8 Best Jobs for Extroverts

Updated June 24, 2022

When deciding on a career path, there are multiple factors you should consider. Apart from looking at required skills and qualifications, job availability and enumeration, you also need to take your personality type into account when deciding on a career. Work environments that are a good fit for outgoing extroverted personalities are typically not well-suited to introverted people. In this article, we provide a few examples of jobs that are a good fit for extroverts.

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What should an extrovert look for in a job search?

Extroverts thrive in careers in which they spend a lot of time in the company of others as social interaction tends to stimulate and energize them. Because extroverts generally find it easy to talk to people, they tend to be good at jobs that require networking and building client relationships. There is a vast array of careers that are well-suited to people who enjoy social interaction.

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What careers are best for extroverts?

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1. Hairstylist

National average salary: $7.53 per hour

Primary duties: Hairstylists spend most of their working day in the company of other people. These professionals must possess good communication skills, as they have to interpret the wishes and needs of multiple clients daily, and also need to advise them. During an appointment, which could take hours, hairstylists typically chat with their clients, and some may build close relationships over time with their regular clientele.

Working with people’s hair can be challenging at times, so hairstylists should have the ability to remain calm and collected in potentially volatile situations, despite spending long hours on their feet every day. Apart from interacting with clients, these professionals also typically share a salon space with other hairstylists, so they are in the company of people throughout the workday. This kind of work environment thus requires people who enjoy constant social interaction.

2. Tour guide

National average salary: $18.36 per hour

Primary duties: The tourism industry, like the service industry, requires keeping clients satisfied. As a tour guide, your job is to entertain and inspire clients so that they return. For this reason, you do not only need to have excellent communication skills but should also have an outgoing and energetic personality. People in a tour group may not know each other, which some may find uncomfortable. It’s the tour guide’s duty to put everyone at ease and to facilitate conversation.

Also, a guide should be confident enough to speak loudly so that everyone in the group can hear the information. A guide should also gauge from a group’s reactions and feedback whether they are enjoying the tour or not, and should adjust the activities accordingly. If, for instance, a group wishes to change the schedule slightly, a guide should be flexible enough to accommodate the request. If entertaining and chatting to people for a living sound appealing to you, you are most certainly an extrovert and might make an excellent tour guide.

3. Event planner

National average salary: $17.33 per hour

Primary duties: An events planner’s job involves bringing people together at social events, such as weddings, birthday parties or business conferences. As extroverts typically enjoy participating in social events themselves, organizing events for others may also prove quite thrilling. Apart from interacting with their clients, event planners are constantly in contact with other professionals, including suppliers, hospitality and service industry professionals, performers and interior decorators.

Besides planning and coordinating events, event planners also often interact with guests, as their clients may expect them to send invitations and respond to guest queries. Event planners also need to be present on the day of the event to ensure that everything runs smoothly and the guests are happy. As this is a fast-paced industry and one that often presents challenging situations, people who opt for this career must cope well under pressure and have excellent interpersonal skills.

4. Teacher

National average salary: $14.62 per hour

Primary duties: As teaching involves interacting with students for many hours daily, teachers need to enjoy, and gain energy from, being in the company of other people constantly. Ideally, these professionals should be outgoing and energetic people so they can inspire their students and keep them interested in the daily learning activities. Teachers also interact with colleagues and meet with parents to discuss their children’s progress. If you are an extrovert who enjoys being in the company of children, a career as a teacher may prove very fulfilling.

5. Registered nurse

National average salary: $28.91 per hour

Primary duties: Registered nurses assist physicians in a wide range of tasks, including monitoring patients during recovery, administering medication and educating patients about post-hospital treatment and lifestyle choices. As this work involves constant interaction with patients and co-workers, these professionals need excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Dealing with patients who are vulnerable and possibly in pain or distress also requires people who are empathetic and sensitive.

Also, nurses need to remain patient and calm despite working long hours in high-pressure environments. For this reason, the work is well-suited to extroverts who gain energy and motivation from helping others.

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6. Restaurant manager

National average salary: $48,111 per year

Primary duties: Apart from the fact that you need to be really passionate about the restaurant business to cope with the long hours, you also have to be a people’s person to thrive in the hospitality industry. During a typical day, restaurant managers interact with many different people, including kitchen staff, cleaning staff, servers and suppliers, which requires excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

As the most important element in the restaurant business is the clients, restaurant managers also spend a good deal of time talking to patrons and playing the welcoming host. This means that restaurant managers have to be friendly and polite at all times, even if they are tired or experiencing a stressful day. As the job involves long hours and constant interaction with people, successful candidates are often those who enjoy social contact.

7. Public relations specialist

National average salary: $58,133 per year

Primary duties: A public relations specialist manages the public image of an organization, whether it is a political party, an educational institution, a sports team or a multi-national corporation. These professionals use various strategies to cultivate a positive image among clients, investors and the media of the organizations they represent. They, for instance, draft press releases concerning new developments in their organizations that they then share with a network of relevant contacts, and also coordinate interviews with company spokespeople.

Public relations specialists also must have good social skills, as they need to build and maintain a network of media contacts and speak on behalf of the organizations they represent. The fast-paced and image-driven work environment of a public relations specialist is ideal for extroverts who thrive on being in the limelight.

8. Real estate agent

National average salary: $86,336 per year

Primary duties: In order to sell homes, real estate agents must interact with people frequently to set up meetings, show properties to prospective buyers and negotiate with property owners. Successful professionals in this field often have colorful and charismatic personalities and the ability to form trusting relationships with their clients.

In general, top real estate agents tend to easily make friends and new acquaintances and grow their network constantly by handing out business cards to people they meet. Extroverts who enjoy networking and forming relationships with clients may be well-suited to a career in real estate.

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