What is A+ Certification Training?

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published December 12, 2019

A+ certification training is essential if you plan to work as a computer technician. If you aspire to work in information technology, it is critical to acquire A+ training—including knowing where to find courses and take the certification exam. In this article, we define A+ certification training, explain the steps to certification and share some examples of jobs that require A+ certification training.

What is A+ certification training?

A+ certification training is an important type of expert training for computer service technicians. It guarantees the skill level of those who repair and maintain computer hardware. The training is intended to help you achieve certification in computer hardware repair and maintenance. The certification program is one of the largest worldwide and is a globally recognized certification for those in the hardware repair and computer maintenance industries.

The certification exam is offered by the Computer Technology Industry Association or CompTIA. It guarantees the highest level of information technology proficiency for its holders, making it a useful career tool for any maintenance professional.

How to obtain A+ certification training

To prepare for and pass an A+ certification exam, you will need to go through specified training courses. Follow these steps to find and take these courses:

  1. Choose your method. There are several places you can find A+ certification training. Your first step should be familiarizing yourself with the CompTIA certification website. CompTIA offers online e-books, practice tests and study guides designed to help you prepare for the exam. They also partner with industry experts to coordinate live video training and physical classroom training. Research the different methods to decide which will be the best option for your schedule and learning style.

  2. Schedule your training hours. Regardless of how you choose to study, you will need to set aside a certain number of hours to thoroughly prepare for your certification exam. If you are using online study materials, you will need to schedule time to seek out a quiet and distraction-free environment to work. If you are meeting with an instructor over video chat, you will need to communicate with them to find hours that accommodate both of your schedules. If you do not have any free time to dedicate to studying, you may need to postpone your training until a later date.

  3. Register and pay. After you have chosen your method and adjusted your schedule, your next step is making a financial commitment. A CompTIA A+ exam voucher starts at $219, and you must pass two exams to achieve certification. CompTIA offers several training material bundles that will provide you with a range of study resources at a discount. The A+ certification can be a significant expense for some budgets, but it can be a profitable investment for any IT professional.

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Jobs that benefit from A+ certification

Career options for professionals who pass A+ training are numerous and varied, but they all involve assembling, troubleshooting and maintaining computers and computer systems for businesses or individual customers. Some common careers for those who have A+ certification training include:

1. Technical support specialist

National Average Salary: $15.68 per hour

Primary Duties:: A technical support specialist provides help and technical support for businesses and consumers. The specialist troubleshoots issues like connection problems, slow computer performance and inability to access data. If the problems are found to be hardware-related, the technical support specialist would contact a computer repair technician and arrange for a site visit. Technical support specialists typically communicate with clients over the phone or through instant messaging.

2. Field service technician

National Average Salary: $19.92 per hour

Primary Duties:: A field service technician is a computer repair professional who repairs and maintains computer hardware. Field technicians travel to client’s homes, offices and businesses to evaluate and fix computer hardware problems. Field service technicians coordinate with their supervisors and coworkers to receive assignments, order hardware parts and estimate repair costs. Field service technicians can work as part of a team or as an independent contractor.

3. Information technology support technician

National Average Salary: $20.04 per hour

Primary Duties:: An information technology support technician is someone who helps computer users with the setup, maintenance and troubleshooting of their computers. Viruses, data loss, faulty software programs, difficulties in setting up hardware and poor internet connections are some issues that an information technology support technician will commonly encounter while on the job. Information technology support professionals also evaluate computer security systems and enforce safety standards.

4. Systems administrator

National Average Salary: $85,862 per year

Primary Duties:: Systems administrators are responsible for maintaining and improving a company or business’ computer network. The systems administrator is usually the first point of contact for someone needing help from the IT department. Systems administrators install and upgrade software, monitor operating systems and supervise data backups and recovery. These professionals use their practical experience and technical expertise to problem-solve and provide quality customer service.

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