85 Best Teamwork Slogans To Motivate Your Staff

Updated February 20, 2023

Slogans focusing on teamwork can take any team and motivate its members to achieve great things. Learning the elements of a good slogan and referring to examples may make it easier for you to create your own.

In this article, we discuss teamwork slogans and why they're important, and we provide 85 different teamwork-related slogans that may help motivate your team.

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What is a teamwork slogan?

A teamwork slogan is a phrase that helps motivate employees in a workplace. Managers can post slogans on papers or signs around the workplace, type them at the ends of emails or occasionally say them during team meetings. Outside the workplace, leaders use them to propel sports teams, liven fundraisers or motivate any group of people into taking action.

Many teamwork slogans focus on the element of teamwork. Others focus on workplace safety as a team, or performance as a team. Teamwork slogans often capture themes of achievement, success and belief in a common goal. Slogans often focus on the idea of a team being more than just a single individual and may use differing turns of phrase to reiterate common teamwork concepts.

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Why are teamwork slogans important?

Teamwork slogans are important because they have the power to motivate employees, sports players or others into working harder. They are memorable, short and often catchy phrases that may rhyme or otherwise sound appealing when spoken aloud. Teamwork slogans can bring a team together and raise morale. Using a teamwork slogan can encourage your employees to continue working hard and ultimately bring an entire department closer together through comradery.

Teamwork slogans often attract attention from more than your employees. Potential stakeholders, your audience and other witnesses to your company slogan may find it makes a positive impact on them. A teamwork slogan, when well made, may exist in memories for years to come.

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85 teamwork slogans

Below is a list of 85 teamwork slogans you can use to motivate your staff:

Short slogans

Below is a list of examples of short slogans:

  1. Together we're stronger.

  2. Family gets it done.

  3. Safety's safe together.

  4. Dreams and teams work together.

  5. Unified we succeed.

  6. There's a "U" in success.

  7. Together we define.

  8. Believe in the team.

  9. Teams build dreams.

  10. We can do this together.

  11. Work together, dream together.

  12. Together, we're all experts.

  13. Our best is your best.

  14. The dream makes the difference.

  15. We're united and strong.

  16. Build more together.

  17. Together we can go higher.

  18. We're all better than one.

  19. Mountains move for a determined team.

  20. Let's be great together.

  21. Teams make dreams and more.

  22. Don't believe in just yourself, believe in your team.

  23. Unity is strength and more.

  24. Teams build what can weather storms.

  25. A good team is a greater action.

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Medium-length slogans

Here are a few medium-length slogans you can use to motivate your team:

  1. Teams divide tasks and receive success.

  2. Our success starts with you.

  3. Big jobs can be smaller together.

  4. Anything can happen with a good team.

  5. Believe in the best to do the best.

  6. What we do together can make a difference.

  7. You never truly fall as a team.

  8. Combined effort counts for success.

  9. Many minds spring many ideas.

  10. Individuals go far, teams go farther.

  11. Turn your me into our we.

  12. Teams like walls rarely fall.

  13. We're all better when we're together.

  14. Alone we're small, but teams can stand near giants.

  15. With a team, you'll never be alone.

  16. Beautiful orchestras aren't played alone.

  17. Good people become great teams.

  18. With division you can fall, but with union you only stand.

  19. Good teams outweigh bad options.

  20. Help us help you.

Long slogans

Here are longer teamwork slogans for a workplace:

  1. As a team, you can hope to achieve something beyond yourself.

  2. The way we work together determines the way we succeed.

  3. Teamwork makes what's impossible to do alone possible.

  4. Alone we might be small, but together we can stand some giant's tall.

  5. Talent may get lucky, but teamwork is built to win.

  6. A team that works together, stays together and finds greatness together.

  7. If one of us wins, we all win together.

  8. We protect each other, we uplift each other, we work together.

  9. Limits rarely concern every mind in a team at once.

  10. Together we can do what none of us could do alone.

  11. Together we can accomplish a job worth doing, and a success worth reaching.

  12. Many sparks can make a fire rise higher.

  13. We have built civilizations on nothing but teams.

  14. Every noble thing has a team behind it.

  15. Visions are realized under multiple eyes.

  16. Humans make mistakes, but teamwork comes as close to perfection as possible.

  17. Teams can grow to amazing heights.

  18. Together, we won't need to compromise.

  19. Teamwork's the only scenario where less work causes more success.

  20. Together we can be immaculate.

Catchy slogans

Below is a list of memorable slogans for teamwork:

  1. Teamwork makes success like ingredients make food.

  2. If everything were alone, we'd have a mess of single elements and parts.

  3. You can accomplish amazing things when you build a trusted team.

  4. Individuals make a team work, and teamwork makes individuals succeed.

  5. A team's common vision may cause uncommon effects.

  6. A team can work with your advantages and erase your disadvantages.

  7. A team is like a tank: It just keeps moving forward.

  8. A bridge couldn't hold without thousands of planks working hard together.

  9. An individual may have one idea a week, but a team produces their size in ideas.

  10. Quantify success with a quality team.

  11. You are as strong as we all are as a team.

  12. You don't need perfect people to have a perfect team.

  13. A team challenges themselves to make the individual better.

  14. Removing team from teamwork just leaves work.

  15. Just as a crane lifts more than a man, a team does more than a single member.

  16. Ants move 5,000 times their weight, but 5,000 ants move further thousands.

  17. Effective teamwork's made paper into safety and a boat into hope.

  18. A nation is just multiplied teamwork.

  19. Teamwork takes the blame and continues on.

  20. Teamwork makes the difference between scrap metal and a hammer.

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