13 Sales Tracking Software To Consider (With Tips)

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Published March 11, 2022

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Sales tracking software is a tool that marketing and sales teams use to monitor the success of the business for which they work. This type of software can help professionals handle each stage of the sales process. Using an effective sales software program can help you become more efficient and effective in your sales role. In this article, we explain what sales tracking software is and share a list of 13 different types of software that you might consider using with tips for how to choose one.

What is sales tracking software?

Sales tracking software is a program that helps manage each stage of the sales process. It does this by reporting on customer activity, advertisement performance and sales trends. Sales tracking software can also help create workflows that increase communication and collaboration on the sales team. These workflows show who's responsible for certain tasks, the progress of each task and how it contributes to the final goal.

Often a sales team may integrate sales tracking software with customer relationship management (CRM) software to gain better insights on specific customers. Many sales tracking software can show where a customer is in the sales process. For example, the software can report that a consumer interacts with the company but hasn't become part of the mailing list or making a purchase.

13 sales tracking software to consider

Here are some common sales tracking software that professionals use to improve the processes of the sales teams:

1. LeadSquared

LeadSquared is a sales tracking software that offers many tools to the sales team, including custom reporting on campaigns, content performance and team productivity, automated lead qualification, a process builder and scheduling capabilities. This software integrates well with CRM software, or you can use LeadSquared's CRM software. LeadSquared helps sales team members better collaborate with a user-friendly dashboard that enables access to different processes, products and campaign reports.

2. Hubspot

Sales tracking software from Hubspot is very useful in prioritizing your leads. Custom reporting on consumers shows the sales team how qualified a lead may be, meaning how likely they are to make a purchase. It can also evaluate your current sales process and help you to improve it. Hubspot also offers a mobile app so you can manage the sales team and sales processes remotely.

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3. Agile

Agile's sales tracking software gives sales teams a user-friendly dashboard where they can view performance statistics for email marketing, social media ads and product sales. This software is cloud-based and easy to integrate with other programs the sales team may use. With Agile sales tracking, you can assign and monitor tasks as well as contact anyone on the sales team. Agile also has software to meet all sales and marketing needs so you're able to integrate all tasks.

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4. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a great tool for visualizing your sales process. It has templates the sales team can use to make contact with prospects and make sales offers. Pipedrive is also very customizable so you can use it to match your team's workflows. This software allows you to make a to-do list to organize your tasks and make them more manageable. Pipedrive also helps track progress and provide automatic reporting for your sales campaigns.

5. Insightly

Insightly helps monitor the performance of your sales team as a group and as individuals. This sales process tracking software also provides in-depth data about customers that help sales team members identify how they can help a customer and make a sale. Insightly also offers data reports on social media posts, emails, sales and website traffic. The data appears in a graph to help visualize how well the sales goals are progressing.

6. Commence

Commence helps maintain and improve a sales process by automating tasks and showing performance data so the team can track different stages of the process. This sales tracking software can help a sales team become more efficient too because the interface is very interactive and user-friendly. Commence also includes a training feature with customizable prompts and reminders to help sales team members learn to use the tools this software offers.

7. Spotio

Spotio is ideal for remote teams or sales representatives that work in the field rather than in an office. This software enables teams to track all customer interactions representatives have and automates reporting so that the sales team doesn't have to manually input data about customers. Spotio also helps sales representatives make more sales by providing templates for sales calls and emails.

8. Monday

Sales tracking software by Monday is useful for any size of business. All processes, tasks and reporting are customizable so the sales team can access the data they need for their specific goals. The customer relationship management tools help manage a small or large amount of customers. Since you can customize all data inputs, Monday can help track goals, customer status's in the sales process and sales campaigns.

9. Capsule

Capsule sales tracking software is great for managing customer relationships and tracking their progress through the sales process. This software helps qualify, convert and turn leads into sales. Capsule helps visualize tasks and stages of the sales process so that the sales team can plan how to interact with each customer. This can boost customer loyalty because all of the interactions can be personalized. With this software, teams can make appointments, set reminders and repeat successful sales processes.

10. Bitriz24

Bitrix24 helps track your sales process by automating lead generation and storing vital information about consumers. This software uses Kanban boards and charts to organize tasks and report on their progress. It can improve team communication by enabling access to communication tools through the software.

11. Vtiger Sales

Vtiger Sales is sales process tracking software that helps track the performance of sales and advertising materials on multiple channels. If you switch platforms to use this software, your data can transfer easily. Vtiger Sales tracks customer interactions, conversions and team progress and performances.

12. EngageBay

EngageBay is very good for tracking customer interactions during the sales process which can help improve sales campaigns and make more sales. With this sales tracking software, you can contact consumers, analyze customer behaviors and automate email campaigns. This software also integrates with calendar apps which is useful for scheduling and making appointments to speak with customers.

13. Zoho CRM

A key feature of this sales tracking software is that it helps sales team members engage in friendly competitions to reach their sales goals. Individual performance reports are also useful for tracking productivity. Using this software may improve the morale of the sales team and motivate members to achieve more. Zoho also automates workflows, reports on sales trends and generates sales forecasts.

Tips for choosing a sales tracking software

When choosing the right sales tracking software for the sales team, there are several factors to consider. Here are some tips to make choosing software easier:

Evaluate the sales team members

It's useful to consider the needs of the sales team, since each team may differ from company to company. Evaluating the specific interests, strengths and needs of the team can help choose which sales tracking software features are most useful. For example, if the team has great communication abilities, you may not prioritize communication tools when researching different software.

Test software with free trials

Many sales tracking software offers a free trial to test the product. It's useful to use the software in a free trial to determine how it works for the sales team and your sales process. You can test many programs this way and find the best option. This also allows you to determine how user-friendly a software program may be.

Determine your budget

Most sales tracking software is available to use at a subscription price. It's important to consider your sales budget to help determine which software fits your needs and budget. Also, consider that the ability to track sales and the sales process can improve your processes and increase sales revenue which may allow for a larger budget and cover the cost of a sales tracking software.

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