Jobs You Can Get With an Associate Degree in Business

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published January 29, 2021

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An associate degree in business is a two-year program that provides you with a broad range of knowledge about a variety of business functions. With an associate degree in business, you can qualify for basic administrative and management roles in public, private and nonprofit organizations. In this article, we explore the highest paying jobs you can get with an associate degree in business.

15 best jobs for associate's degree in business

An associate degree in business can be a quick route to a rewarding business-related career. Within just a couple of years, you can acquire the academic training that companies are seeking for the following jobs:

1. Assistant store manager

National average salary: $27,583 per year

Primary duties: An assistant store manager supports the manager in the day-to-day operations of the store, including hiring and training new employees and working with customers. Because it's a supervisory position, an assistant store manager also oversees the duties and productivity of the sales associates. Other duties that an assistant store manager performs include supporting and coaching other team members, monitoring and maintaining store inventory, reviewing daily sales reports, processing sales, maintaining an online presence and interacting with the public via social media.

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2. Billing specialist

National average salary: $16.71 per hour

Primary duties: A billing specialist is an administrator who is responsible for managing billing processes, most often for a medical facility or an insurance office. They manage billing for patients, update patient information, generate invoices and process payments. They also submit reimbursement requests to private, state and employer insurance and work with self-paying patients to make payment arrangements.

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3. Bookkeeper

National average salary: $18.22 per hour

Primary duties: A bookkeeper maintains a company's financial records. They're responsible for recording both income and expenditures, including recording and organizing all receipts, issuing invoices and completing other financial transactions. They also create reports on the company's transactions, audit financial records, process payroll and ensure that all employees are compensated the correct amounts. Other duties a bookkeeper performs include reconciling any inaccuracies on the company's financial records, receiving invoices from outside vendors and authorizing payments at the correct time and via the correct methods.

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4. Relationship banker

National average salary: $38,871 per year

Primary duties: A relationship banker, also referred to as a personal banker, handles a client's entire relationship with a bank. From personal accounts and loans to investments and trust funds, relationship bankers have a wide variety of knowledge about the products and services a bank offers. They provide excellent customer service by answering clients' queries and helping them make the right financial decisions.

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5. Business operations specialist

National average salary: $47,578 per year

Primary duties: A business operations specialist reviews every aspect of a company's operations to improve operational processes to better serve clients and to make the company's operations more efficient. They audit legal documents that can affect the company, oversee quality control, process purchase orders, assist with financial reporting, supervise production and track expenses to make sure the company doesn't go over budget.

6. Public relations account manager

National average salary: $4,107 per month

Primary duties: A public relations account manager oversees the creation of materials that improve a client's or company's image and brand. These materials can range from advertising to social media campaigns to press releases. A public relations account manager may also handle a company's communications and serve as a company's spokesperson.

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7. Event planner

National average salary: $50,427 per year

Primary duties: An event planner coordinates all aspects of events or professional meetings. They meet with clients to understand the goal of the event or meeting and then arrange transportation, a venue and other details. Before an event or meeting, the event planner gathers bids from event vendors and venues, and after the event or meeting, the planner approves the vendor and venue payments. While most event planners work for private companies across a wide variety of industries, some work at civic, religious, food service and professional organizations.

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8. Market research analyst

National average salary: $56,143 per year

Primary duties: A market research analyst helps a company or organization understand who its customers are, what products or services it should be selling and how it can successfully promote those products or services. A market research analyst often designs surveys and trains and supervises interviewers who conduct the surveys. They then analyze the research and report their findings to management.

9. Executive assistant

National average salary: $57,084 per year

Primary duties: An executive assistant usually works in an office environment, supporting upper management professionals. The assistant's duties typically depend on the particular office, but they often handle clerical functions, such as preparing reports, receiving visitors, scheduling appointments and responding to emails and phone calls. Many executive assistants work full time, but some may work on a temporary or part-time basis, depending on their employer's needs.

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10. Insurance agent

National average salary: $57,844 per year

Primary duties: An insurance agent sells and negotiates property, health, life or other types of insurance to suit the needs of their clients. They may work as an independent broker, refer clients to independent brokers or work for an insurance company. They develop relationships with potential clients through referrals and networking. They also help clients settle any claims on their insurance.

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11. Training and development specialist

National average salary: $63,928 per year

Primary duties: A training and development specialist focuses on improving employees' knowledge and skills by planning, developing and implementing training programs. They can work in almost every industry, and they spend much of their time with people, leading training activities and giving presentations. They often evaluate employee's training needs through consultations, interviews and surveys and then create training programs that meet these needs. This process usually includes writing and editing online learning modules, training manuals and other training course collateral.

12. Sales consultant

National average salary: $69,199 per year

Primary duties: A sales consultant seeks out clients who may be interested in buying their company's products. These professionals are often assigned to a certain area or territory and are then required to schedule meetings with potential customers to explain the specialties and features of their company's services or products. There's usually some degree of travel involved in this role, though some sales consultants do work primarily online or via phone. Other duties that sales consultants perform include teaching sales representatives to keep organized, detailed records and assisting in the creation of procedures designed to improve the conversion of leads into sales.

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13. Purchasing manager

National average salary: $71,653 per year

Primary duties: A purchasing manager oversees a company's procurement strategies. These managers review purchasing needs, find suppliers and negotiate agreements. They also train and manage buying teams. Other duties that a purchasing manager performs include assessing and improving procurement strategies, evaluating inventory needs, maintaining appropriate levels of current stock and devising strategies for disposing of outdated products in profitable ways.

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14. Project manager

National average salary: $82,535 per year

Primary duties: A project manager plans and manages the implementation of a project from start to finish. They may work in a range of industries, such as healthcare, engineering, law, construction and technology. They're usually responsible for leading a project team, creating a budget and time for project completion and ensuring that the project is progressing accordingly. Other duties that project managers perform include regularly communicating the progress of the project to clients and stakeholders, responding to client needs and ensuring that team members understand their roles in the project and can carry out duties effectively and to the client's standards.

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15. Loan officer

National average salary: $152,746 per year

Primary duties: A loan officer evaluates, authorizes or recommends approval of loan applications for businesses and individuals. They obtain, verify and review loan applicants' financial information, such as income level and credit scores. In addition, they review loan agreements to make sure they're in compliance with state and federal regulations. Many loan officers work in mortgage companies, credit unions, commercial banks and related financial institutions.

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Other jobs you can get with an associate's degree in business

Here are other jobs you can get with an associate's degree in business:

  1. Retail sales associate: $12.29 per hour

  2. Customer service representative: $13.61 per hour

  3. Administrative assistant: $15.68 per hour

  4. Accounting receivable clerk: $17.27 per hour

  5. Office manager: $42,329 per year

  6. Business content writer: $3,508 per month

  7. Payroll specialist: $20.46 per hour

  8. Computer support specialist: $43,925 per year

  9. Sales support specialist: $50,290 per year

  10. Account manager: $61,647 per year

  11. Personal financial advisor: $70,137 per year

  12. Human resources manager: $71,422 per year

  13. Financial examiner: $71,665 per year

  14. Sales manager: $80,517 per year

  15. Business professor: $4,324 per month

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