37 Types of Bachelor's in Psychology Jobs To Consider

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published June 22, 2021

The degree you choose to pursue in college can have a major impact on your future career options. This is why some people choose to pursue a degree that offers a wide variety of post-graduation career options. If you're looking for a degree that offers a rang of career possibilities, you may consider pursuing a bachelor's degree in psychology. In this article, we provide some examples of different industries with potential bachelor's in psychology jobs for you to pursue.

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What is a bachelor's in psychology?

A bachelor's in psychology is a type of undergraduate degree that focuses on a deeper understanding of the human mind. During this degree program, students learn more about the human brain, emotions and behaviors. This degree typically takes around three to five years to complete.

Common course topics within a psychology degree program include:

  • Biology

  • Abnormal psychology

  • Cognitive psychology

  • Ethical issues in psychology

  • History of psychology

  • Developmental psychology

  • Social psychology

  • Emotions and behavior

Many psychology degree programs also have additional requirements. For example, they may require its students to take a certain amount of general education courses to complete their degree. Another possibility is the completion of an internship or a practicum program. A practicum is similar to an internship, but it's often more common than internships in specialized fields like psychology.

Bachelor's in psychology jobs

Having a degree in psychology provides many job opportunities after graduation. Some jobs require a bachelor's degree in psychology specifically, while others are looking for anyone with a well-rounded higher education degree, potentially providing you with the opportunity to apply for jobs not directly related to psychology. Here are a few industries that often hire people with bachelor's degrees in psychology as well as a few examples of jobs within each industry:


Many jobs within the business industry involve analyzing and working with other people. Having a degree in psychology can help you better understand people and use this understanding to aid the business. In addition, some jobs only require a high school diploma, so having a bachelor's degree in psychology may give you an advantage during the hiring process. Some examples of business-related jobs you may apply for with a bachelor's degree in psychology include:

  • Sales representative

  • Market researcher

  • Executive coach

  • Executive assistant

  • Public relations representative

  • Customer service representative

  • Human resources manager


Having a psychology degree demonstrates that you completed a variety of courses at a higher education institution. This typically means that you are able to speak knowledgeably about different subjects, which is a great skill to have for creative professionals. A few examples of creative-type jobs you may apply for with a bachelor's degree in psychology include:

  • Writer

  • Technical writer

  • Advertising agent

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There are a number of different roles within the education field that employ people with degrees in psychology. Some of these jobs involve working with young children while some focus more on administrative work at higher education institutions. There may be some additional requirements depending on the position, such as a teaching certificate for teachers, but having a bachelor's degree in psychology can be a great foundation for many positions. Some example positions include:

  • Pre-school teacher

  • K-12 teacher

  • School counselor

  • Alumni director

  • Financial aid counselor


Multiple levels of government, including state and federal governments, may hire people with degrees in psychology. For example, some in small local offices or specialize in particular social services. A common career path for psychology degree-holders hoping to work within the government is to work with veterans and active duty service members. Some example positions within the government related to the military include:

  • Veteran affairs specialist

  • Military mental health specialist

  • Military psychologist

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Healthcare is another large employer of psychology majors, as it not only needs people to work directly with people in need but administrative work as well. Psychology majors work alongside other healthcare professionals to provide treatment plans to a variety of patients, such as those dealing with disabilities or substance abuse issues. Some institutions that hire psychology majors include hospitals, rehabilitation centers and long-term care facilities.

A few examples of healthcare-related positions that may be available for psychology degree-holders include:

  • Psychiatric technician

  • Rehabilitation specialist

  • Disability case manager

  • Disability policy worker

  • Psychiatric aide

  • Substance abuse counselor

Human services

Human services jobs typically include any job that centers around social assistance, such as counseling services or providing food and shelter to those in need. Human services is another field that needs people who know how to interact with others and who take pleasure in assisting people. These jobs do not always require a specific degree, but having a bachelor's degree in psychology may distinguish you from other applicants and provide you with helpful insight about human behavior. Some example jobs in this field include:

  • Career counselor

  • Career information specialist

  • Childcare worker

  • Social service specialist

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Legal and law enforcement

People who work within the legal and law enforcement professions often need degrees in those fields. For example, people wishing to become a police officer may benefit from a degree in criminal justice or law enforcement. However, some departments do not require these specific degrees and will accept related degrees, such as a psychology degree. Some example law enforcement jobs you may be able to get with a bachelor's in psychology include:

  • Probation officer

  • Parole officer

  • Polygraph examiner

  • Corrections officer

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A bachelor's degree in psychology can introduce you to a wide range of industries. For example, you could work in a scientific setting, helping researchers to conduct studies related to psychology. You could also work for a non-profit organization, helping them to raise funds or gather volunteers.

A few other examples of jobs you may be able to get with a bachelor's degree in psychology include:

  • Laboratory assistant

  • Research assistant

  • Activities director

  • Volunteer coordinator

  • Fundraiser

  • Coach

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