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22 of the Best Telecommuting Jobs

February 4, 2020

As technology advances and evolves, employees are finding it easier to conduct their work outside of a traditional office space. This allows more opportunities for employees to work on a more flexible schedule and travel when needed. Luckily, there are a variety of jobs available for employees hoping to pursue a telecommuting position. In this article, we list some of the best telecommuting jobs and why they could be ideal opportunities for you to pursue.

Why certain jobs are well-suited for telecommuting

An ideal telecommuting job benefits workers who can conduct a majority of their business online from a home office or by traveling to different locations. These telecommuting positions allow workers to complete their regular projects as a remote, virtual or work-from-home employee.

Telecommuting often gives employees the opportunity to operate on a flexible schedule. If their telecommuting position involves regularly communicating with customers or clients, they may successfully complete this via phone, video communication software, email or a chat messenger system.

22 telecommuting jobs

Below is a list of some of the best telecommuting jobs currently hiring:

National Average Salary: $13.95 per hour

Primary Duties: Call center representatives work with customers to help solve any issues or problems they may face with a certain product or company. They often have a wide knowledge of the product and its services and will use this to answer any customer questions. Call center representatives may also call customers to determine their satisfaction with a product using tools like scripts, software and databases to enhance their work performance.

National Average Salary: $14.15 per hour

Primary Duties: Data entry clerks work within databases and computer systems to update information and keep records or other important company data. Other responsibilities can include reviewing the data for any errors, researching and gathering other necessary information from external sources and securing or filing all data files for future reference.

National Average Salary: $14.38 per hour

Primary Duties: A customer support representative collaborates directly with customers over the phone, via email or virtual chat. They will answer any questions or concerns a customer may have and work to resolve any issues. Customer support representatives may also sell products or upgrades to customers.

National Average Salary: $15.24 per hour

Primary Duties: A medical transcriptionist takes medical recordings, notes or summaries and creates written reports for other medical professionals or patients to understand. Other responsibilities include transcribing medical terminology and abbreviations, checking reports and documents for grammar errors and reviewing various transcription documents for accuracy.

National Average Salary: $15.85 per hour

Primary Duties: Virtual assistants provide remote administrative support to a supervisor or company. They will answer emails, return or make phone calls, schedule meetings or appointments and organize files digitally. Virtual assistants often need a strong internet connection to complete their jobs effectively.

National Average Salary: $17.73 per hour

Primary Duties: Graphic designers will take a company's design concept and use it to tell a visually compelling story. They will utilize their software knowledge to create artistic designs for different marketing materials, such as print or digital advertisements, logos, or websites. Graphic designers often follow designated color and text palettes and will apply any necessary changes requested by the client.

National Average Salary: $17.91 per hour

Primary Duties: Help desk analysts help customers who are having technical issues. They will work with customers via chat, email or phone calls to answer any questions they are having with software, hardware and other computer systems. Help desk analysts may also train other staff members on technology systems and ask customers for feedback regarding easier ways to educate customers on software systems.

National Average Salary: $19.09 per hour

Primary Duties: ESL instructors teach English as a second language to students. They may teach in-person at various schools or online to students all over the world. ESL instructors will teach students to read, speak and write in English. Other responsibilities include teaching students grammar skills, pronunciation skills and mannerisms.

National Average Salary: $20.03 per hour

Primary Duties: Translators are often fluent in more than one language and will translate various documents, books, articles, captions or scripts to the desired language. Other responsibilities can include compiling and reorganizing documents and editing documents to make grammatical sense in the target language.

National Average Salary: $21.98 per year

Primary Duties: A web designer uses software and design knowledge to build and provide updates to websites. They work to meet the client or company's needs by creating a website that is easy to navigate, visually appealing and search engine optimized.

National Average Salary: $44,050 per year

Primary Duties: A travel agent works with customers to help plan their vacation to a certain destination. They are often knowledgeable of specific locations and can act as a guide when assisting customers with where to stay, what to do and how to get around in different areas. Other responsibilities include booking flights or other accommodations, providing travel guide resources and meeting any other traveler needs.

National Average Salary: $48,376 per year

Primary Duties: Social media managers create social media posts to represent and promote a company or its product. They develop campaigns by writing creative and engaging content and scheduling them to regularly post on various social media channels. Other responsibilities can include regularly monitoring the social media channels, remaining up to date on social media trends and responding to comments from customers, if necessary.

National Average Salary: $52,151 per year

Primary Duties: A copywriter will work with marketing or advertising firms to develop copy to help sell or promote a product. They may create content like articles, blog posts, advertisement copy, video scripts and social media posts. Copywriters may provide proofreading and editing services as well.

National Average Salary: $52,294 per year

Primary Duties: A recruiter works with a company to hire the best candidate for each open role. They will research possible job applicants and conduct screenings to determine which applicant could be the best fit for a role. Other responsibilities include writing job descriptions, onboarding employees and conducting background checks on candidates.

National Average Salary: $54,535 per year

Primary Duties: Accountants prepare and analyze financial statements and reports. They will study current trends, revenue and costs within a company to determine budgets and how to improve a company's financial status. Other responsibilities include auditing documents and following state, local and federal requirements.

National Average Salary: $56,399 per year

Primary Duties: Public relations managers develop strategies for effective marketing and promotional efforts for clients. They are often responsible for increasing awareness of their client, enhancing their client's image, cultivating their client's relationships with the media and managing different interview requests and media inquiries.

National Average Salary: $56,631 per year

Primary Duties: Direct sales representatives work with customers to educate consumers on company products and make sales. They will develop sales and marketing strategies, research products from competing companies and create plans to increase sales.

National Average Salary: $58,911 per year

Primary Duties: An instructional designer develops content for different academic materials. They will often create and write curriculum for courses as well as syllabus material. Other responsibilities include researching and working with subject matter experts to create accurate course content, creating tests and making audio or visual aids to better understand projects or assignments.

National Average Salary: $63,208 per year

Primary Duties: Marketing managers develop and oversee the launch of various print and digital marketing campaigns for a company. They will often determine the budget and overall goals for a campaign and lead their marketing staff as they build and implement each promotional campaign. Marketing managers can also collaborate with different agencies or clients, analyze campaign results and should stay up to date on marketing or industry trends.

National Average Salary: $68,067 per year

Primary Duties: A stockbroker works with clients to provide investment advice by analyzing various stock market trends and opportunities. Other responsibilities include managing a client's investment portfolios, staying current on different financial trends, providing consistent updates on stock performances to clients and networking to find new clients to advise.

National Average Salary: $71,407 per year

Primary Duties: A market research analyst conducts data regarding different customers and their behaviors and uses it to determine ways to improve the company's performance. They will design surveys regarding customer satisfaction, analyze and interpret the data, then use it to create graphs and charts to help develop plans to improve.

National Average Salary: $76,260 per year

Primary Duties: Information technology analysts develop IT systems that are cost-effective and function more efficiently. They meet with a company to learn their requirements and specifications and will build various IT systems or solutions according to those needs.


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