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Hector Silva

(111) 789-3456

August 5, 2019

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am delighted to be applying for the position of Economist at Innovation Advertising. As someone with an analytical mind and a keen eye for quantitative data, I think I can truly bring something important to your company. Having my finger on the pulse of the markets and digging through information to try and discern upcoming trends is a combination of science and art that has always had great intellectual appeal to me. I simply love the way that data can line up and crystallize into a solid case for what the future might hold. It is that passion that I think will make me a useful member of Innovation Advertising's team as you seek to advise your clients.

During my previous role as an economic analyst for Flagship Financial Services, I analyzed reams of quantitative data and wrote reports in which I made recommendations to clients about likely trends in securities markets, performing both fundamental and technical analysis on various financial instruments. I am thus comfortable using advanced mathematical techniques to extract clues about the future of the economy from data of all types.

My experience has also shown me that there is an element of art and gut instinct to effective economic forecasting. My former team and I were able to increase the average profitability of our clients' investment portfolios by 20% on a year-over-year basis. I look forward to bringing my analytical acumen to Innovation Advertising to give your clients similar — or even greater — success.

I am grateful for your time and consideration, and I am excited to learn more about just what my responsibilities would be as an economist on Innovation's team. Market trends can often be quite obscure. Helping clients anticipate what is coming and more effectively modify and market their products, which in turn would only make their customers better able to get what they want, is already quite rewarding work on its own. I would be honored to lend my abilities to your firm.


Hector Silva

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