15 Best Jobs for Introvert Personalities To Pursue

Updated March 10, 2023

While introverts and extroverts alike can be successful in any role, people with introverted personality types might be drawn to some positions over others. Many introverts might also find that they excel in positions with certain qualities. For example, it can be energizing for people with introverted tendencies to have a job that allows a decent amount of independent work time.

In this article, we offer tips as well as a list of 15 top jobs for introverts searching for a career.

What should introverts look for in a job search?

Contrary to popular belief, an introvert isn’t always someone who is shy or avoids social interactions. Introverts can be highly sociable and possess excellent interpersonal skills. However, unlike extroverts who feel energized by leading meetings and working in group settings, introverts often require time alone to regain energy after these types of experiences.

While introverts are capable of handling the same tasks as extroverts, they’re generally more satisfied working in careers that make use of their strengths.

That’s why the best jobs for introverts are those that:

  • Prioritize independent work over large group collaboration sessions

  • Offer quiet spaces for working alone rather than noisy, open workspaces

  • Are best performed by people with excellent active listening skills

  • Allow you to focus your attention on one task or project at a time

  • Require more one-on-one interaction than public speaking

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A scientist with a microscope.

Good careers for introverts

Here are several of the best jobs for introverts, including the average salary you can expect to earn in each role. For the current salary information from Indeed, click on the salary links.

1. Accounting manager

Average salary: $78,638 per year

Primary duties: Oversee and manage the day-to-day operations of an accounting department, including analyzing data, creating financial reports and developing organizational accounting policies. Accounting managers may also direct and oversee the work of junior accounting personnel.

2. Landscape designer

Average salary: $48,290 per year

Primary duties: Use creativity and horticultural knowledge to develop landscaping plans, select plants and other features—such as walkways, ponds and water fountains—to improve the aesthetics of outdoor spaces.

3. Behavioral therapist

Average salary: $17.75 per hour

Primary duties: Work with patients living with mental illnesses and disorders such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders and addiction as well as conditions such as autism, ADD and ADHD. Behavioral therapists listen to the difficulties and challenges clients face and help them modify and change their behaviors.

4. Content manager

Average salary: $57,368 per year

Primary duties: Oversee an organization’s content creation and strategy development, including building an editorial calendar, managing content publishing and ensuring all content aligns with company brand guidelines and business goals. Content managers also often oversee content writers and strategists.

5. Executive chef

Average salary: $62,023 per year

Primary duties: Manage a restaurant kitchen, including supervising all food preparation, training and directing kitchen personnel, planning menus, creating kitchen budgets, reviewing food orders and ensuring food meets quality standards.

6. Editor

Average salary: $45,907 per year

Primary duties: Review prepared copy for grammatical, spelling and stylistic errors and correct mistakes before publication. Editors may also fact-check copy and ensure all written content published by an organization meets the company’s brand style guide.

7. Graphic designer

Average salary: $17.96 per hour

Primary duties: Use software to create custom visuals that communicate ideas, add aesthetic appeal and improve the flow of information through digital assets such as websites and applications, or through print assets such as publications, sales materials, posters and more.

8. IT manager

Average salary: $83,896 per year

Primary duties: Manage the security and operation of an organization’s information systems. Handle software and hardware upgrades, manage technology budget, direct junior IT staff and address or delegate helpdesk tickets.

9. Librarian

Average salary: $53,326 per year

Primary duties: Help library visitors find books and information and prepare and catalog books, periodicals and other materials. Librarians may also manage library budgets, supervise junior staff members and oversee library events and activities.

10. Mechanic

Average salary: $18.74 per hour

Primary duties: Inspect, repair and perform maintenance on motor vehicles. Mechanics use a variety of tools and technologies to perform job duties and may specialize in specific systems or vehicle types.

11. Paralegal

Average salary: $46,396 per year

Primary duties: Act as a legal administrative assistant by completing case research, handling client interviews, drafting and filing legal documents and assisting attorneys in preparing presentations. Paralegals often also attend and assist in hearings, depositions and trials.

12. Research scientist

Average salary: $72,000 per year

Primary duties: Design and perform laboratory-controlled tests and experiments, gather results and analyze data to determine outcomes. A research scientist may work for the government, educational institutions, environmental organizations or on behalf of a for-profit company.

13. Social media manager

Average salary: $47,547 per year

Primary duties: Plan, develop and deploy social media marketing campaigns, curate social media content and monitor and analyze the performance of various social activities. Social media managers are also often responsible for responding to followers’ questions or concerns and ensuring all social content adheres to best practices and brand guidelines.

14. Software engineer

Average salary: $103,438 per year

Primary duties: Use computer programming languages to build, test and continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of software programs. Software engineers may specialize in networks, operating systems, applications or databases.

15. Technical writer

Average salary: $32.56 per hour

Primary duties: Prepare user-friendly instruction manuals, how-to guides, articles, procedural documents and other materials by translating complex information into easy-to-read content. Technical writers may also be responsible for editing and publishing the material they write.

Consider your choices

This is just a small sampling of the best jobs for introverts, but there are many other career paths for people who have this specific set of strengths. In addition to choosing a position that leverages your best attributes and abilities, it’s also important to consider the culture and work style of the companies where you apply and interview to ensure they meet your needs.

Consider details like whether the office has an open floor plan or quiet spaces for independent work, and how focused the company is on teamwork, collaboration and group projects. You can find many of these qualities by researching Company Pages.

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