What Is a Social Media Handle? (Plus Tips on How To Create One)

By Indeed Editorial Team

October 18, 2021

Creating social media accounts for a business is a great way to market products, interact with customers and increase sales. A social media handle, or a name that you or your business goes by on social media, represents you and your business' activity on any website. Learning how to create a social media handle can help you represent your business online. In this article, we discuss what a social media handle is, how to choose one and tips for making your own.

What is a social media handle?

A social media handle is a name you or a company go by when posting to various social media sites. This can be the company name or abbreviation. A social media handle is important because it represents your company's place online and gives new viewers an initial first impression of your brand.

If you can create a social media handle customers remember, they may be able to revisit your profile or follow it for more content. Creating an appealing social media profile can be important for marketing needs on social media and can increase the chances of customer retention when you use the profile to interact with followers.

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How to choose a social media handle

If you're considering creating a social media account for your company, explore some of the following steps:

1. Consider using evergreen language

When choosing a social media handle name, consider using evergreen language in your options. Evergreen language is timeless, meaning the language you use is relevant long term. This means using dates, specific days or names of people in your social media may not be an option. Making sure you have an evergreen social media handle ensures that your title never becomes outdated. Some social media sites don't allow you to change your username after you first create it, which is why creating one that won't eventually seem dated can be important.

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2. Ensure it's easy to pronounce

As you make your social media handle, consider saying every idea out loud. If your name is easy to pronounce regardless of background, users may find it more attractive, as well as your brand. Simple and easy-to-understand language in your social media handle creates less confusion and may encourage visitors to look further into your profile.

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3. Keep it concise

When making a social media handle, keep character limits and readability in mind. Some social media sites may require that all nametags be under a certain character limit. Additionally, you may want to keep your social media handle short for the sake of your followers. A short social media handle is easier to remember. If your customers can easily remember your short social media handle, they may more easily recommend your company to family and friends.

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4. Use only letters

Some social media websites have a usage ban against characters other than letters, such as spaces, extra characters or numbers. For compatibility of names across social media accounts, it may be best to use none of these characters in your social media name. While these characters can enhance your name by including letters or spaces, not using these characters can also help make your social media handle more simple to read, remember and say aloud.

5. Align your name with your brand

When creating your social media handle, consider aligning it with your company name or your brand ideal. Aligning your company's social media handle with either of these creates a connection either to what your company does or directly to the company's name. If possible, consider making your company's social media handle and company name the same so that those on social media can identify your company much more easily.

6. Check for availability

When thinking of ideas for your social media handle, consider checking whether viable names exist before applying them to your first social media account. If a name is available on one website but not another, you won't be able to align those names across accounts. Keep in mind, however, that some social media websites don't ban the use of double names or may assign a number to the end of a name if that name is already taken.

Tips for choosing a social media handle

When choosing your social media handle, consider some of the following tips:

Consider making your handle the same across platforms

When creating your handle, consider making it the same on every social media account your company creates. Using the same handle on every social media allows users to find you easily across devices and websites. It may even become easier for them to find you in search results. The more social media your company has, the more it can market to potential customers.

Avoid handle numbers

While it may be good to avoid numbers for the same reason you avoid extra characters, another reason to avoid numbers in your social media handle is that they may appear unprofessional. Numbers in social media accounts usually indicate that the account is personal and not owned by a company or business owner. Avoiding numbers in your social media account improves your handle's professional appearance and may improve users' ability to remember and pronounce it.

Have multiple options

As you decide on a social media name, consider having multiple options ready for when you create your accounts. Having multiple social media handle options to choose from can help you just in case that name is on the website already. If one name doesn't work for a certain social media platform, having other options ready may give you higher chances of having a name you want across all of your company's social media sites. Having many working names can help if you want to have different names across different websites.

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