10 Types of Associate Degree Teacher Jobs (And Their Duties)

Updated April 28, 2023

Several jobs in the teaching and education field don't require the completion of a four-year degree. From assisting families with childcare to helping teachers fulfill their primary responsibilities, there are plenty of opportunities for individuals with an associate degree.

In this article, we discuss what associate degree teacher jobs are, provide tips to help you apply for them and give you a list of 10 teaching jobs you can pursue with a two-year degree.

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What are associate degree teacher jobs?

Associate degree teacher jobs are positions or roles that focus on the teaching and development of individuals, mainly children, with a two-year undergraduate degree. Most often, the best major to pursue if you want a teaching position is an associate degree in education, or something similar, such as elementary education or childhood development.

Most teaching jobs for an associate degree holder are often entry-level positions that sometimes require additional education or experience to advance. However, these roles can be incredibly beneficial for your occupational skills and professional development, allowing you to seek further opportunities or pursue further education.

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10 types of associate degree teacher jobs

Here is a list of teaching jobs you can pursue with an associate degree:

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1. Teacher assistant

National average salary: $32,233 per year

Primary duties: A teacher assistant often assists lead teachers in performing their primary duties. They do this by helping with clerical and instructional responsibilities, including grading tests, taking attendance and sometimes assisting students with homework or questions. Teacher assistants are also helpful during school outings, such as field trips, where they can help teachers supervise the children.

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2. Childcare worker

National average salary: $35,042 per year

Primary duties: A childcare worker takes care of young children and infants while their families are unavailable. They often help with feeding, supervising playtime and assisting with other immediate needs. Childcare workers most often work in a daycare center or a nursery.

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3. Substitute teacher

National average salary: $37,359 per year

Primary duties: Substitute teachers teach in classrooms when lead teachers are absent. Their tasks include supervising children, taking attendance, assigning homework and more. Substitute teachers can work on-call with a school district, helping as needed, or replace lead teachers for an extended duration, such as maternity leave or vacation.

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4. Special education assistant

National average salary: $38,881 per year

Primary duties: Special education assistants support special education teachers and students throughout the school day. They often assist teachers with essential tasks, such as lesson planning and developing curriculums, and help students perform daily functions, such as eating and using the bathroom. Special education assistants may also adapt traditional lesson plans, making them more accessible for students with learning disabilities.

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5. Counselor assistant

National average salary: $39,095 per year

Primary duties: Counselor assistants help trained counselors and therapists fulfill their primary responsibilities, such as taking notes, performing clerical work and making appointments. Those with an associate degree in education or a related field might be able to pursue a counselor assistant position with a child therapist, assisting them with children's mental health and gaining invaluable experience for further education.

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6. Paraeducator

National average salary: $40,553 per year

Primary duties: Paraeducators provide direct support and assistance to students and other teachers. They can help in classrooms, provide instructional support to students with supervision, and help with clerical tasks, assisting teachers with attendance and classroom duties. The paraeducator position is often a combination of the special education assistant and the teacher assistant roles.

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7. Child care director

National average salary: $46,079 per year

Primary duties: Child care directors oversee the functions of daycare centers, supporting childcare workers and ensuring the safety and care of each student. They often work to develop a suitable curriculum for the children to learn and grow, communicate any challenges or concerns with parents and ensure that the facility complies with local laws and regulations.

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8. Library technician

National average salary: $40,943 per year

Primary duties: Library technicians help librarians perform their duties, such as restocking shelves and performing clerical and administrative tasks. They help to update databases to reflect the current book and resource inventory, help students and individuals with questions or research assistance and repair or remove damaged books from shelves. Library technicians can work in public libraries or help librarians and faculty in educational facilities.

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9. Preschool teacher

National average salary: $46,300 per year

Primary duties: Preschool teachers supervise young children and help them with their language and social development. During their workday, they often assist students with questions and develop lesson plans to encourage learning and teach basic skills. Preschool teachers can work for school districts or private daycare facilities.

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10. Tutor

National average salary: $53,730 per year

Primary duties: Tutors help students learn and develop in specific subjects outside of a classroom setting. During their time with the students, they often help with homework, study skills, test preparation and more. Tutors can work with groups of students or individuals to help them succeed academically.

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Here's a list of tips you can use to help you prepare for a teacher position:

Gain certifications or licenses

When applying for teaching jobs, research the requirements for each position and pursue any certifications if necessary. Some schools or educational facilities may require you to hold certificates or licenses for paraeducator or teaching assistant positions. Other employers may also ask that you have certifications in certain areas, such as First Aid and CPR.

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Develop relevant skills

Before applying for associate degree teacher jobs, it can be beneficial to develop soft skills relevant to teaching positions, such as communication, problem-solving and patience. These skills can help you during applications and interviews for teaching positions. If you're looking to develop your soft skills, consider pursuing other job opportunities that give you the ability to hone those techniques or search online for courses that can help you improve your skill set.

Consider higher education

Depending on which area you'd like to specialize in, pursuing a bachelor's in education, counseling or special education can help you advance in your chosen area of study and teach you the necessary skills to perform your job duties.

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