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Best Careers for INTJ Personalities

December 11, 2020

One route to a happy and successful career path is to work in jobs that align with your personality as well as your skills, interests and financial goals. The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) questionnaire can help people understand their fundamental strengths, values and motivations. Using this information can lead you to a more rewarding professional path by focusing on INTJ careers that are the right fit for your personality.

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INTJ Personality Overview

As identified by the Myers-Briggs test, the characteristics of INTJ personalities are Introversion — Intuition — Thinking — Judgment. The INTJ type is guided by reason and logic and has a thirst for knowledge. They are highly confident and seek to reform and improve the world around them. Even though they have lots of self-confidence, INTJs can be uncomfortable in large groups or among people they don’t know well. They prefer to bond over ideas rather than engage in superficial small talk.

Their talent for recognizing deeper connections and possibilities makes INTJs natural problem solvers who seek to improve themselves and the world around them. Because they are highly analytical, INTJs may struggle to understand people who rely more on emotions than reason in their decision making. Due to their independent nature, INTJs are selective in their relationships and prefer the company of like-minded thinkers. However, their thirst for knowledge drives them to learn from others and engage in collaborative conversation. INTJs can also have judgemental and perfectionist tendencies—this can be an asset when they are tasked with producing high quality work but it can also cause tension in some workplace relationships.

Careers for INTJs

Research suggests that INTJs enjoy creating and innovating. Skilled at both intuitive and practical thinking, they can envision complex ideas and turn them into realities. INTJs are better suited for structured, dynamic work environments and can be happy in a variety of careers requiring insightful thinking and analytic, strategic skills.

Here is a list of the best INTJ career matches:

Arts and Humanities

One professional arena well-suited for INTJs is the Arts and Humanities. If you enjoy bringing ideas to life, consider the following professions:

Commercial Media

The Commercial Media industry offers abundant opportunities for INTJs to combine their creative intuition and problem-solving skills. INTJs who seek intellectual freedom and leadership roles should consider the following:

Business and Technology

Although dealing with face-to-face customer issues can tax an INTJ’s patience, they succeed at creating business plans, implementing campaigns and reaching strategic goals. As long as the details aren’t too overwhelming or the position doesn’t become boring, people with this personality type could find these INTJ jobs satisfying:


INTJs are analytical and organized, which makes them well suited for jobs that involve numbers. There’s room for the creativity INTJs often crave in many of these roles, too. For example, INTJs may find satisfaction in providing financial advice that fits specific client needs or presenting insightful research to an audience. These careers may be a fit for INTJs:

Education and Law

Many INTJs choose careers in education or academia so they learn, grow and mentor within a stable environment. In fact, this personality type is the most common among university faculty. A legal career may also be a good fit for INTJs as these roles enable them to immerse themselves in an issue and find solutions for clients. The following opportunities in those fields are worth considering:


Healthcare continues to be a growing industry that any personality type should consider. INTJs are usually drawn to low-pressure therapeutic environments which allow them to perfect their knowledge and skills. They prefer interactions with individual patients, providing skills informed by research in a controlled clinical environment. If the healthcare industry interests you, consider the following roles:

Which Careers Should INTJs Avoid?

Most personality types can find some measure of professional satisfaction in many types of jobs. However, by aligning your career path with your natural talents and personality, you will have a better chance at long-term career success. Due to their introverted nature, INTJs might want to avoid careers that demand a high level of social interaction, such as:

  • Real estate agent
  • Childcare worker
  • Police officer

Making the Most of Your Myers-Briggs

Every personality type has its ups and downs—but what does a good or bad day on the job look like for an INTJ? As you’re thinking about which career path may be a fit for you, try imagining scenarios in which you’re feeling at your best and those in which you may be challenged.

INTJ on a good day

  • Working alone to solve a complex business problem for a leadership team
  • Brainstorming session for an advertising campaign campaign
  • Providing well-researched advice to a client about their financial planning
  • Proposing a creative idea to a group of like-minded colleagues

INTJ on a bad day

  • Cornered in the kitchen by a talkative coworker
  • Simplifying a complicated idea to an audience that doesn’t understand
  • Working within a process or system that seems inefficient

When INTJs find their career path and combine their laser-beam focus and desire to reform the world, there is little that can stop this personality type. INTJs should strive to find or create a professional environment that fosters curiosity and innovation and makes the most of their natural talents.


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