10 Jobs You Can Get With an Associate of Arts Degree

By Indeed Editorial Team

February 22, 2021

Earning an Associate of Arts Degree is a great way to start your career, so if you've been thinking about getting one yourself, now is a perfect time. This degree can open a wide range of opportunities for you, as it is accepted in a variety of industries. In this article, we explore some of the best jobs you can get with an Associate of Arts Degree.

What is an Associate of Arts Degree?

An Associate of Arts Degree is a broad program that allows students to take a variety of general education courses to either prepare them for a bachelor's degree in a more specific field or give them a good foundation for moving into the workforce. It's a very versatile and adaptable degree that will help you get a job in a wide range of fields.

This degree often focuses on skills in humanities. During your studies, you can expect to focus on courses such as English, history, art, philosophy and psychology, rather than on math and science (although you will likely have some minimal work in these areas).

Many people choose to get an Associate of Arts Degree because the program typically only takes two years rather than four and because of the number of career choices available after graduation. It's also cheaper to get an Associate of Arts Degree than a bachelor's, making it easier to acquire and more appealing to some.

Associate of Arts jobs

Below are some great career options you can pursue with an Associate of Arts Degree:

  1. Production assistant

  2. Pastry chef

  3. Marketing assistant

  4. Painter

  5. Human resources assistant

  6. Esthetician

  7. Carpenter

  8. Web designer

  9. Social media manager

  10. Account executive

1. Production assistant

National average salary: $13.36 per hour

Primary duties: Production assistants work on creative sets, such as television, theaters or movies, where they assist the directors or producers. Some responsibilities include helping the cast prepare for the day, maintaining the schedule of the production, running various errands and providing communication between different departments. If you're interested in a career in the creative arts, a production assistant job is a great place to start.

Requirements: Associate Degree in Film, Communication, Media or a related field

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2. Pastry chef

National average salary: $14.34 per hour

Primary duties: A pastry chef is someone who creates things like desserts, bread and other sweets. Pastry chefs typically either run their own establishment or work a single section of a larger kitchen operation, such as in a restaurant. It is the pastry chef's responsibility to prepare and create the items listed on a menu, create custom items when needed, provide training to new employees and manage inventory and ingredients.

Requirements: Associate Degree in Pastry Arts

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3. Marketing assistant

National average salary: $14.64 per hour

Primary duties: Marketing assistants help the marketing manager. Some of their responsibilities include writing up reports, conducting research, organizing and giving presentations, assisting with promotional events and meeting with clients. Marketing assistants handle many of the administrative day-to-day tasks. In some cases, marketing assistants will also get to create marketing plans and help manage client accounts.

Requirements: Associate Degree in Marketing

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4. Painter

National average salary: $15.84 per hour

Primary duties: A professional painter works to ensure that rooms are pleasing to the eye. They will know the best techniques for painting an area and also have some knowledge of design to provide advice to their customers. While on-the-job experience is often the most important thing when looking for a job as a painter, having a degree that demonstrates your knowledge of design principles can help you get a better job.

Requirements: Associate Degree in Art or Design, along with on-the-job training

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5. Human Resources Assistant

National Average Salary: $16.31 per hour

Primary duties: Human resources assistants help HR directors and managers with HR-related tasks. These responsibilities include filing performance reports, documenting terminations and completing compensation information. Human resources work deals with a lot of administrative tasks and the HR assistant will help the HR manager complete them. HR assistants may also assist in the recruiting and hiring of new employees. HR departments exist in businesses of all sizes but HR assistants are typically needed more in larger organizations.

Requirements: Associate Degree in Human Resources

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6. Esthetician

National average salary: $20.36 per hour

Primary duties: Estheticians primarily focus on skincare and skin health. They work in places like spas or salons, providing customers with skincare treatments, such as facials or pore cleanings. They sell beauty products within the salon or spa and provide customers with skincare advice. Some estheticians can work in plastic surgery offices, where they can assist in the cleaning of equipment and providing instructions to patients.

Requirements: Associate degree or accredited cosmetology program

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7. Carpenter

National average salary: $21.12 per hour

Primary duties: A carpenter's main responsibility is to create things out of wood. This typically means building and repairing structures for buildings. However, some carpenters also make a living building other things, such as furniture or custom items. Carpenters need to know how to choose the correct materials, how to build things that meet building codes and often must use their creativity to build unique items.

Requirements: Associate Degree in Carpentry

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8. Web designer

National average salary: $22.49 per hour

Primary duties: Web designers create websites and webpages that appeal to users. Working in consultation with their clients, they develop websites that meet the requirements while providing an enjoyable experience for the user. They do this by using various web design tools, along with programming languages such as HTML and CSS. Web designers need to have strong technical knowledge while also remaining creative.

Requirements: Associate Degree in Computer Programming or Graphic Design

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9. Social media manager

National average salary: $48,221 per year

Primary duties: Social media managers run an organization's social media accounts to increase brand awareness and generating leads. They typically either work for one organization and manage their entire social media operation or they manage a few smaller clients. Social media managers need to be very familiar with both social media and online marketing techniques. Often, they will also need to have customer service training so that they can respond to customer questions and issues.

Requirements: Associate Degree in Marketing

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10. Account executive

National average salary: $65,871 per year

Primary duties: Account executives are typically found in business and marketing agencies. They are responsible for managing and acquiring clients. They ensure that the client remains happy with the company they work for by forming close connections with clients to understand their needs on a deeper level.

Requirements: Associate Degree in Business Administration

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