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Sofia Flores

(123) 456-7891

May 1, 2018

Dear Hiring Manager,

I'm writing about the Veterinarian position in the hopes that my skills may be put to good use at Retail Ocean. I am a graduate of Green Valley State, where I studied biology and veterinary medicine under some of the nation's leading veterinary minds. I gained my medical degree at Hawaii Western with the lone goal of becoming a Veterinarian, and now I'm excited about the possibility of working for you.

My desire to become a Veterinarian began rather ordinarily. It grew from a love of animals as a child. That cookie-cutter origin story has led me to apply for the position of Veterinarian at Retail Ocean. Even though my desire for this position seems simple, I can assure you my passion and aptitude are not.

My passion for helping animals took me to a local shelter. There, I saw some of the hardships that abandoned and sick animals can go through. As I searched for work at a clinic, my time spent at the shelter made me aware of how animals are treated by supposedly intelligent adults. It only stoked my desires to help and heal these creatures.

With a medical background and an animal focus, there is no other career for me outside of veterinary work. I know Retail Ocean is the right place for me. While my experiences have brought me in contact with mostly household pets (cats and dogs), my studies have given me the knowledge to help many more animals than that. As one could attest to, it isn't enough to love animals. You have to take those next steps to really make a difference.


Sofia Flores

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