16 Degrees for Finding a Work-From-Home Job

Updated February 27, 2023

Working from home can allow for a more flexible schedule and enhanced work-life balance. Certain degrees can better prepare you for this type of job due to the career options they provide. Discovering some degrees that provide the potential to begin a career from home can help you select one that best matches your skills and passions. In this article, we explain what work-from-home career degrees are and provide a list of some to consider pursuing.

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What are work-from-home career degrees?

Work-from-home career degrees are majors that may help you pursue a career while working remotely. These are areas of study where job responsibilities often involve using online platforms to connect with others and fulfill work responsibilities. Work-from-home career degrees may also involve providing a service from your home. While these majors may not completely guarantee a work-from-home job, they can help you develop common skills used for remote jobs.

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16 work-from-home career degrees

Here's a list of 16 majors that can help you develop the skills and knowledge that may allow you to work from home when you graduate:

1. Website design and development

Website design and development degrees focus on teaching students to create and update web pages for clients. Those working in this profession can work for a company or start their own business from their home since they do most of their job online. Often, website designers start as a remote freelancer for other companies, which allows them to build a portfolio they can use to attract other clients.

2. Information technology

A bachelor's degree in information technology, computer science or information systems can prepare you for an at-home career in the tech industry. Some of these types of jobs allow employees to work from home for some days out of the week, and as you become more experienced, you can become an independent consultant working out of your home. Jobs may involve providing customer support to clients remotely or managing digital information and network security systems.

3. Early childhood education

Early childhood education degrees teach individuals about how youth grow and develop. This knowledge helps you plan an age-appropriate curriculum so you can provide preschool services out of your home. You may also be able to offer online teaching services to children in kindergarten or elementary school, or you could establish a tutoring service in which elementary students and their families visit you at home to review class content.

4. Business

Degrees in either business management or entrepreneurship teach students how for-profit organizations operate. This provides you with the potential to start own business, provide consultation to other companies or work remotely in an administrative role. Other than meeting up with clients as needed, you can perform most of your work from home and on your own schedule in these situations.

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5. Journalism

Journalism is another potential work-from-home career degree since these professionals can write articles from any location. While journalists may have to travel to interview subjects for articles, they can do much of their work from home. You might work for an individual newspaper or offer freelancing services to those in your area.

6. Languages

A degree in an additional language, such as Spanish or French, can help you become fluent in speaking, reading and writing another language. This can allow you to become a translator, where you can read documents from home and translate them to English for clients or companies. If you enjoy teaching, you may also consider working from home as a tutor or private instructor.

7. Accounting

Associate degrees in accounting can help you learn about foundational skills for analyzing financial records. Graduates with associate degrees can begin a remote career as a financial clerk or bookkeeper. You can also consider earning a bachelor's degree to provide you with more job options, such as a certified public accountant (CPA) or financial advisor. Those working for companies may have options for hybrid or fully remote work, while independent roles may provide more flexibility in working from home.

8. English

Earning an English, creative writing or professional writing degree can help you receive training in grammar and composition, which you can use to produce quality written work. A career in writing offers a variety of remote job options, ranging from technical writer to marketing editor to novelist. Depending on your strengths and areas of interest, you might write or edit content for things like textbooks, training manuals or advertising campaigns.

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9. Hospitality and tourism

Hospitality and tourism degrees teach students about customer service and how to manage different types of lodgings and travel facilities. While typical jobs in this industry involve working on site, short-term rentals allow for more flexibility in where you work. Some rental property owners choose to outsource maintenance work to a professional company and manage their properties remotely. Other work-from-home job options with this degree include travel agents, travel bloggers and travel consultants.

10. Culinary arts

In addition to providing you with the knowledge and skills to pursue a career as a chef, a bachelor's degree in culinary arts includes instruction on business management skills, such as budgeting and communicating. While these skills are important for traditional workplaces, they're also helpful when working from home with this degree. For example, you might start your own business to offer catering services for individuals or private events. You might also become a remote nutrition consultant, specialty cake baker or a food blogger.

11. Music

Music degrees help students master music composition, theory and specific instruments. Upon earning this degree, you can offer private music lessons out of your home or personal studio. Another potential career option is to become a songwriter, where you can develop song lyrics or original musical compositions while working at your desk.

12. Engineering

Engineering graduates help companies solve technical problems, and they design new products and solutions for a variety of industries. Depending on the type of engineering career you pursue, you might be able to work entirely from home if your job responsibilities involve using a computer for tasks like 3D modeling or software development. Some engineering jobs may require being on site for part of the work week to work with physical materials.

13. Health

Certain health degrees can prepare you for a career that doesn't involve interacting with patients face-to-face. For example, patient care coordinators can perform their job duties remotely since they can develop plans and communicate with patients by email or phone. Additionally, some doctors and nurses work with telehealth companies to offer health advice to patients via video call.

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14. Marketing

A marketing degree teaches students how to promote a company's products or services. Marketers can complete many of their job responsibilities, such as planning advertisement campaigns and preparing content for media outlets, from home, since these tasks typically involve using just a computer and any applicable software. Individuals with marketing degrees who want to work remotely may look for firms and agencies that offer this specific work format, or they may work as freelance consultants within their area of expertise.

15. Graphic design

Graphic design degrees teach students how to transform a client's ideas into a visual creation. These professionals often use online software to manipulate font and color components to design advertisements, promotional materials or creative works. They can maintain communication with clients via email or by traveling to meet with them to make sure they accurately convey what the client wants.

16. Counseling

Those pursuing this area of study learn about how to analyze patients' mental wellness and provide the appropriate treatments. Counseling degrees are another great work-from-home degree option since some counselors prefer to conduct sessions in their homes. Additionally, many counselors elect to provide virtual sessions with their patients, which allows them to work remotely.

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