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Amy Chan


August 20, 2019

Dear Hiring Manager,

In my search for meaningful employment in health care, I have investigated areas that allow me some degree of flexibility. I believe that your position of Field Technician at Centurion Medical offers just that. My previous work as a Field Technician has taught me many things not only in health care but in dealing with IT issues and working with all kinds of people.

My experience as a Field Technician was with Flagiship Enterprises, a company that retrieved patient medical records for the purpose of insurance company auditing. My job was to travel throughout my state, going to medical offices and hospitals to retrieve the requested records via flash drive and upload them to the company at the end of the day. My efficiency scores in past two years were at 94% and 97%.

There are still some doctors who use paper charts. In those cases, I would copy the needed information and then scan and upload it to my office. As a Field Technician, I used different software programs that are made especially for EMRs. With medical fraud becoming so prevalent, programs are getting harder to crack, which means they're safer for patient information. Staff would often get nervous about me being in their files, but I was able to reassure them that I was there to help prevent fraud.

As a field technician for Centurion Medical, not only would I bring knowledge with me, but I would enjoy learning the ways your company teaches its Field Technicians in order to do the job your way. My main goal would be to do my job as quickly and efficiently as I could while helping the staff feel at ease. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Amy Chan

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