills, and you may write a more effective argument. In some classes, you may need to research a specific topic.

For example, in a business class, your professor may require you to write about a marketing or advertising topic. In other classes, such as a research methods course, you may be able to write about any topic that interests you.

When choosing a research idea, consider the following factors:

  • The assignment guidelines: First, consider the assignment guidelines when choosing a research idea. It's important to follow the guidelines for the specific assignment and your course.

  • Your experience: Consider your experience, education and background when choosing a research topic. For example, if you have experience volunteering with animals, writing a paper about this topic might interest you.

  • Available material: When choosing a research idea, consider conducting preliminary research. You can do a quick internet search to see what material is readily available. Try to find a research area with some books or online resources available to help you.

  • Your interests: Consider your interests when choosing a research idea. When you are interested in a topic, it can make the research more enjoyable. Your writing or presentation may also be more effective when you're interested in a topic.

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66 research ideas

Here are 66 research ideas divided into categories to help you generate your next research topic:

Health research ideas

Here are some research ideas related to health:

  1. Diagnostic testing: You can use this topic to write about a specific type of test, such as x-ray technology, or you could compare several tests.

  2. Allergy and asthma: You can study the effects or causes of allergy and asthma.

  3. Genes: Science or ethics students might choose to write about gene technology and testing.

  4. Health history: You may choose to write about how health has changed. When choosing this topic, try to make it as specific as possible, such as how the lifespan has changed.

  5. Bioethics: You can write about bioethics and how it has changed or what the impacts have been.

  6. Public vs. private healthcare: In this topic, you can compare these two ideas or research particular factors, such as the average cost of each.

  7. Epidemics: You can analyze the study of epidemics or choose a certain epidemic from history.

  8. Alternative medicine: Depending on your interests, you may choose to research a specific type of alternative medicine and its potential benefits or risks.

  9. Healthy lifestyle: You can research various components of a healthy lifestyle, including sleep, exercise and nutrition.

  10. Physical fitness: You may choose to research an area of physical fitness, such as the effects of weight training or cardio exercise.

  11. Diet and wellness trends: Consider researching current trends regarding dieting and wellness, such as the keto diet, to learn more about their impact on individuals who adhere to them.

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Technology research ideas

You can use these research ideas if you're interested in technology:

  1. Social media: Social media is a broad topic with many research possibilities, including the effect of social media on mental health and how social media has changed communication.

  2. Robotics: You may choose to research how robotics has affected medicine or how they are changing the job market.

  3. Digital learning: You can research the benefits or effects of digital learning for a specific age group, such as college students or elementary classes.

  4. Effects of online communication: You may analyze how online communication has changed relationships.

  5. Video games: Under this topic, you may write about the effects of video games, the potential benefits or how video games have changed.

  6. Screen time limits: If you're interested in screen time limits, you can analyze how these limits affect children.

  7. Technology in the workplace: You can research how technology has changed in the workplace or how technology has affected work in a specific industry.

  8. Privacy: Privacy is a broad topic with many research possibilities, including how to keep information private and how social media affects privacy rights.

  9. Text messaging: You may write about the benefits or drawbacks of text communication. You could also look at how it has changed language and communication styles.

  10. Cell phones: You may research how cell phones or smartphones have affected a group. For example, how cell phones have affected children's learning.

  11. Self-driving vehicles: Consider researching the future of self-driving cars and other vehicles, and how these technological developments may impact society. 

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Business research ideas

If you're studying business, you may consider these topics:

  1. Workplace culture: You may research how workplace cultures have changed, or you can study a specific type of culture, such as remote work.

  2. Organizational structures: If you are a business student, you may want to research ideas around different organizational structures. You could compare and contrast several or research the benefits of one type.

  3. Marketing strategies: If you are a marketing student, you can research specific marketing strategies and the advantages of each.

  4. Advertisements: Students in many classes may study the effect of advertisements. You can approach this topic from a business perspective, such as how to save money on advertisements, or a consumer view, such as how advertisements affect spending.

  5. Work-life balance: You can research the benefits of work-life balance or how companies approach this area.

  6. Business leadership strategies: If you are interested in business and management, you may research different business leadership methods.

  7. Franchising: One popular business topic is whether franchising is beneficial. You can analyze the potential pros and cons and create an argument.

  8. Branding: Branding is a broad marketing topic. You may research effective branding strategies or write about the overall impact of branding.

  9. Outsourcing: Outsourcing is when a business pays another company or client to complete tasks or operations. You can research the various pros and cons of this business strategy.

  10. Taxes: You may write about taxes from a business perspective or an economic view. For example, you can write about small-business taxes or nationwide flat taxes.

  11. Influencer marketing: If you’re interested in combining business and technology research, consider studying influencer marketing and the impact of this new strategy on companies’ advertising campaigns.

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Education research ideas

Here are some research ideas related to education topics:

  1. Education history: If you are interested in education and history, you can combine the topics to research how education has changed over time in a location.

  2. Play in early childhood education: Play for young students is a growing research topic. You can write about the potential outcomes of adding playtime into education.

  3. Grades: You may research the pros and cons of a grading system or analyze a specific grading method.

  4. Testing: You may research how testing affects a student's success or mental health. You may also research testing methods, such as standardized tests or open-ended tests.

  5. Dress codes: Consider researching how dress codes affect students' performance or recent changes in students’ clothing requirements.

  6. School schedules: Within this topic, you may research ideas such as how school start time affects performance, how long the school day should be or how long breaks should be.

  7. Qualities of an effective teacher: If you're interested in teaching, you may want to research the qualities that effective teachers possess.

  8. Class sizes: You can research how class sizes and the number of students affect student performance.

  9. Charter schools: You may write about the benefits or drawbacks of a charter school. You could also compare this to other education methods, such as public and private schools.

  10. Learning styles: You may research the different learning schools and how this affects education and lesson planning.

  11. Homeschool vs. public school: You can compare students’ academic performance or social skills depending on whether they attended public school or their families homeschooled them.

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Environmental research ideas

You can use these research ideas if you're interested in the environment:

  1. Climate change: Within climate change, you can research various topics, such as global warming, the greenhouse effect and melting ice.

  2. Renewable energy: You may choose to write about a specific type of energy or compare multiple energies.

  3. Endangered species: If you are interested in wildlife, you may choose to write about endangered species and conservation ideas.

  4. Pollution: You can write about the effects of pollution, the causes or potential solutions.

  5. Forest fires: You could research the causes and potential solutions to forest fires.

  6. Recycling programs: You may compare and contrast several recycling programs to find out which one is the most effective.

  7. Coral reefs: Within this topic, you can write about the importance of the coral reef, the dangers of destruction or preservation strategies.

  8. Deforestation: You can link this topic with another one that interests you. For example, you can look at how deforestation has affected animals or how it relates to climate change.

  9. Sustainable living: You could research ways to live a sustainable life or focus on a particular aspect of sustainability, such as carpooling.

  10. Water quality: You may research how water quality affects the environment. You could also look at the effects and causes of acid rain and groundwater when researching this topic.

  11. Oil spills: If you’re interested in environmental research, consider researching recent oil spills and their impact on cleaning methods or regulations.

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Social science research ideas 

If you're interested in the social sciences, including sociology and psychology, you can use these research topics to help you generate an idea for a paper:

  1. Music: If you're interested in music, you may research how a specific genre or technology changed the music industry. You can also write about the effects of listening to music.

  2. Impact of inventions: You may focus on a certain invention, such as the computer, and analyze how it affected history, economics or social groups.

  3. Globalization: You can research how globalization has changed communication, relationships or the economy.

  4. Humanities: If you are interested in the humanities, such as literature and art, you may write about why education in the humanities is important.

  5. Clothing: If you're interested in fashion, you can analyze how clothing trends have changed, or you can compare clothing trends for different groups of people.

  6. Personality types: You can research the various personality types or research personality type methods.

  7. Aging in different cultures: If you are interested in anthropology, you may want to research how aging is different in different geographical locations or cultures.

  8. Parenting: You may research certain types of parenting styles, or you can compare parenting habits in different locations.

  9. Eating habits: Under this topic, you can choose to research a variety of ideas. Consider ideas such as fast food, nutrition trends and meal times.

  10. Entertainment: You can write about how entertainment has changed, how media has changed or how entertainment varies in different groups of people.

  11. Language and communication: Depending on your area of study, you can conduct linguistic or anthropological research regarding language and communication within a particular group or culture.

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