32 Examples of Catchy Company Slogans for Inspiration

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Updated September 29, 2023

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Company slogans are short phrases that represent that company's product or service—or the business as a whole. Companies use slogans for various reasons, with a primary reason being to evoke an emotion or idea about the company that associates it with the slogan in a consumer's mind.

In this article, we explore company slogans, the purpose they serve, we'll review 32 examples of catchy slogans, and the steps to create one of your own — plus, we'll share answers to some common questions about slogans.

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What is a company slogan?

A company slogan, sometimes referred to as a tagline or catchphrase, is a word or phrase used to represent a business as a whole or its products and services. Slogans typically follow a company or brand's name in marketing materials such as business cards and advertisements.

Companies and brands also often incorporate their slogans into their logos. The more a company makes its slogan visible to the public, the more likely the public is to remember the slogan and therefore the company.

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What is the purpose of a company slogan?

The purpose of a company slogan is to position the company in the mind of consumers in a way that is memorable and easily recalled. Positioning a brand or company in a way that allows consumers to easily associate its slogan with its products, services or the company itself allows consumers to more easily think of the company when they need the product or service it offers.

A strong slogan also highlights the benefits of the product or service offered by the company or brand. Strong slogans also elicit feelings of emotion or sentiment in consumers, making them easier to remember.

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Examples of company slogans

The following are several examples of slogans that a company could use:

  1. Sports are better than chocolate.

  2. Think different, think sports.

  3. Let your hair dryer do the talking.

  4. There's only one boutique.

  5. Once coffee, always coffee.

  6. Always the real thing, always jewelry.

  7. Boutique evolution.

  8. Better living through beer.

  9. A different kind of company. A different kind of dog collar.

  10. Vitamins is our middle name.

  11. Made by yoga.

  12. The real smell of beer.

  13. Think. Feel. Hair.

  14. Pizza perfection at its finest.

  15. Welcome to flowers company.

  16. The art of coffee.

  17. Where jewelry is a pleasure.

  18. Reach for the hairdryer.

  19. The more zen the better.

  20. Grab life by the coffee.

  21. Vitamins for everyone.

  22. Think once, think twice, think meditate.

  23. Sports get you where you're going.

  24. Double the pleasure, double the nail polish.

  25. There's a little bit of yoga in all of us.

  26. Saved by running!

  27. Dog collarized!

  28. Dude, you're getting flowers!

  29. Say it with pizza.

  30. You're never alone when you've got a planner.

  31. The magic of water.

  32. Zen for everyone.

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How to create a company slogan

The following are steps to take when creating a slogan for your company or brand:

1. Stay consistent

When creating a slogan, it's important to ensure it's consistent with the rest of your company's representation in the community. This may include your company name, your logo and the image you project.

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2. Emphasize what makes your company unique

It's also important to set yourself apart from the competition with your slogan. Focus on what makes you different from other companies in your market and incorporate that into your slogan. For example, if you have a shipping company and you guarantee next-day shipping, you may want to include this information in some way in your slogan.

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3. Make sure your slogan is timeless

You want your slogan to be something consumers can associate with your brand or company for years to come, so creating a timeless slogan is essential. Consider the longevity of a slogan and avoid using phrases like "the only."

You should also avoid referring to certain technology that could be outdated in future years. Instead, focus on words that will stand the test of time and aren't susceptible to change as a result of the market.

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4. Keep your target audience in mind

Another essential component of a good slogan is its ability to speak to a specific audience. For example, a company that makes running shoes will want to create a slogan that specifically speaks to runners rather than a more broad audience.

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5. Ask for input

There are several ways you can seek input from consumers when creating a slogan. Consider sending out a survey that asks recipients to select the slogan that most speaks to them, or use social media to ask your brand's followers what they think about a slogan idea.

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Frequently asked questions

What other purposes do company slogans serve?

Other purposes of company or brand slogans include:

  • To gain brand recognition: When a company has a successful slogan, many consumers can simply see or hear its slogan and immediately know what company the slogan is referring to. This works to build a strong brand identity and expand awareness of the company or brand in its target audience.

  • To better connect with customers: When a company creates a slogan that's specifically focused on its target audience, it's better able to reach its target demographic and communicate that the company's goods or services can solve that demographic's problems or meet its needs.

  • To stand out among the competition: An effective slogan creates a unique image and idea of the brand and makes it easier for consumers to identify that brand even without the product or service in front of them.

  • To boost the demand for the product or service: Slogans can tell consumers what the product or service does and how it can benefit them. As a result, a strong slogan can increase the overall demand for the product or service by making it desirable in the marketplace.

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What's the difference between slogans and taglines?

While sometimes used interchangeably, slogans and taglines are two different things used for different purposes. A slogan is a phrase used to convey what a company stands for and how the company's products or services can serve customers. On the other hand, a tagline is a catchy phrase used to bring up an image of a brand or company in the consumer's mind.

Companies and brands often use taglines in marketing campaigns to create a positive image of the brand and make a good impression on consumers. They also may use a tagline when launching a new product or service to help consumers better associate the company with that particular service or good.

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