FAQ: What Is an Advertising Campaign? (Plus Definition)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published April 8, 2022

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Advertising is the process of creating and launching materials that promote products, services and goods. An ad campaign is a strategy that includes multiple types of advertisements and goals for increasing awareness and positive association. If you work in advertising or marketing, learning more about advertising campaigns can be beneficial. In this article, we explain what an ad campaign is, explore the benefits of using one, detail some strategies for ad campaigns and list different types you can use.

What is an advertising campaign?

An advertising campaign is a plan or strategy for promoting materials that increase awareness of services and products. An advertising campaign details the connections between different kinds of ads and the platforms where they appear. For example, the manager for a band may use an advertising campaign to inform listeners and fans about upcoming shows. This campaign may include posts on social media, commercials during television shows and radio announcements about upcoming shows at local venues.

What are the benefits of using advertising campaigns?

These are some benefits of using advertising campaigns:

  • Increase product awareness: When companies or organizations launch new products and services, advertising campaigns can be useful tools for informing potential consumers about the new goods. This can help the brand reach new audiences and detail the specifications of new products.

  • Strengthen company branding: Advertising campaigns can be helpful for keeping companies relevant in the minds of their consumers. The imagery associated with ad campaigns can also help create positive associations and strengthen company branding.

  • Attract new customers: A business may choose to use an advertising campaign on a new medium or with a unique approach to attract a new audience to their current line of products. This can include creating a campaign that presents the service in a new way so it appeals to different consumers.

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What are some strategies for successful advertising campaigns?

Ad campaigns can use many methods at once to create effective materials and successful strategies. These are some strategies for successful advertising you can use:

Business blogging

A blog is a webpage that the owner regularly updates with new text or articles. Business blogging is a type of advertising or marketing strategy that professionals can use to demonstrate a company's expertise on a subject. Business blogging is also beneficial for increasing relevance for the company's webpage by ensuring it updates regularly.

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Company events

A company may use events to advertise its products. There are many ways to use this form of advertising, from sponsoring popular events to creating and hosting company gatherings. For example, an energy drink company may host an event on a college campus to give away free products and host contests potential consumers can take part in for prizes.

Influencer marketing

The influencer marketing strategy is a form of social media marketing experts can use to promote their goods. An influencer is an online person or presence who makes brand deals with companies to advertise their products to companies. For example, a person who makes recipe videos on a video website may form a brand deal with an organic baking brand and tell their audience about the qualities of the baking ingredients.

Track ad metrics

A metric is a measure by which an expert can understand the success or performance of an ad or campaign. Some advertising metrics include site traffic, impressions, ad cost, clicks, lifetime value, engagement and reach. By tracking metrics for ad campaigns, advertisers can gain more control over performance and make adjustments that improve campaign success.

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What types of advertising campaigns can you use?

These are some types of advertising campaigns you can use to promote products and services:

Brand launch campaign

When companies launch new brands within their organization, an advertising campaign can often help audiences learn about the new products and branding. Brand launch campaigns may include background information about the brand and the potential for free trails for the services or products. For example, a fashion company may launch a new sustainable brand under the parent company to reach new audiences. Part of the brand launch campaign may be a fashion show event focusing on the specific brand.

Content marketing campaign

A content marketing campaign is a plan in which the company or brand markets themselves as knowledgeable and offering expertise on a subject. To do this, the campaign includes the creation of content relevant to the brand's products and services. For example, a water bottle manufacturing company may produce articles and materials regarding the importance of staying hydrated and the benefits of drinking enough water.

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Rebranding campaign

Rebranding is the process through which a company or organization changes its identity and image. Organizations may choose to rebrand to reach new audiences, update their face or messages or respond to an acquisition or merger. A rebranding campaign can often be longer and more detailed than other types of plans, as the purpose is to create a new personality for the business or brand. For example, a snack foods company may create new, more modern characters to represent the different types of chips and change mottos to reflect current trends.

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Seasonal campaign

Many companies can benefit from seasonal changes if they sell certain products or services. A seasonal campaign focuses on the changing needs of the audience as the weather or seasonal goals change. For example, an outdoor goods company may launch seasonal advertising campaigns during the warmer months when their customers are more likely to go camping or fishing. A toy company may launch seasonal campaigns for the winter holidays to encourage their consumers to purchase more gifts for the children in their lives.

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