How To Write a Sample Endorsement Letter for a Project in 5 Steps

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published December 7, 2021

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Sometimes a company's leaders feel that another company's project may be of some benefit to their organization or that they may have something useful to contribute. When this happens, the company may decide to send an endorsement letter expressing its support for the project. If you're interested in endorsing a project, it's helpful to know how to write this type of letter. In this article, we explain what a project endorsement letter is, offer some tips for writing one and provide a template and example for you to follow when writing your own.

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What is a project endorsement letter?

A project endorsement letter is a document written and sent by an organization to either ask for or support another organization's project. Some companies may write an endorsement letter to explain why a project might be necessary or important, and they may offer their help in moving it forward. Often, a company offering an endorsement of another company's business project may do so because they see they can also benefit from the project.

How to write a project endorsement letter

Here are five steps you can follow to write a project endorsement letter:

1. Explain who you and your company are

When writing a project endorsement letter, identify who you are, your company's name and your position with that company. This information can help the reader understand your relevance to the company performing the project work. You can also briefly explain what your company does.

2. Discuss the project you're endorsing

Once you've introduced yourself, you can offer your endorsement of the project. This could mean describing the project, your company's potential relationship to it and your company's reasons for endorsing the project. Here's where you can show the reader how your offered endorsement applies to the project.

3. Explain what you can offer the project

After explaining your reasons and how you can help, you can show the positive impact you might have on the project with your company's involvement. With your endorsement, you might include information about what you and your company can do to offer help with the project. This might mean offering money, staff, research or ideas that could improve the project.

4. Provide a conclusion or summary

When you've explained who you are, your endorsement of the project and what your company is offering, you can sum up your endorsement letter. You can do this in a summary or conclusion paragraph restating your endorsement and your offer of help. This can help to reinforce the importance of your endorsement and may even help give the project a more prominent status for the reader.

5. Offer your contact information

It's key to make sure the reader has your contact information in case they have questions for you or if they want to speak with you for another reason. For your contact information, you could include a separate paragraph at the end of the letter or underneath your signature at the bottom of the letter. Contact information might include your name, company and title, your phone number and email address or website.

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Tips for writing a project endorsement letter

Here are a few tips to help you write a project endorsement letter:

  • Show your appreciation: Express your appreciation for and the significance of the project. This can help the reader understand why the project is beneficial and who it may help, such as the community.

  • Make intentions clear: Be clear in the letter of your intention to endorse the project. Clarity of intention can help avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings of everyone's motives.

  • Include relevant ideas: Convey useful and relevant ideas on how to improve or expand the project. It's helpful to show how the collaboration can benefit all parties involved.

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Template for a project endorsement letter

Here's a template you can use when writing your project endorsement letter:

Dear/to whom it may concern,

I'm [your name and title], writing on behalf of [company or organization], and we'd like to offer our endorsement for [name of company] and its [name of project].

[Name of the project] can be a benefit to the surrounding community of [name of the town, state or region] because we feel this project [reason for endorsement].

We believe we can provide significant assistance to this project by [how or the way you can help the organization or project].

In conclusion, [name of your company or organization] endorses [name of company] and [name of project], and offer our help in the form of [how you can contribute] to see it succeed.


[Your name]
[Company name]
[Contact information]

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Example of a project endorsement letter

Here's an example of a project endorsement letter to help you in writing your own:

Dear members of the Stirling Town Council,

I'm Jane Meyo, president of the Stirling Chamber of Commerce, writing on behalf of the chamber's members to offer our endorsement of the Main Street Parking Garage project in downtown Stirling.

We believe the town's proposed Main Street Parking Garage project will provide the parking solution the town of Stirling desperately needs to encourage more foot traffic downtown. With more convenient parking, we believe residents and visitors will be more likely to come downtown and stay longer, which can translate into more shopping and revenue for our businesses.

With our endorsement, the Stirling Chamber of Commerce also would like to offer to contribute $100,000 toward the initial hiring of security personnel to patrol the parking garage once completed. Ensuring the safety of the vehicles may help encourage people to use the garage regularly without worrying about leaving them unattended for extended periods.

In conclusion, the Stirling Chamber of Commerce, comprising 47 local businesses, many with storefronts downtown, offers our endorsement of the Main Street Parking Garage project proposed by the Stirling Town Council last week. This endorsement comes with a $100,000 donation for the hiring of security personnel in the first year of its operation.


Jane Meyo, president
Stirling Chamber of Commerce
(999) 898-1234

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