Production Assistant Cover Letter Example and Template for 2023

Updated August 22, 2023

A production assistant is someone in the entertainment industry who performs various administrative and manual duties on the set of a television show, movie or music video. They may support directors and producers by running errands, helping actors and crew members move between locations and preparing and distributing documents like call sheets and scripts. If you're an organized, hard-working person who's eager to learn more about film production, working as a production assistant may be a fulfilling career to pursue. To ready yourself to apply for jobs, it may be beneficial to review the job description and resume samples, then summarize your background and credentials.

In this article, we explain how to write a production assistant cover letter in five steps, share some tips that may help you write an attention-grabbing letter and demonstrate these principles with a sample cover letter. Your cover letter and resume are essentials that can help you advance your career and connect with entertainment industry professionals. When you've prepared your documents, you can upload a resume file or build an Indeed Resume.

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Daniela Solomon
Chicago, Illinois

May 1, 2023

Dear hiring manager,

My name is Daniela Solomon, and I'm a recent graduate from Dewberry University with a BA in Film Production. I know that it requires a fast-paced environment onscreen to create the high-stakes, quick-moving action comedies that Waterway Pictures creates. Detail-oriented and organized with three years of experience managing busy film sets, I'm confident I'd excel as your new Production Assistant.

I'm adept at anticipating the needs of busy producers and directors. During my time at Dewberry University, I worked on sets of over 30 different projects. During this time, I became adept at sharing vital information with cast and crew members, managing supplies, making quick decisions to address last-minute needs and maintaining an efficient shooting schedule.

I'm also comfortable working on large productions like yours. I worked as the first assistant director on a student film with a cast of over 100 and a crew of over 300, and we wrapped ahead of schedule almost every day.

Waterway Pictures needs sharp, efficient Production Assistants to enable the creative process, and I'm confident that my high-energy personality and years of experience make me a fit for the job. I'm enthusiastic about the opportunity to support a prolific studio with an impressive body of work. Please contact me by phone or email at your soonest convenience if you're interested in discussing an interview.


Daniela Solomon

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How to write a production assistant cover letter

Here are steps you can follow when writing your own cover letter for a production assistant job:

1. Format your cover letter appropriately

Before you start creating content, it's vital that you adjust your format to ensure your resume is clean, professional and easy to read. Include a header with your contact information, one-inch margins on each side and three paragraphs. Choose a professional font in a legible size and opt for black ink.

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2. Open your letter with specific details

Production assistant jobs can be competitive due to the high volume of candidates who hope to enter the film and television industry. Aim to distinguish yourself by beginning with specific details. Demonstrate your familiarity with the production studio or producer by mentioning a previous project or a unique style, and then link the detail to your abilities to show you're a strong fit for the job.

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3. Craft a body paragraph

A busy producer may be reading your cover letter, so it's important to be brief but effective. Review the job description and customize your body paragraph the reflect the duties deemed essential. Be honest and connect your experiences to the needs of the production. For example, if the job description stresses the importance of keeping the shoot on schedule, you could explain how in a previous job as a nanny, you ushered four children with different schedules from school to various activities across the city without error.

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4. Write a call to action

An impactful closing paragraph might be direct and confident. It could be beneficial to emphasize your interest in the production or studio, your passion for filmmaking and your core qualifications. Next, include a call to action requesting an interview or a phone call to follow up. Productions are fast-paced environments, and some employers may appreciate a cover letter demonstrating initiative and action.

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5. Proofread your cover letter

Production assistants use organizational skills and an eye for detail to help film sets run. You could demonstrate these abilities by turning in a cover letter that's free from errors. Review your letter for typos, inaccuracies or vague language before you submit it.

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Tips for writing a production assistant cover letter

Here are tips that may be helpful when crafting your letter:

Highlight your collaborative skills

Film is a collaborative medium, and many employers may appreciate production assistants who work well on a team. Consider mentioning your ability to support colleagues and reach collective goals. If you have a background in film, you could discuss your role in previous projects, but if you're new to the field, you could share examples from hobbies, school projects or jobs in other fields.

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Mention your goals

Working as a production assistant is typically an entry-level job in the entertainment industry. Some employers might look for candidates at the beginning of their career and mentor them in a discipline like directing, production, cinematography or design. Consider mentioning your eventual goal in film or television, and explain how working for the studio to which you're applying may help you advance toward your goal.

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Discuss a broad range of duties

Production assistants might perform different tasks every day. Some producers may prefer candidates who can multi-task effectively, excel at a wide variety of responsibilities and accept any assignment with humility. You may mention times when you fulfilled many different needs to help a team reach its goals.

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