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How To Write a Letter To Sell a Product (Plus Template and Example)

April 22, 2021

Businesses and brands often use direct mail as a powerful marketing technique to increase awareness and interest in potential buyers. In today's digital world, businesses may still opt to send newsletters, email campaigns or traditional mail to their target audience. Writing an engaging and carefully crafted letter to sell a product can expand your customer base, increase customer retention, boost brand awareness and raise profit margins.

In this article, we define and explore the reasons to write letters to sell a product and provide a step-by-step guide to help you write an effective letter to sell a product with a template, sample and tips.

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What is a letter to sell a product?

A letter to sell a product can include direct mail, an email, a web page or another marketing document that persuades a reader to purchase a particular product or service. Typically, a company's marketing associates write letters to sell a product and aim to secure sales while enhancing a brand's credibility.

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Reasons to write a letter to sell a product

There are several reasons a business, brand or marketing associate may choose to write a letter to sell a product, including:

  • Capturing the attention of new customers: Because a letter has the ability to connect directly with prospective customers, writing a letter to sell a product is an effective way to bring attention to your business, brand, product or service.

  • Generating interest in a product or service: Writing a letter that introduces a product for sale to both current and future customers is a great marketing technique to generate interest by highlighting problems that a new or improved product could solve for your target audience.

  • Promoting a call to action: Sales letters can also promote calls to action that may lead to purchases, such as inviting customers to a newly opened store or visiting a recently released online sale.

  • Increasing brand awareness: Writing a letter to sell a product may also promote brand awareness by introducing new customers to your business or brand. A well-written sales letter may help your brand be more memorable, increase the likelihood of customers thinking of your product or service before competitors when deciding to purchase something.

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How to write a letter to sell a product

Follow these four simple steps to successfully write a letter to sell a product:

1. Write an attractive headline

When writing the headline of your sales letter, it's important to capture the reader's attention as quickly as possible and entice them to continue reading. Try focusing on the curiosity of your target audience by promising a specific solution to their needs. Consider brainstorming several headline ideas before choosing the best one for your letter.

2. Explain your offer

After capturing a reader's attention and promising a solution to their needs, try to convince them that your product or service is the best option for their situation and offers more benefits than the competition. When writing the body of your letter, try asking yourself questions a prospective customer would ask themselves when reading. This technique may help you to better understand the type of benefits that would convince a reader to choose your product or service over the competition.

Consider explaining the benefits of your product or service in detail. If the paragraphs of your letter become too long, try separating them with bullet points and lists to make them more readable.

3. Provide proof of value

Often, customers want to feel certain they're making a purchase that adds value to their lives. Consider providing proof of customer satisfaction in the body of your letter, such as testimonials and positive reviews, to assure customers of the value of your product or service. This gives a reader confidence in their decision to purchase your product or service and builds trust between your brand and your target audience.

If you're unable to provide positive reviews or testimonials, consider offering a free trial or money-back guarantee to prove your product or service is a low-risk investment.

4. End with a P.S.

Adding a postscript (P.S.) to your letter is a great way to create a sense of urgency. Consider adding a final note to the end of your letter that offers something special to a customer if they make a purchase within a certain amount of time, such as a discount or free shipping. Urging your customers to act quickly decreases the chances of them continuing to browse and purchasing from another brand or business and could help you secure a sale.

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Letter for selling a product template

Below is a template to help you effectively write a letter for selling a product:


Dear [Customer name],

[Introduction paragraph that describes the product]

[Body paragraph that lists the product's benefits and features]

[Conclusion paragraph that includes a promotional message proving the value that the product offers customers]


[Your name]
[Name of your brand or business]
[Your brand's or business's phone number]
[Your brand's or business's website]
[Address of your brand or business]

P.S. [Brief postscript offer message]

Sample letter for selling a product

Below is a sample of a successful letter for selling a product you can use as a guide when you write your own:

Are you ready for the benefits of a relaxing massage without leaving the comfort of your home?

Dear Connie Baker,

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new luxury massage chair, the Spa Pro 2.0. From the same company that brought you the original Spa Pro, enjoy the benefits of a full-body massage from the comfort of your home with the new and improved Spa Pro 2.0. This version of our classic massage chair offers:

  • 10 massage cycles
  • 4 customizable massage patterns
  • Back and calf massage options
  • Heating and cooling features
  • A pillow-cushioned headrest
  • Easy-to-clean leather upholstery available in four chic colors
  • Polished oak armrests for a tasteful and sophisticated appearance
  • Wireless remote control for easy operation

After a long day of work, you deserve to relax and reap the benefits of a professional, spa-grade massage. A team of physical therapists, licensed massage therapists, chiropractors and experts in anatomy have designed our massage chairs to deliver massages that make you feel as though you've spent the day at your favorite spa. With over 20,000 five-star reviews, the Spa Max 2.0 helps with muscle aches, spasms, joint problems, spine and neck misalignments and chronic soreness or pain.

After nearly 20 years as a licensed massage therapist, I started Spa Pro Massage Chairs because of my desire to help those looking to benefit from full-body massages who couldn't afford the costly and time-consuming experience of a luxury spa. I'm proud to have provided at-home spa experiences to happy customers for the last five years and anticipate sharing the magic of our Spa Pro 2.0 with you and your family.


Richard Dobson
Spa Pro Massage Chairs
(123) 456-7890
9292 Mountain Rd., Los Angeles, CA

P.S. Order now and receive free shipping + professional installation on a purchase of $400 or more

Tips for writing a letter to sell a product

Below are some useful tips to help you write an effective letter to sell a product:

Be specific

When writing a letter to sell your product, consider being as specific as possible about your product or service's benefits. Detailed information about features and benefits helps customers visualize the ways in which your product could solve their problems and how it's better than similar products on the market.

List as many benefits as possible

It's important to outline as many benefits as possible without overwhelming your reader with too much information. Try to include the impressive benefits your product or service offers in short, concise sentences. Being efficient when describing the benefits of your product ensures that important information is available to a reader without losing their attention.

Be personal by referring to the reader by name

Often, customers want to feel they're purchasing products from a brand or business that understands their needs and genuinely hopes to provide solutions to their problems. Whenever possible, consider addressing your customers by name in a letter to sell a product. This builds trust and assures your customers that you care about them and the ways in which your product or service could add value to their lives.

Include a short business bio

Another technique to help your brand or business connect with your target audience is including a short business bio in your letter. Consider including how and why you began selling your product or service, your business philosophy or any other details about your brand, product or service your customers may be interested to know about. When customers feel you are genuine and believe in the value of your product or service, they may be more likely to complete a purchase and recommend you to friends and family.


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