How To Obtain a Social Media Marketing Master's Degree in 4 Steps

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published September 29, 2022

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Social media professionals might pursue a master's degree to improve their skills, learn more about the subject and increase their chances of getting an advanced job in the industry. Earning this degree can be a helpful way to enhance your resume with improved credentials. If you're interested in social media marketing, it might benefit you to learn how to obtain a social media marketing master's degree.

In this article, we discuss how to earn a social media marketing master's degree by explaining what it is and listing the steps to earn this degree.

What is a social media marketing master's degree?

A social media marketing master's degree is an educational path you can take after you earn your bachelor's degree in the subject. This program teaches you about social media management, and it helps you develop the knowledge and skills required to pursue a career in this field.

A master's program is usually two years, and it involves intensive coursework to prepare you professionally for the program you choose. For example, a social media marketing master's degree shows that you have advanced skills in social media management, including writing, brand promotion and public relations.

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Why pursue a social media marketing master's degree?

You might pursue a social media marketing master's degree if you're interested in learning more about brand awareness, customer relations and social media content. In this field, you might lead social media marketing campaigns or create online content for companies.

So, if you enjoy digital media, creativity and design, a social media marketing master's degree might be a beneficial path for you. While not all professionals in this industry have master's degrees, this credential can help develop abilities that can make your resume look impressive.

What does a social media marketing master's degree involve?

A social media marketing master's degree involves several components, such as:

  • Coursework: Throughout your master's program, you take many classes related to social media marketing, such as introduction to social media and personal branding. The classes, assignments and projects prepare you for a career in social media marketing after graduation.

  • Skills: Through the lectures and assignments in this degree program, you gain many skills that help you grow as a social media marketer. For example, you may develop communication, writing and strategic thinking skills.

  • Experience: A primary reason why people choose to pursue a master's in social media marketing is to gain more professional experience. This degree program provides you with several opportunities, such as internships, assistantships and immersive learning experiences.

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What jobs can you pursue with a social media marketing master's degree?

You can pursue a variety of careers with a master's in social media marketing, as this is an expansive field with several job opportunities. For example, you could specialize in brand awareness, creating social media content or marketing strategies.

Regardless of the career you choose, having a social media marketing master's degree can prepare you to succeed in this industry. Here are some careers you can pursue after earning your master's degree:

  • Social media manager

  • Brand manager

  • Digital marketing manager

  • Public relations executive

  • Online content creator

  • Director of mobile marketing

  • Engagement manager

  • Director of social media strategy

  • Communication manager

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How to obtain a social media marketing master's degree

Here are four steps to obtain a social media marketing master's degree:

1. Choose a college

The first step for your master's in social media marketing is to choose a college. Selecting the right college is an important step because you want to ensure you're choosing a school with an excellent social media marketing program.

For example, you might want to choose a college that has a large program in this subject. This shows that the college has devoted a lot of resources to this program, which means you may have more learning opportunities.

Try choosing a couple of schools since it's usually common to apply to more than one college. This gives you different options in case you don't get accepted into a program.

2. Apply to a social media marketing program

Once you select a few colleges, you can start applying to them. Typically, you apply to the college and the program you want to pursue. Look at the school's website to learn what the application requirements are.

For example, the program might ask you to submit a resume, personal statement, letters of recommendation plus transcripts from your undergraduate college. Make sure that you follow all the school requirements to ensure that you've applied correctly. Also check the school's other requirements, such as a GPA minimum or standardized testing scores.

If you receive acceptance into multiple colleges, pick your top choice. Once accepted, you can follow the school's instructions, such as registration and orientation guidelines.

3. Take the correct classes

During your master's program, you take many classes related to social media marketing. While you can choose some of the classes you take, most programs have course requirements in order to graduate. You can check online to learn about your school's course requirements.

Another option is to meet with your academic counselor. They can help you determine which classes you need to graduate. For instance, you might need to take classes in various social media marketing subjects, such as introduction to multimedia or social media and emerging technology before graduating.

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4. Complete graduation requirements

In your last year or semester of your master's program, make sure you've completed all the school's graduation requirements. While these requirements may vary depending on the college or program, most schools expect that you've completed a core curriculum plus a senior thesis project.

Additionally, several colleges require that you have a minimum GPA to graduate. You may even have to submit an application to receive your diploma. You can review your college's specific requirements to understand what to accomplish before your final semester.

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