What Is a Scope of Work Performed? (With Template and Example)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published April 2, 2022

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When managing projects, it can be important for employees to understand requirements through explanatory documents, or scope of work performed documentation. Having a step-by-step process written out concerning a complex task can help employees and management keep track of a task and its completion. Learning more about a scope of work performed can help you write and understand them. In this article, we review what a scope of work performed is, describe the difference between a scope of work performed and a statement of work and provide a template and example that you can use to write your own.

What is a scope of work performed?

A scope of work performed is a section within a statement of a document that describes the process in which an employee accomplishes a task or goal. A scope of work describes what employees need for a job and each step that employees take to complete that job. It also describes the services that a team may need to accomplish a task and specific services that they'll provide as part of the job.

While a statement of work document may outline what employees are going to accomplish during a project, a scope of work performed outlines how a team plans on meeting the goals in a project. If a client wants a team to complete a job, the components of a statement of work provide the client with details about the project such as location, budget and contract, while the scope of work performed just contains details about how employees complete that work.

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Scope of work vs. statement of work

While the two terms are similar, the scope of work and statement of work performed have different functions in business. Some differences include:


A scope of work contains detailed, step-by-step instructions that guide managers and stakeholders in how employees will accomplish a task. It includes what employees need, how long it may take employees to accomplish a certain task and how many resources the team has as input and output. In a statement of work, there are multiple sections that include a scope of work. The sections of a statement of work include the budget, location, resources, list of employees and other details about the project that managers and other employee personnel can review.

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The purpose of a statement of work is to have an outline of the entire work project and what the project aims to complete. It defines the project and the responsibilities that each employee has concerning the project. In comparison, the purpose of a scope of work performed is to define only the tasks involved in a project. It doesn't include details outside of the immediate project objectives, such as budget or location. Instead, it includes details such as timeline, employee needs and resource needs.

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A statement of work can be a longer document that includes every detail of a project, including an overarching timeline, budgets for various steps and the details for every employee involved in the project. On average, statements of work can be up to 12 pages long, but their exact length depends on the project detail length. A scope of work performed is much shorter. It's usually a single component included within a statement of work, and it can be as short as a paragraph description or a margin of bullet points.

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How to write a scope of work performed

If you want to write a scope of work performed section yourself, consider some of the following steps:

1. Gather project step details

The first step toward creating a scope of work performed section within a work statement is to gather as many details concerning the project as you can. This may involve interviewing multiple managers and employees who are responsible for the project. You may also need to research documentation concerning the project, such as resource requests or quality control documents.

2. Gather resource information

Another step you can take toward creating your scope of work performed is to gather resource information concerning the project. This can involve either interviewing clients that provide resources or reviewing resource documentation from sources such as employees, managers and external clients. When you write sections concerning resources, consider double-checking documentation during this process to ensure that the comparison information is correct. Throughout your research, document resource information and any differences within records.

3. Include employee information

As you research for your scope of work performed, try to include employee information if it's relevant to do so. While scope of work information usually only includes information about the process, sometimes you may be able to write about employees if the rest of the documentation doesn't include that information. In this information section, include the name, role, age and years in the business for the employee in question.

4. Include role information

As you write your document section with the step, resource and employee information, consider including role information as well. Similar to employee information, role information may be present in the rest of the document. However, if it isn't, consider including it in your scope of work performed section as an additional set of points.

Scope of work performed template

Here's a template you can use to create a scope of work performed:

Scope of Work for Project X

Project Steps:

  • A bulleted list of each step and the employees, as well as the roles required to complete it. Also, include resource needs within each step.

Scope of work performed example

Here's an example of a scope of work performed that uses the above template:

Scope of Work for Project Alpha

Project Steps:

  • The HR team is to develop a hiring campaign to fulfill all unoccupied job roles within Candle American Stainless.

  1. Organize all team leads to present their unfilled positions and a requirements form for each.

  2. Promote the hiring campaign by electronically and physically advertising roles through career fairs and job listing websites under the company's name.

  3. The HR team can then begin a hiring phase, using the main lobby and three interviewing rooms to conduct interviews from the month of February to the month of April.

  4. Two HR manager leads will further evaluate applicants and eventually meet with all leads to determine which hires are suitable for each role.

  5. From the month of April to May, leads will assign and onboard new employees.

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