20 In-Demand Work-From-Home Jobs Available Now

Updated February 3, 2023

Working from home has become a necessity as the novel coronavirus continues to pose a health risk in traditional office settings. If you are looking for a job, finding a remote option can help you earn a steady income from the safety of your home. In any case, working from home can also offer a better work-life balance, a more flexible schedule, and reduced commuting time and cost. As a result, we’ve pulled together a list of the 20 most in-demand work-from-home jobs available now informed by job posting data from Indeed.

If you’re able to consider the jobs on this list, you can use these options to guide your job search since these jobs are the most frequently-posted remote positions by employers.

How to find legitimate remote jobs

Please keep in mind that remote and work from home job postings have been used to scam job seekers into providing personal and financial information. Some quick ways to spot a fraudulent job include:

  • Requests to communicate exclusively over chat vs. virtually face-to-face

  • Communication with a personal email vs. a company domain email

  • Requests for information other than your name, phone number and email address — do not give out your social security number or any banking information

  • Spoofed domains that closely resemble, but do not exactly replicate, a legitimate business’s brand name (ex. indeed.com with a lowercase “i” vs. lndeed.com with a lowercase “L”)

For more information, visit Indeed’s Guidelines for Safe Job Search. If you believe you have been a victim of a scam or are experiencing spam on Indeed, please flag fraudulent job postings using our Report a Job function or other suspicious behavior by using our Report a Message function. Also, you can contact Indeed via our support form. You will also find a link to the support form at the bottom of every page in our Help Center.

20 in-demand work-from-home jobs

Below is list of the most in-demand work-from-home jobs posted in 2020. The list is organized by most frequently posted job titles on Indeed from top to bottom. You will also find information about the jobs including national average salary and common job duties. To search for all remote job opportunities on Indeed, go to the Indeed.com search page and enter your preferred job title in the “where” box, and “remote” or “work from home” in the “where” box. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, click on the salary link.

1. Sales representative

National average salary: $64,213 per year

Job duties: Sales representatives use customer service and communication skills to sell goods or services. They are typically responsible for meeting or exceeding sales goals, negotiating and closing sales contracts, understanding and educating consumers on product features, handling payments and closing transactions and completing regular sales reports.

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2. Loan officer

National average salary: $149,654 per year

Job duties: Loan officers help people and businesses secure financing for homes, cars, education and start-up businesses. Some loan officers specialize in mortgages or commercial loans. Other responsibilities include meeting with customers to determine their needs, recommending loan products, maintaining active knowledge of the organization’s loan products and qualifications, reviewing active loans, and using professional opinion to determine whether a potential borrower is a good risk for the organization.

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3. Insurance agent

National average salary: $57,466 per year

Job duties: Insurance agents provide customers with various types of insurance policies and help them choose policies that best meet their needs. Some of an agent’s primary responsibilities include calling potential customers and handling renewals, interviewing prospective clients about their financial resources and the coverage they require, analyzing customer needs and recommending changes or additions to their policies, customizing insurance programs, maintaining records and helping policyholders settle claims.

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4. Outside sales representative

National average salary: $68,297 per year

Job duties: While a general sales representative may communicate primarily over the phone or through the internet, an outside sales representative spends the majority of their time holding in-person meetings with customers on-site. They are responsible for scheduling and conducting face-to-face meetings with potential clients or customers, monitoring and reaching sales goals as set by the sales team leader, and networking and maintaining strong relationships with previous customers.

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5. Human resources specialist

National average salary: $47,924 per year

Job duties: HR specialists help recruit and hire employees, conduct interviews and oversee orientation. They might also oversee a team of entry or associate-level employees or they might specialize in a certain area, such as training and development. They typically report to the HR director or another upper management position.

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6. Information technology specialist

National average salary: $74,307 per year

Job duties: IT specialists design, operate or maintain technology within any business or agency that uses technology or manages large amounts of data. They often provide services related to networks, hardware, software, databases and web resources. They may perform network management, software development and database administration. IT specialists are also often responsible for regularly auditing a company’s technology solutions and offering recommendations to increase efficiency, security or reliability.

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7. Intelligence analyst

National average salary: $100,728 per year

Job duties: An intelligence analyst gathers, analyzes and records information to improve security practices within an organization or institution. The specific requirements of an intelligence analyst often vary depending on their employer, though they typically share some responsibilities, including monitoring technology for security and data breaches, filtering high-risk programs, creating and distributing recommendations to improve security, analyzing technology and data to solve a case or work problem and taking necessary measures to prevent or resolve a security breach.

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8. Customer service representative

National average salary: $48,296 per year

Job duties: Customer service representatives support clients by answering questions, solving problems and handling orders. Depending on their job, they may speak with customers either in person or over the phone, and also sometimes provide digital support via chat. Customer service representatives are responsible for sharing information about products and services, answering customer questions, responding to customer complaints, processing orders and returns and documenting customer interactions.

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9. Inside sales representative

National average salary: $46,813 per year

Job duties: Inside sales representatives sell products and services to customers, which could include both businesses and individuals. An inside sales representative is typically responsible for finding new sales opportunities, researching customers and accounts, following up with customers and building relationships, offering product demonstrations, negotiating sales terms and collaborating with sales executives.

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10. Account executive

National average salary: $68,985 per year

Job duties: Account executives manage client acquisition and development. These sales experts are masters of customer service, market research and business strategy. As an account executive, you can expect to follow up with prospective customers, develop solutions for client problems, build long-term relationships with clients, set goals and create action plans and manage sales teams. Most account executives also manage multiple sales representatives. In this role, you might meet with team members to monitor progress or provide training to improve performance.

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11. Supply specialist

National average salary: $38,845 per year

Job duties: Supply specialists are responsible for administrative, maintenance and communication-related tasks regarding the supplies and equipment necessary for an organization to function. While supply specialists can work in nearly any industry including the military, they are commonly responsible for duties including receiving, inspecting, issuing and delivering supplies, establishing and maintaining a supply inventory system, and scheduling and performing supply quality checks.

12. Operations associate

National average salary: $47,572 per year

Job duties: An operations associate is typically responsible for completing tasks and auditing processes necessary to make a business operate smoothly and efficiently. They may specialize in specific areas of a business such as employee experience, shipping and receiving or administration. Depending on the job, they may be responsible for tasks such as collecting and distributing necessary operational data, managing the day-to-day collaboration with cross-functional partners, identifying and executing on opportunities to improve team results and providing other ad hoc data analysis and operational assistance as needed by the team

13. Paralegal

National average salary: $48,670 per year

Job duties: Paralegals help lawyers prepare for trials, depositions and hearings and assist with preparing closing documents for cases. Their tasks vary depending on the size of their firm, but commonly include drafting legal documents and reports requested by lawyers, developing legal arguments, motions and case filings with lawyers, conducting case research using existing files and other relevant resources, gathering case evidence, maintaining and organizing legal files and monitoring pertinent changes to government regulations and guidelines.

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14. Account manager

National average salary: $62,223 per year

Job duties: An account manager’s primary responsibility is to provide a link between an organization’s staff and its customers. They also act as the main point of contact for all customer inquiries regarding the accounts for which they are responsible. Other tasks an account manager may perform include creating and maintaining long-term customer relationships, overseeing and participating in negotiations or contract discussions, ensuring all customers’ needs are addressed and regularly communicating with the company’s account stakeholders.

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15. Sales consultant

National average salary: $68,072 per year

Job duties: A sales consultant uses their skills and experience to help businesses increase sales by suggesting specific improvements in the company’s processes. They might work for a firm or could be self-employed, working directly with clients on a contract basis. Other duties of a sales consultant may include training sales representatives, creating and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with clients, increasing product knowledge and understanding of the market and competition, managing junior staff and hiring additional sales professionals.

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16. Project manager

National average salary: $85,150 per year

Job duties: A project manager is responsible for planning and managing the execution of a project from start to finish. They may work in many different industries, including construction, engineering, law, healthcare and technology. Project managers lead a project team, create a budget and timeline for project completion and ensure that the project is progressing accordingly.

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17. Sales manager

National average salary: $80,178 per year

Job duties: A sales manager is responsible for building and leading a team of strong sales associates that will assist them in reaching sales goals. In addition to improving sales, sales managers also use their leadership skills to strengthen and encourage their team. Sales managers are involved with every aspect of the sales process, from prospecting to relationship building to closing and renewals.

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18. Mortgage loan originator

National average salary: $153,161 per year

Job duties: Mortgage loan originators (MLOs) are state-licensed loan professionals responsible for leading clients through the loan process from identifying the right type of loan for their needs to preparing and signing documentation to closing. MLOs might work for originator organizations or brokers and must be knowledgeable about mortgage lending software, loan types and loan regulations.

19. Administrative assistant

National average salary: $41,861 per year

Job duties: An administrative assistant provides general clerical support to a company or organization. This individual often serves as the first point of contact for internal and external parties. An administrative assistant provides clerical support, such as managing a complex calendar of professional meetings, personal appointments and travel for several individuals, answering and transferring phone calls, appropriately forwarding messages and following up on inquiries, and handling incoming correspondence, including emails, memos, faxes and mail.

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20. Therapist

National average salary: $52,969 per year

Job duties: Therapists are licensed mental health professionals who treat clients with a range of mental health conditions and enable them to develop coping mechanisms and emotional skills as well as improve symptoms. Some mental health professionals with a medical degree — such as a psychiatrist — can diagnose and prescribe medication as needed. Those that do not have a medical degree — such as psychologists or counselors — focus their treatment on offering practical advice for handling challenges related to their condition and helping patients think critically and objectively about their experiences.

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