14 Types of Email Marketing With Examples

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published April 26, 2021

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Email is a popular communication method for companies to connect with consumers and email marketing is an important advertising tool. You can use email to gain new customers, foster relationships with existing ones or to promote new goods and services through specific email marketing. Knowing how to use email marketing effectively for its various purposes can help you develop marketing capabilities to use throughout your career. In this article, we define what email marketing is and take an in-depth look at 14 types of email marketing with examples to help you explore this digital marketing tool.

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What is email marketing?

Email marketing is sending commercial messages using email, mainly to sell goods or services and create a loyal customer base. This digital marketing tool lets you connect to many people at once, with minimal advertising costs and a high rate of return on investment (ROI). You can market new product launches, sales and promotions, contests, news and events through email marketing to create interest in non-customers or loyalty among existing customers. Email marketing is convenient, fast, flexible and affordable.

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14 types of email marketing

Here are 14 types of email marketing with examples to help you better understand this common advertising tool and how to use it:

Welcome emails

A welcome email greets and welcomes consumers to your brand, usually after signing up for a service, newsletter, product trial or other offer. You can vary the welcome email depending on what your offer is, though you always want to stay on brand and showcase what the consumer can gain from engaging with your product, service or company. For example:

Welcome to Green Hat Mowers!
We're so glad to have you here. We founded Green Hat Mowers sustainable lawn care because we care about beautifying our neighborhood and taking care of our environment. We hope you enjoy our weekly Monday mowing tips and find our services suit all of your seasonal lawn care needs.
As a thank you for signing up for our digital newsletter, please enjoy $10 off your next scheduled mowing. Click the link below to use the coupon.
Green Hat Mowers

Co-marketing emails

A co-marketing email is when two or more companies partner for a product, event or promotion to leverage the audience of both brands to increase overall reach. You can use email marketing to send to both customer bases, though it is important to mark the joint effort clearly by including both company names and logos. For example:

Pints for Pups!
A Better Beer Brewery and Helping Hounds Pound are teaming up!
Raise a pint and a paw at our annual fundraising event to support local shelter animals with your generous support. Meet dogs up for adoption, buy beer and pet gear or connect with the brewmaster and shelter director to ask your questions.
Join us on Friday, June 25 at the Better Beer Brewery from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.
All proceeds go directly to Helping Hounds Pound.

Newsletter emails

Newsletter emails often publish weekly, monthly or quarterly and can share articles, advertisements, customer reviews or blog posts. It is important for newsletter emails to be visually appealing with a call to action (CTA) to attract the reader to read it entirely. Simple fonts and layouts and the right total length make for an enjoyable and easy-to-read newsletter. For example:

PocketLite Weekly Recap

Best BBQ Recipes
Get the grill out and grab the tongs! These simple recipes will have you ready to feed guests this summer.

Summer Wedding Attire
What to wear when the weather is hot and still look glamorous.

Customer Corner
Missy K. from New Paltz, NY, shares her top three reasons for always buying from PocketLite.com for her family's needs.

Dedicated send emails

Dedicated send emails are useful when you need to share information with a targeted group of people, rather than your entire customer base. For example, perhaps you want to welcome new members to a blog membership or your company is launching a new product and you want to encourage your most loyal and repeat customers to try it first. You can draft an email that addresses this group and send to certain recipients. Here's an example:

Attention Miracle Balm lovers—New Product Alert!
We know you love our Miracle Balm bars, lotions and jars. Get ready to love Miracle Balm chap stick, too!
As our most loyal customers, we want you to enjoy a sneak peek ahead of everyone else. Click here to order yours now at a 50% discount!
Be well,
Miracle Balm

Confirmation email

A confirmation email, or transactional email, lets a customer know their transaction went through and confirms bookings, registration, sign-ups, orders or payment. You can use confirmation emails for things like flights, hotels, online food orders, online purchases and more. A strong layout for confirmation emails is simple with straight-forward phrasing and design. For example:

Get ready to fly!
Thank you for booking with JetSet Airlines. We appreciate your business.
Your booking code is: 123XYZ
Please note: Your boarding pass is available in our app 12 hours prior to departure.

Flight Details:


  • New York, NY to Rochester, NY

  • Date: Sunday, April 11

  • Departure time: 9 a.m.

  • Arrival time: 10:19 a.m.

Event invitation emails

You can use event invitation emails to promote upcoming events, including product launches, virtual seminars or sessions and in-person gatherings. Consider using graphics, photos and other visuals in your layout and design. Motivate your email recipients to register for the event by creating value to the user and clearly showcasing what the event is about and when it is being held. For example:

Foster Family Reunion

We're thrilled to invite you to the 2021 Foster Family Reunion!
Come join fellow foster parents and children to visit, eat, share experiences and learn best practices for building productive and happy homes.
Here are the details so you can start planning your weekend:

  • October 22-24, 2021

  • Daily 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • Innovation Hall on Syracuse College Campus

Form submission response email

This marketing email serves as a thank you when a customer signs up for or downloads something, like a PDF guide or for a free quote. Emails like this should include a call to action that links to what you offered. For example:

You're all set, Jennifer Abadi!
Thank you for contacting Rock Star Gutter Installation. Attached is your free quote for gutter installation for your home and garage. Click here to review our early spring installation specials or to schedule your installation now.
Contact us with questions. We appreciate your interest and hope to gain your business.

Rock Star Gutter Installation

Standard promotional email

A standard promotional marketing email is one of the most common and can be more generic than other marketing emails. While sending email outside of sales, new product launches or events helps keep consumers engaged, you want to be mindful to still create interesting content. Consider copy and imaging that provokes emotion, uses humor, teases an upcoming event, relates to current affairs or promotes a contest. For example:

Are your feet feeling patriotic?
Kick off election season right with our collection of America-inspired theme socks.
From flags to eagles, donkeys to elephants, your toes will be ready to cast your vote!
Visit Sock It To Me's website to buy now and get free delivery by Election Day.

Seasonal marketing campaign email

A season marketing campaign email often sends around holidays, like Thanksgiving, Christmas or Mother's and Father's Day. You can create a series of season campaign emails leading up to and throughout the sales event. Consider using styles, colors and graphics that support the holiday and send early to capitalize on those who might make a purchase in advance. Make the sale a limited time offer with an exclusive holiday deal. For example:

Get egg-cited!
It's our annual Easter sale with discounts up to 65% off at ABC Home Goods!
Take advantage of free shipping by March 15 and score big on all of your spring decoration deals.
Enter the code EASTEREGG at the online checkout for the discount to apply.
Click here to browse now.

Brand story emails

Brand story email marketing shares the background of your company, product or service to gain an emotional response and personal connection from a customer. Focusing on the values, purpose or reputation can create new followers or build loyalty among existing ones. For example:

Our values are in the products you buy.
At Homemade Beauty, we focus on:

  • Organic and fresh ingredients

  • A homemade touch with small batch production

  • Ethical sourcing and buying

  • Naked packaging to preserve resources

Join the 100,000+ customers who share these values, too!

Abandoned cart marketing email

This auto-generated marketing email is based on consumer actions, like a customer putting an item in their online shopping cart without completing the purchase. An abandoned cart email encourages the customer to buy the item and may offer an incentive, like a discount or free shipping if they buy in a certain time frame. These marketing emails have higher open rates that convert into sales. For example:

Hi Samira,
Don't leave yet—items added to your cart are almost sold out.
Hurry back to make sure you snag this before it's gone:

Softcloud Walking Sneaker, Size 9

  • Quantity: One

  • Price: $29.99

Click here to restore your cart.
Your friends at Action Sports Apparel and Shoes

Survey or review request emails

Marketing emails that request company or product reviews or a survey of their experience engage a customer, build credibility and boost search engine results by generating traffic on your website. Connect with happy and loyal customers first and consider offering an incentive, like a chance to win a gift card. For example:

Hi Brenda,
We want your opinion!
Thanks for your recent bathing suit order. We'd love for you to leave us a review and share how your experience went.
Enjoy 10% off your next purchase as a thank you for submitting your review.
Beach Bathing Attire

Re-engagement emails

Use re-engagement marketing emails when you want to get inactive subscribers, customers or clients to connect with your brand again. The goal is to determine if these consumers are viable or whether to let them go from your marketing lists. These emails typically include a call to action or ask for feedback. For example:

It's been a while.
We love having you as a customer and want to make sure you get information you love.
To stay connected, update your email preferences by clicking here.
Or if you prefer to part ways, uncheck the Subscribe box here and click save.
We miss you and hope you join the conversation online.
Thank you,
Action League Team of North America

Internal communications email

It is important to remember employees, too. Keeping them informed and updated on new products, launches, customer loyalty programs and more can help ensure they stay informed representatives of your brand and are knowledgeable when talking with customers. Internal marketing emails should be visually interesting, though clarity and content are more valuable that design. Be sure to have accurate, thorough and easy-to-understand information so employees clearly understand. For example:

Introducing Up in the Air onboard meals
In partnership with Flying Foods Incorporated, Cloud Airlines is pleased to announce a new onboard food option for our customers. Up in the Air meal boxes feature three sandwich varieties, packaged sliced apples and a bag of chips in various flavors for $7.99 each.

Here's what to know:

  • Check to ensure the refrigerated cart has 20 meal boxes

  • Make the sales announcement once you reach cruising altitude

  • Use your tablet and credit card reader to charge customers during beverage and snack service

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