How To Take Pride in Your Work in 7 Steps

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published May 3, 2021

The ability to take pride in your work can offer personal benefits and ones for your coworkers, supervisors and company, such as better productivity. Taking pride in your work involves both reframing your mindset and incorporating new strategies into your job execution. In this article, we discuss what it means to take pride in your work, how to take pride in your job and the benefits of being satisfied with your work efforts and accomplishments.

What does it mean to take pride in your work?

Taking pride in your work means that you feel satisfied with your contributions to your job. People who take pride in their work value their own efforts to help customers, create products, support their company or provide quality services.

How to take pride in your work

Here are seven steps to help you take greater pride in your job position and responsibilities:

1. Know why your work matters

Understanding the importance of your contributions at your job helps increase your motivation for and ability to take pride in your work. Think about how your work makes a difference for:

  • Your team members

  • Other teams or departments at your company

  • Vendors or contractors

  • Your supervisor

  • Company managers or leaders

  • Clients

External factors may also influence the pride you take in your work. For example, you might perform well at your job each day to support your family.

2. Strive for continual progress

Working to improve every day can help you increase pride in your work. People who try to improve continually are more likely to feel satisfied with their accomplishments. Consider separating larger goals into smaller, more achievable steps. For example, if your goal is to improve your customer service interactions, your smaller steps might include actively listening to customer concerns and responding to client queries in a timely manner.

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3. Be proud of your role

No matter your job title, duties or years of experience, all employees play a valuable part in contributing to their company as a whole. Practice self-respect for your work responsibilities and position. It might help to talk with someone you trust, such as a friend or family member, who can help you understand the effects of your job role and responsibilities from an outsider perspective.

4. Help your coworkers

Getting satisfaction from your personal job contributions is an important part of taking pride in your work, but so is being a good team member. People may be more likely to feel pride in their work when they actively and positively work to help their fellow employees. If you are qualified to help a coworker asking for help, see what you can do to relieve their concerns or solve their problem. You can also try to notice when a coworker needs help and ask them if there is anything you can do to assist them.

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5. Make a difference

Striving to help your company succeed can help increase your pride in your job. Try to increase your participation in meetings or other group initiatives. You could also offer your company thoughtful internal feedback on how to improve policies, make procedures more efficient or incorporate new initiatives that align with your company's values.

6. Treat people well

People who take pride in their work can often be kind when interacting with team members, clients or supervisors. Incorporating values such as compassion, respect and trust into your workplace interactions may help you recognize your job as an important aspect of your entire life. While it's important to keep interactions professional, being more personal and considerate at the workplace can build stronger internal and client relationships.

7. Acknowledge others

Taking pride in your work can help you encourage others to take pride in their work, too. Look for opportunities to recognize your fellow employees, whether during daily conversations or through more formal recognition systems such as an awards nomination. You can praise your coworkers for their victories, efforts or instances in which they helped you.

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Tips to help you take pride in your work

Taking pride in your work may take time as you adjust your work processes and outlook. Here are some actionable tips to help improve your confidence in your job responsibilities:

Set yourself up for success

Prepare ahead of time for your daily, weekly and long-term job duties. Use the first 10 minutes of your workday to create your to-do list, reply to messages, send calendar invites and related tasks. Taking a few minutes to set yourself up for success can help increase your productivity for the rest of the day and your sense of accomplishment and pride. Arriving at your job site a few minutes early might also improve your ability to prepare mentally before the workday begins.

Practice accepting compliments

Taking pride in your work can include accepting praise from others. Do your best to show appreciation to people who give you positive recognition. Learning how to accept praise graciously can help you realize the many ways in which your efforts and successes provide value to others.

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Keep yourself accountable

Consider using accountability methods to continue to take pride in your work as your job or responsibilities change. For example, developing a support system that helps you succeed every day can help you take pride in your work. You could also download a tool to your computer that helps minimize distractions, keep a daily log of your accomplishments or set up automatic reminders for certain tasks. Consider asking other people for help, such as asking a coworker to remind you to focus if you become distracted, requesting regular meetings with your supervisor or discussing productivity strategies with your team members.

Benefits of taking pride in your work

Taking pride in your work can offer benefits both to you personally and to your company. Here are some benefits of increasing your satisfaction with your workplace experiences, interactions and contributions:

  • Sense of purpose: Knowing why and how your work accomplishments matter can provide daily motivation to do your best on the job. People who understand the purpose of their actions may possess greater drive to perform their work efficiently and effectively.

  • Better moods: Feeling satisfied with your job can increase your positive emotions and thoughts. When you take pride in your work, those feelings can help improve how you feel both at and outside of work.

  • Increased self-respect: Taking pride in your work can boost your self-esteem. People who take pride in their work may be confident in their own abilities to provide value to others.

  • Increased productivity: Positive feelings towards your job can help you accomplish more while at work. Pride in your work might increase the number of tasks you accomplish in a day. It might also improve the quality of your services, performance or relationships with coworkers.

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