20 of the Best Cities for Tech Jobs in 2023

Updated April 11, 2023

As more people integrate technology into their daily lives, many companies have begun hiring an increasing number of people to fill tech-related roles. There are a variety of tech jobs in high demand across the United States. If you're interested in pursuing a tech career and you aren't sure where to find the best job prospects, you may benefit from researching some of the most tech-friendly cities in the U.S.

In this article, we explore some of the best cities for pursuing a tech career and provide insights into the benefits of each area.

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Characteristics of major tech cities

Before you can find a tech-friendly city to start your career, it's helpful to understand why some cities are better for tech than others. The availability of technology jobs is a great indicator of your ability to thrive in the tech sector of a certain area.

Note that while some large cities in the U.S. may have more available technology roles than smaller cities, this could simply correspond with the high population and may not necessarily mean you have an increased chance of getting hired for a tech role—given the possibility of greater competition.

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20 of the best US cities for tech jobs

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics categorizes tech jobs under computer and mathematical occupations. The statistics bureau ranks these jobs based on employment per 1,000 jobs, and cities with a higher number of tech jobs often have better opportunities. Here's a list of cities with flourishing technology industries, with research from BLS:

1. San Jose, CA

As the largest city in Silicon Valley, San Jose has one of the highest proportions of tech jobs compared to the overall job market, with an employment ratio of 131.44 per 1,000 jobs. Economy-wide, according to the BLS, an estimated 140,000 people work in tech jobs. Tech employees in San Jose enjoy a median annual salary of $153,640 per year. It's a center of innovation and an especially attractive area for ambitious entrepreneurs and startup developers.

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2. Seattle, WA

Several of the largest companies in the world have their headquarters based in Seattle, resulting in ample entry-level and executive-level technology positions. A total of 160,660 residents work in tech, or 83.78 per 1,000, which is one of the highest concentrations in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle also has some of the highest average salaries for tech positions at $129,890 per year.

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3. Washington, DC

Washington, D.C. is the headquarters for many government and technology companies, and there's a wide variety of available jobs in the technology sector that help handle the federal government's tech administration needs. A total of 233,080 residents or 79.48 per 1,000 work in the tech sector. Tech employees make a median annual salary of $117,730 per year. Working in Washington could be beneficial if you hope to gain experience in a government tech role. 

4. Boulder, CO

Boulder has the fourth-highest concentration of tech jobs nationally at 77.86 per 1,000, with a total of 14,170 residents working in tech. The city of Boulder regularly invests in its own community and hires technology employees to develop services and facilities to improve its citizens' quality of life. It offers a variety of tech jobs in the transportation, civil services and environmental innovation sectors. Tech jobs in Boulder pay a median annual salary of $109,780 per year. 

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5. Huntsville, AL

Huntsville's growing aerospace and aviation industries have resulted in an increase in tech-related positions, and it's become one of the fastest-growing tech cities in both the state and the country. Technology jobs make up 72.34 per 1,000 roles in Huntsville, employing 16,660 residents.

Due to the large presence of military and government contractors based in Alabama, there's a greater need for IT analysts, programmers and network specialists. As a technology employee in Huntsville, you can earn a median annual salary of $104,150 per year. 

6. San Francisco, CA

San Francisco's close proximity to Silicon Valley means it has a variety of opportunities for people interested in establishing a career in the tech field. The city has 71.85 tech roles per 1,000 jobs and 161,110 residents working in the sector.

San Francisco employers hire tech employees to power the city's arts and entertainment industries. Tech employees in San Francisco earn a high median salary of $139,650 per year, and computer scientists can earn up to $209,890 per year.

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7. Austin, TX

Austin is a growing city that attracts businesses from all industries, including many large tech companies and innovative startups. A total of 70,840 Austin residents work in tech, or 66.01 per 1,000 employees in the labor force.

With a median annual salary of $97,020 per year, Austin tech employees can earn a lucrative income, with database architects earning an average of $139,110 per year. Austin can be a good option if you want to work in a technology job in the life sciences or medical field.

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8. Raleigh, NC

If you're searching for a city with an affordable cost of living that has a growing tech sector, consider Raleigh. This midsize North Carolina city has 58.47 tech jobs per 1,000 and a total of 37,020 residents working in tech.

The city's tech sector offers many opportunities to secure a lucrative job in the technology and commerce sectors, and several large technology companies have their headquarters in the city limits. Tech employees in Raleigh enjoy a median annual salary of $102,640 per year.

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9. Provo, UT

Provo is just a few miles from Utah's Salt Lake City capitol, and it has a high concentration of tech jobs and companies that regularly recruit talent from Silicon Valley. With 14,620 of the city's residents working in tech, or 53.63 per 1,000, there are numerous opportunities to work in the technology sector.

Tech employees in Provo earn a median annual salary of $84,650 a year, making it a small city with a surprising tech hub and many lucrative opportunities. For example, software developers can earn up to $107,920 per year.

10. Colorado Springs, CO

While Colorado Springs is smaller than other tech cities in the Western United States, it still has a high ratio of tech jobs compared to other positions, at 53.56 per 1,000, and its tech sector employs a total of 15,360 residents. With hundreds of IT companies headquartered in the Colorado Springs area, you can find many tech job openings throughout the year. The city's technology sector is relatively new and growing quickly, making it ideal for employees who want to live in a midsize city and experience significant career growth while earning a median salary of $99,090 per year.

11. Baltimore, MD

The historic East Coast city of Baltimore has 52.02 jobs out of every 1,000 comprising the technology category, totaling 65,320 residents. People who hope to work in tech have many options in Baltimore due to the city's large transportation, engineering, computing and manufacturing industries. The availability of tech jobs in Baltimore has increased in recent years as the city continues to develop its tech infrastructure. As a tech employee in the city, you can earn a median annual salary of $113,200 per year.

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12. Boston, MA

If you enjoy the scientific aspects of the technology industry, Boston could be a beneficial place to begin your career. Web content specialists, robotics engineers and data analytics roles are in demand in the Boston metro area, and the city's proximity to large research universities like MIT, Harvard and Northeastern has created an increasing number of academic-related tech jobs. A total of 51.06 out of 1,000 jobs in Boston are tech-related, and the median annual salary for the city's 131,990 tech employees is $114,280 per year.

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13. Trenton, NJ

While Trenton once had one of the largest manufacturing industries in the country, a total of 10,840 residents in the Trenton area now work in a tech-related role, or 47.71 for every 1,000. Tech employees in Trenton can enjoy an affordable cost of living and an increasing number of job opportunities in an area that's quickly becoming an important destination for tech businesses. Trenton tech employees can enjoy a median salary of $103,420 per year, with software developers earning up to $118,610 per year.

14. Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is another North Carolina city offering a wide range of technology opportunities, from entry-level roles to executive positions. A total of 53,290 residents work in the tech sector, or 44.05 per 1,000. On average, you can earn a median annual salary of $103,100 per year working in a tech job in Charlotte. Charlotte's diverse array of tech businesses also includes organizations in the energy, health and financial services sectors. 

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15. Dallas, TX

While there are only 43.83 tech jobs per 1,000 in the Dallas area, employing a total of 157,650, the city still has many opportunities for aspiring technology experts to increase their skill sets. Tech employees in Dallas earn a median salary of $99,040 per year.

The cost of living in the Dallas area is standard for the U.S., making it an appealing option for individuals desiring a higher salary with a lower cost of living. Network architects and software developers can earn even higher median salaries of $114,690 and $117,100  per year, respectively. 

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16. Atlanta, GA

Technology startups, national companies and local employers alike compete for technology employees in Atlanta, resulting in a median salary of $101,330 per year. Of the millions of residents in the area, 112,520 work in technology-related roles, or 43.48 per 1,000. Atlanta is ideal for people who want to work in a fast-growing city that has a wide range of technology jobs and a large arts and culture scene. 

17. New York City, NY

Tech combines with finance in the New York City job market, and 294,770 total employees work in tech jobs, or 33.97 for every 1,000. The city has one of the highest population densities in the U.S. and offers tech jobs in multiple industries, including business, economics and investment. Technology jobs in the New York City area pay a median annual salary of $115,680 per year, and computer architects can earn up to $140,090.

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18. Detroit, MI

The Detroit metropolitan area is an emerging competitor in the technology sector, with 33.6 tech jobs per 1,000 and a total of 60,530 residents working in the tech industry. Detroit is experiencing increased growth as the city's companies develop new technology for vehicles and robotics. Tech employees in Detroit earn a median annual salary of $90,440 per year, with database architects earning up to $117,990.

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19. Chicago, IL

Chicago is another city with a growing technology economy and a large population. There are 130,440 Chicago residents who work in the tech sector or 30.82 per 1,000 jobs. The median annual salary for a tech employee in the city is $95,610 per year.

Chicago has a range of technology businesses in industries such as medicine, finance and transportation. The presence of many international technology companies in Chicago also makes it a central location for numerous tech jobs.

20. Los Angeles, CA

A total of 165,470 residents in Los Angeles work in tech-related roles, or 28.93 per 1,000. Despite this small number, the city has a wide variety of tech companies, including many businesses in the music and entertainment sector. It also has an extensive tech culture. People who work in a tech job in Los Angeles can earn a median annual salary of $104,580 each year.

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