Warehouse Cover Letter Example and Template for 2023

Updated August 23, 2023

When applying to a new position, a warehouse employee might create a cover letter to explain why they're the ideal candidate. A cover letter is a document where candidates list their credentials and describe how they're qualified. You often submit a cover letter with a resume, so it's helpful to review several cover letter and resume samples. This can help you create your own application materials that match the warehouse positions' job descriptions.

In this article, we discuss how to write a warehouse cover letter by listing four steps to write this document and tips to help you create a strong cover letter, along with providing a cover letter sample. When you're ready, upload a resume file or build an Indeed Resume.

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Melissa Tuley
Huntsville, OH

May 11, 2023

Dear hiring manager,

Hello, this is Melissa Tuley, and I'm excited to apply for the open Warehouse position at Gerald's. As a Warehouse Associate with 10 years of experience in receiving, preparing and shipping orders and excellent organization skills, I believe that I'm the ideal candidate for this role. I'm a reliable employee who's dedicated to her career, and I'm confident that I can use my skills and experience to excel at Gerald's.

Since I've been in this industry for 10 years, I've gained a lot of valuable experience in my previous roles. My most recent job was at Minnie's Boutique as a Warehouse Associate. In this role, I helped in the warehouse department by loading and unloading products, labeling boxes and lifting heavy boxes. I also operated heavy machinery, such as forklifts, to transport large loads, and, as with the rest of my previous roles, I followed safety measures and even advocated for updated regulations to ensure all employees remain safe.

Through my experience and training, I've also developed several skills that make me a qualified Warehouse Associate. For example, I have excellent physical strength, coordination and mobility skills, which help me stay active and safe while in the warehouse. Additionally, I use communication and collaboration to develop strong relationships with my team members. Having bonded with my colleagues allows us to work together effectively. While in this role, my team increased the company's shipment productivity by 12%.

Due to my extensive skills and experience, I believe that I'm the ideal candidate for the Warehouse position at Gerald's, and I'm thrilled about this job opportunity. I've attached my resume to this document, so you can review my credentials. Please contact me if you have further questions or if you'd like to schedule an interview. Thank you for your time.

Melissa Tuley

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How to write a warehouse cover letter

Knowing how to write a cover letter can help increase your chances of securing your job. Here are four steps to write a warehouse cover letter:

1. Add your contact information

To start your cover letter, add your contact information at to the top of the document. This is helpful because it allows the hiring manager to contact you. So if they'd like to schedule an interview with you, they can refer to your contact information.

On the first line, state your first and last name. Then, on the following lines, add your phone number, professional email address and location. Make sure this information is correct, so the employer has a way to communicate with you.

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2. Write an introduction

Next, write an introduction for your cover letter. An introduction is an opening paragraph where you officially introduce yourself to the hiring manager.

You typically restate your full name and state the position for which you're applying. Then, provide the hiring manager with an overview of your qualifications. For instance, you might include how many years of experience you have as a warehouse employee or what some of your skills are.

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3. Include your qualifications

In the following one to two paragraphs, describe your qualifications. Most warehouse employees don't have a formal education, so it's important to focus on any training or work experience you have. Make sure you mention your most recent position as it's the most relevant experience you possess.

While writing about your background, try talking about your job duties or the skills you used. For example, you might write about inspecting items, loading trucks or managing inventory. Explaining your roles shows the hiring manager that you're a qualified warehouse employee.

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4. Create a conclusion

At the end of your cover letter, craft a brief and polite conclusion. Summarize your credentials and restate your enthusiasm for the role. Try to restate why you're the best candidate for the warehouse position.

If you have a resume, attach it to your cover letter and mention it in the conclusion so the employer can view that as well. Finally, thank the hiring manager for considering your application to leave a lasting impression on them.

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Tips for writing a warehouse cover letter

Here are some tips for writing a warehouse cover letter:

  • Only include relevant information. Although you have more space on a cover letter than a resume to write about your qualifications, it's important to only include information that relates to being a warehouse employee. This makes your document more cohesive and brief.

  • Add your skills. Throughout your cover letter, make sure you add your skills and abilities. Writing about your skills shows the hiring manager that you're a capable warehouse employee who fits the job description.

  • Customize your cover letter. If you're applying to several positions at once, make sure you customize your cover letter. For example, include keywords or language that the specific job position uses to make your cover letter more specific and personalized.

  • Proofread the document. Once you're done writing your cover letter, make sure you proofread the document. This ensures that there are no mistakes on it, which helps you seem professional and detail-oriented.

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