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By Indeed Editorial Team

December 10, 2019

What does a community manager do?

A community manager develops and maintains their company’s voice and image. This professional helps build brand awareness by handling tasks associated with social media management, communications, public relations and marketing. This position is ever-evolving as strategies for effectively reaching and communicating with consumers change. Community managers are responsible for:

  • Developing content across all marketing platforms including social media accounts, emails, newsletters, videos and blogs.

  • Communicating with the online community by responding to emails, social media comments and other messages.

  • Analyzing social media metrics and marketing data to determine which strategies are most effective and which need refinement.

  • Communicating with internal stakeholders to share insights on community engagement and marketing efforts.

Average salary

Community managers typically work full-time in an office environment. They commonly work standard business hours, working Monday through Friday. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, click on the salary link.

  • Common salary in the U.S.: $49,533 per year

  • Some salaries range from $108,000 to $214,000 per year.

Community manager requirements

Community managers can come from many different backgrounds, but familiarity with communications, public relations and social media are essential for success in this occupation.


Employers typically look for a minimum of a bachelor’s degree when they hire community managers. Those with a degree in journalism, marketing, English or public relations will likely have an advantage in the hiring process. These educational areas provide a well-rounded background that a community manager needs to successfully reach modern consumers.


There are minimal training requirements for community managers. New hires may receive company orientation to help them get acquainted with the business and better understand its products, services and branding. A new hire’s initial orientation may also include an introduction to the business’s social media accounts and information on branding.

Community managers work closely with the marketing and sales departments and may shadow professionals in these areas briefly to learn more about the business. The community manager needs to understand how the company approaches its marketing efforts and sales activities. The community manager’s online campaigns must utilize the same voice, imagery, branding and value propositions as the other materials that the business has used to communicate with customers and promote its products and services.


Some online training courses can help you hone your skills for a career as a community manager, but this role doesn’t have any industry-standard certifications that you need to pursue. Focus instead on skill-building in the appropriate areas to increase your employability.


Community managers need to have a specific skill set that equips them to successfully connect with the consumer and develop engaging marketing campaigns that encourage involvement.

  • Communication: Communication is essential to forming strong connections with consumers. Community managers should have strong verbal and written communication skills.

  • Organization: Community managers are responsible for many projects at once including blog content, social media communications, online interaction and customer outreach. Organization is essential to keep content and communications relevant across all platforms. 

  • Project management: Each project that a community manager oversees has its own distinct requirements. These managers must delegate essential tasks, set deadlines and plan campaigns effectively.

  • Time management: Time-management skills are crucial for a community manager to stay ahead of their campaigns. Setting and keeping deadlines is essential with social media campaigns as well as special events. Prompt responses are important so community managers must allot an appropriate amount of time for daily interactions without knowing what challenges may present themselves.

Community manager work environment

Community managers typically work full time in an office environment. They spend the majority of their time at a computer working with online communications and campaigns. They will meet with stakeholders, marketing and sales managers and other professionals within the company regularly. 

How to become a community manager

There are many paths to becoming a community manager. The following steps will help you position yourself well for this career path.

  1. Earn a bachelor’s degree. Community managers usually need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as marketing or communications.

  2. Gain experience with marketing, sales or social media. Employers look for community managers who are familiar with marketing strategies, sales techniques and social media management. Any relevant job experience in these areas is valuable to this role.

  3. Demonstrate communications skills. Writing blogs, drafting social media posts and planning email campaigns are all essential in the role of community manager. Demonstrate your ability by maintaining your own active social accounts, guest blogging or doing freelance writing.

  4. Build a strong resume. Craft a resume that emphasizes your experience building community and refining branding. You can gain this in other jobs or as a volunteer working on marketing campaigns for nonprofit organizations.

Community manager job description example

Seeking a community manager for our fast food franchise who can help connect with a new customer base. Responsibilities include developing new marketing campaigns, maintaining active social media accounts, developing promotional email campaigns and planning special marketing campaigns with an interactive element that engages the customer freshly and memorably.

The ideal applicant will have a strong background in marketing and social media management. We’re looking for creative thinkers who are equipped to form strong connections with today’s young adults and help them become lifelong customers. You should have a thorough understanding of online community building and intriguing ideas for how to refresh our community campaigns.

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