How To Apply for the Same Job Twice in 5 Steps (With Tips)

Updated March 16, 2023

Sometimes companies repost their jobs listings or leave positions open for an extended period, which can encourage you to resubmit your application. Companies may have changed their criteria for judging candidates, or you may have gained new skills that make you more fit for the position. If you want to reapply for a job, you may benefit from learning how to handle a second application appropriately.

In this article, we discuss steps you can follow when applying for the same job twice and provide some additional tips to improve your chances of getting hired.

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Why apply for the same job twice?

There are a few reasons to apply for the same job twice:

  • Reposted job listing: If a company reposts a job listing, it means they haven't found someone suitable to fill the position and may have changed their expectations.

  • Increased your qualifications: If you've gained new skills or experiences relevant to the position, your suitability for the role may have changed.

  • Gained a new connection: If you've formed a new connection within the company who can help you get hired or encourages you to apply, you may increase your chances of receiving a job offer.

  • Removed typos: Sometimes, after submitting application materials, you find a typo or mistake. You can resubmit after removing any errors to improve your chances.

How to apply for the same job twice

You can follow these steps to apply for the same job twice:

1. Maintain rapport with the hiring manager

If you receive a response from the hiring manager letting you know they aren't offering you the job, respond in a friendly way. Maintaining a relationship with this hiring manager can help your chances when reapplying for the position.

A hiring manager may reject your application for reasons other than your suitability for the position. As you continue to build your skills, you can communicate with the hiring manager any additions to your resume to stay relevant in their mind when they think of hiring for the same or a similar position in the future.

2. Reread the job description

Before reapplying, reread the job description to find qualifications you may have overlooked the first time. There may be some information in the job posting showing why they didn't give you an offer.

You can familiarize yourself with the job post's language to better understand the company and its expectations, which you can use to remake your application materials. Look for qualifications that seem non-negotiable and qualifications so you can address those in your resume and cover letter.

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3. Review your application materials

Compare the contents of the job posting to your application materials. Suppose there are additional qualifications or experience that you can incorporate into your resume and cover letter.

In that case, you can make these changes before you resubmit your application. You may not have targeted your application materials closely enough to the job description, leading the application tracking system (ATS) to discard it before the hiring manager reviews your application.

The ATS is an automated system that companies use to review resumes. You can also check your application for strange or confusing phrasing that may misrepresent your relevant experience.

Besides your resume's targeting, look at your cover letter and examine it from the hiring manager's perspective. Perhaps you can better explain your experiences or rephrase your excitement for the position to make your candidacy more appealing. If you have a relationship with the hiring manager, you can also include their name in your cover letter.

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4. Rewrite your application considering ATS

When rewriting your application materials, consider the tracking system that the company might use to review applications. For many hiring processes, the ATS rejects many applications before any hiring managers have a chance to look at them.

These systems make the hiring process easier and quicker for hiring managers, but it can mean that there's a heavy focus on the wording of your resume and cover letter over the actual contents. Use your research of the job posting and comparisons to your application materials to reword your resume and cover letter. Here are a few ways to help get through the ATS analysis:

  • Use the same wording as the job posting

  • Include a skills list

  • Use basic language

  • Write out acronyms

  • Review your qualifications carefully

  • Research common keywords for the industry

  • Follow instructions carefully

  • Submit your application in the format the job posting requests

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5. Keep your options open

You can reapply for a job whether the company has reposted the job listing or because you've improved your application materials, but keep your options open by applying to other positions. You may find different jobs you're more qualified for or that you may enjoy more.

t can also prepare you to move forward with your job search if the job doesn't accept your new application. If you receive more than one offer, you may use it in negotiations if they select your new application and you receive a job offer.

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Additional tips for applying again

Here are some additional tips for applying for the same position twice:

Wait a week before reapplying

Waiting to reapply for at least a week can show that you haven't forgotten about your interest in the position. If you reapply too quickly after sending your first application, it may look like you applied twice on accident, which may give the opposite impression.

If you time your reapplication right, your second application can function as a reminder of your interest to the hiring manager. It can also make your name and position easier to remember because they see it more often.

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Apply across different sites

Different sites may use different algorithms and ATS, so applying on various sites can be a good way to increase chances. You can show that you're qualified for the position by showing that multiple sites matched the job with your experience, which may impress your hiring manager.

Sometimes different sites request different application materials as well, helping you share more information about your qualifications. If you can use the application process to keep your name and qualifications at the forefront of the hiring manager's mind, you may increase your chances of moving forward in the hiring process.

Look for other positions at the same company

You can apply for multiple positions at the same company if you have skills relevant to more than one position. Applying for more than one position can increase the chances of hiring at that company if that company is your goal.

Applying to multiple jobs can show hiring managers that you have diverse skills and are flexible and adaptable. Different hiring managers may also fill different roles, so you may impress one of them, if not both. Once a company offers you a job, you may find moving to a different position easier than applying from outside the company.

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Proofread your application materials

One of the most common reasons that applications don't move forward in the hiring process is typos. They can show that an applicant isn't detail-focused or applies without proper consideration.

When reapplying for the same job, pay extra attention to the grammar and spelling of each line on your application materials. Removing any mistakes can increase your chances of passing the ATS and having the hiring manager evaluate your application based on your qualifications.

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Move on after the interview period

If you've interviewed at the company for this job before, reconsider reapplying for the position. Reapplying can be a smart move for someone who could improve their application materials, but if you've already interviewed with the company, your application materials were acceptable already. Your interviewer may have concluded that you weren't a good fit for the position, so continuing to apply may not increase your chances of getting hired.

However, suppose you can maintain a good relationship with the hiring manager who interviewed you. In that case, they may have an opening that is more appropriate for your skill set, and the hiring manager can consider you for that position.


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