29 SEO Reporting Tools (With Descriptions)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published March 11, 2022

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Marketing professionals are often responsible for promoting traffic to a company's website and identifying potential customers. SEO reporting tools help these professionals understand the efficiency of their digital marketing campaigns. Learning about some available SEO reporting tools can help you choose the right one for your advertising efforts. In this article, we explain what SEO reporting tools are and provide a detailed list of 29 tools for you to learn more about using.

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What are SEO reporting tools?

SEO reporting tools are the resources that professionals use to convey information about a company's search engine optimization efforts. These tools often help marketing teams evaluate a website's performance and share the results of their analysis. Those who work in this field may use reporting tools to keep their clients updated about the status of their SEO campaigns. SEO reporting tools can help you save time by automating your reporting process. They're beneficial for documenting the elements that help improve a website's search engine ranking.

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18 SEO reporting tools

Review this list of 18 SEO reporting tools:

1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a software company that provides its customers with SEO reporting tools. You can use this tool to create and send detailed SEO reports to your clients. It also offers a feature that allows you to report information about a website's traffic, keywords, backlinks and advertisements. Professionals who want to develop reports about a company's SEO efforts may use this reporting tool.

2. Woorank

Woorank is an SEO reporting tool that professionals can use to create reviews of a website. This tool allows you to share information about search engine optimization analytics that a company can use to improve its website and social media platforms. Businesses may use Woorank to develop custom reports about the successes of their websites and the areas of their online presence that require improvement.

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is an SEO reporting tool that offers users several features for creating automated reports. You can use this tool to identify the areas of a website that require improvement and communicate this information to your client. Ahrefs may also help you design reports that include information about a website's backlinks and keywords. Any business or professional wanting to record and share information about their online presence may rely on this tool.

4. Moz Pro

Moz Pro, from the company Moz, is an SEO reporting tool that offers its users a variety of features. You can use this tool to share information about a website's backlinks, ranking and overall performance. Moz Pro allows its customers to customize the contents of a report to communicate the important details of a company's online presence. Professionals who want to distribute the results of a website's SEO evaluation may find value with this tool.

5. Spyfu

This SEO reporting tool gives professionals the ability to report on where a domain appears in search results. You may also use SpyFu to monitor the rankings of a website on various search engines and share this information with other professionals. The tool helps those in the marketing industry communicate about a website's impressions on its target customer base.

6. Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a reporting tool meant to acquire data about a company's online branding strategies. You can use this tool to review a website's backlinks and understand how the web page operates in different search engines. Majestic SEO also offers features that allow you to test the keywords of a website and share this data with other professionals.

7. KW Finder

KW Finder is an SEO reporting tool that allows companies to document information about a website's ranking and keywords. With this tool, you can create reports that focus on an organization's search engine optimization metrics. Small businesses and established companies may use KW Finder to understand and record data about their online impact.

8. Raven Tools

This tool helps professionals create detailed SEO audit reports. You might use Raven Tools to track and record the progress of a client's campaign. The tool uses metrics from different search engines to compile a report detailing information about a website's performance.

9. Dash This

Dash This is a tool that serves as a complete SEO reporting platform. It helps users keep track of their search engine optimization analytics and record information about keyword rankings. You can use Dash This to automate your SEO client reporting and retrieve data from various SEO software engines. The tool has features that help you send out your SEO reports automatically.

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10. Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics is a tool you can use to create automated SEO reports for clients. It has several features that allow you to provide clients with information about their websites, including their keyword rankings and backlink performance. You may create customized reports that display specific data to clients by using Agency Analytics.

11. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a tool that businesses of any size can use to create custom SEO reports. The tool allows you to choose the content you include in a report and customize its header and footer to highlight a company's logos and branding. SE Ranking helps you establish regular schedules for sending your reports to clients through email.

12. Databox

This SEO tool allows users to integrate a variety of different tools to develop concise reports. You can use Databox to draw data from other SEO tools and compile them into a single report. It has several templates that allow you to customize your reports. Professionals who work with large teams or want to organize their data may use Databox for their SEO reporting needs.

13. Supermetrics

Supermetrics is a digital tool that can assist in creating SEO reports. It gathers data from other SEO platforms and integrates the information into a single spreadsheet automatically. This can help you save time when reporting on SEO analytics, especially when compared to collecting data from various sources manually.

14. Mangools

Mangools is a unique tool that allows you to share SEO metrics with your team. It offers a variety of features that collect information regarding keyword research, search engine results page analysis and rank tracking. You can use Mangools to share information with your clients or team through an interactive report link.

15. SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite is a software platform that has SEO reporting capabilities. You can use this tool to communicate information about link management, rank tracking and backlink research. Companies that want to create regular reports for multiple websites or projects may find SEO Powersuite useful.

16. Reportz

Reports is a reporting platform that helps professionals keep track of SEO analytics. You can use this tool to transform key insights into clean and effective documents easily. The platform integrates other SEO tools to allow you to save time and automate your data collection and reporting processes.

17. Siteliner

This SEO reporting tool can help you identify issues with a website and compile reports that detail this information. You may also use it to find duplicate content on a website and repair any broken links while recording your process. Professionals who want to improve and note target areas of SEO implementation may find Siteliner beneficial.

18. Rival IQ

Rival IQ is a social media marketing analytics tool that offers SEO reporting services. You can use this tool to access and share insights about a company's online presence and social media profiles. Professionals who want to learn about how a business compares with its competition and create detailed reports with this information might rely on Rival IQ.

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11 other SEO reporting tools

Here are some other SEO reporting tools you may want to learn more about:

  1. Octoboard

  2. Tapclicks

  3. Botify

  4. Whatagraph

  5. Klipfolio

  6. Sprout Social

  7. GrowthBar

  8. Salient

  9. Geckoboard

  10. Screaming Frog

  11. Brandwatch

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