32 Thank-You Gifts for Your Boss When You’re Leaving a Job

By Jennifer Herrity

Updated August 30, 2022 | Published November 5, 2020

Updated August 30, 2022

Published November 5, 2020

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It's common to move from one position to another as you gain the skills and experience necessary to succeed in something new. You may choose to either try for promotions in the same industry or go after a position doing something new. Either way, you may want to buy a gift for your manager when you're ready to move on from your current job.

In this article, we share 32 gifts you can consider purchasing for your boss when you leave a position.

32 gifts for your boss when you leave

Here are some thank-you gifts to consider presenting to your boss when you leave your current role for a new opportunity:

1. Planner

A planner may be the perfect gift for your boss if they have a lot of meetings and projects to keep track of. You can consider purchasing either a dated calendar or an undated one, so your boss can choose when they start using the calendar. They may want to start using it after they complete a busy project so they aren't incorporating a new system in the middle of an active time at work. If you get a dated calendar, you can write small notes for National Boss's Day and your boss's birthday so they can discover it later.

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2. Portable keyboard

An on-the-go boss might really benefit from a portable keyboard that they can connect to their phone and tablet for efficient note-taking and other tasks they complete daily. They can take their portable keyboard with them to conferences and meetings or use it elsewhere in the office when they aren't around their desktop computer.

3. Flowers or a plant

A way to say thank you to a boss before you leave is by purchasing a classic bouquet or a plant that they can put on their desk. For at least a handful of days, they'll be able to come into work and receive a nice reminder of your time in the workplace together.

4. Thank-you card

One of the best things you can give a boss when you're leaving a company is a heartfelt thank-you card. The card gives you the opportunity to thank your boss for the time spent working together and everything they may have done to help you grow in your role and prepare for your next one.

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5. Insulated tumbler

Nearly anyone would appreciate having an insulated tumbler to keep their drinks in. Whether your boss likes ice water or hot coffee throughout the day, an insulated tumbler will help them. Your boss can take their new tumbler to meetings or creative workdays outside of the office.

6. Stress ball

Even the most laid-back boss may experience stressful days. A stress ball can give your boss just a couple of minutes of reprieve from their daily responsibilities. They can use their ball at the beginning of the workday, before a meeting or anytime they feel overwhelmed by their tasks.

7. Treats

Buying your boss's favorite fruit, cookies or candies is a great way to say thank you for everything. Consider purchasing an arrangement for delivery or picking up a box of their favorites from a local bakery.

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8. Artisan coffee

If your boss loves a morning cup of coffee, consider getting them artisan coffee they can brew at home before work or bring to work to make in the communal coffee machine with their favorite mug. Find out if they like dark, medium or light roasts, and if they prefer a country of origin or flavor, then source a bag of fresh coffee beans just for them.

9. Neck pillow

Traveling is typically a lot more comfortable with a neck pillow. Any boss that engages in air travel can benefit from the use of a neck pillow, whether they are relaxing in their seat or taking a nap. Choose one in their favorite color for a personal touch.

10. Name stamp

If your boss has to write or sign their name often, then a personalized stamp with their name or signature can come in handy. It's a thoughtful gift that shows them you have noticed how busy they really are and how even a small item can save them time for other tasks.

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11. Scarf

Especially in the winter months, a scarf can be a welcomed accessory. You can pick a neutral color so their scarf always matches their outfit and even pick from a variety of materials, from cotton to cashmere.

12. Candle

Many people use candles to improve the ambiance and scent of the room they're in. Gift your boss a candle to use in their home as a way to relax after a long day. Many companies will personalize candles by either writing a special message on the candle holder or creating a customized scent.

13. Throw blanket

Some office buildings are notoriously cold, especially in the winter. Your boss may love being able to cover their legs while they work at their desk. A throw blanket can be kept in the office for exactly this purpose, or they may choose to take it home to keep them warm on their couch after hours.

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14. Name sign

Whether your boss has their own office or has a desk in your open office space, they may love having a sign with their name and title on it. Depending on your boss's sense of humor, consider personalizing a nameplate that makes them laugh.

15. Tote bag

Buy your boss a sturdy and high-quality tote bag that they can use for anything from shopping at the market to carrying office items from the parking garage. You can customize the bag to include a monogram, a graphic or their favorite saying.

16. Matching office supplies

If your boss appreciates a certain aesthetic, then you may consider buying them a set of matching office supplies like a stapler, notepad, desk organizer, binder clips and pens. Not only are these items useful, but they can also spruce up their desk.

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17. Bottle of wine or liquor

Explore your boss's favorite wines and liquors and consider buying them a bottle to enjoy after work. Pair it with a cocktail recipe book or some handwritten recipes of your own.

18. Fun phone charger

For the boss who wants and needs to stay connected, a phone charger helps them do just that. Make it a little more fun to add personality to it.

19. Self-care items

Self-care items can go a long way when you're giving a thank you to your boss. Self-care can come in many forms, which you can explore to find something that your boss will appreciate the most. Think about a luxury face mask, therapeutic book or handcrafted soap.

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20. Free lunch

Take your boss to lunch during your last week as a gesture of appreciation for your time together. Allow them to pick the restaurant, then you pick up the tab.

21. Luggage tag

Another wonderful present for a boss who travels often is a set of luggage tags. Provide a nice set of tags so your boss can identify their luggage from the rest of the bags at the end of a long plane ride.

22. Desk clock

A desk clock is a decorative piece that your boss may enjoy looking at. More than providing the time, it can nicely bring together the entire look of a desk.

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23. Funny calendar

There are many desk calendars to choose from, including those where your boss tears off a sheet of paper for each day to enjoy a new comic or funny movie quote. You could find a calendar that fits their interests so they look forward to the next day, finding enjoyment in reading something new for all 365 days of the year.

24. Mini cocktail kit

For the boss who enjoys relaxing after work, a mini cocktail kit can be enjoyable. They may choose to take the cocktail kit with them out of town on a business trip, too.

25. Picture frame

Close to your last day, schedule a time for the office employees to take a photo together to commemorate your working relationship. Give your boss a copy of the photo in a picture frame as a parting gift.

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26. Book of motivational quotes

If your boss has made a difference in your career and motivated you in the workplace, consider buying them a book of motivational quotes to do the same in return. You can write a note inside to let them know how they positively impacted your career.

27. Flash drive

A flash drive is a useful tool in the workplace and can serve as a place where your boss can store important presentations along with other documents. More than that, your boss may really appreciate it if you preload the flash drive with team photos or other memories they can reflect on.

28. Aromatherapy diffuser

An aromatherapy diffuser can bring a lot of calm to the person using them. If you get one for your boss, it can be displayed in the workplace or their home and provide them with the relaxation they need to escape from the workday.

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29. Tickets to a sporting event

If your boss is a sports fan, see if there is a team playing soon that you can buy tickets to. Sporting events are a fun way to enjoy life outside of work with a spouse or friend.

30. Foot hammock

A foot hammock suspends under a person's desk so they can rest their feet. Gifting your boss a foot hammock provides them with a sense of relaxation even as they work on normal projects. Plus, one of these can be really useful after your boss has given a long presentation or pitch or has been going from one office to the next without a moment to sit.

31. Lunch container

For the boss who brings lunch to work, a lunch container may be the perfect gift. You can purchase a more traditional container or find a lot of options that cater to the food your boss typically brings.

32. Desk fan

Just like the office may get cold during the winter, it may also be hot during the summer. A desk fan can help your boss combat temperature changes and keep them comfortable at their desk.

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