10 Jobs You Can Get in Business Law

Updated March 10, 2023

There are several different specialties that a legal professional can pursue for their career. One popular division of law is business law, which involves providing legal services to companies and businesses. If you have a knowledge of business practices and want to enter a legal profession, working in business law might be ideal for you. In this article, we explore 10 jobs that you can apply for with a degree in business law.

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What is business law?

Business law is a specialization in the law industry that considers the legal aspects of running a business. This can include subjects like real estate, monetary transactions and establishing and maintaining intellectual property. Professionals in business law can also assist companies with designing and implementing contracts, gaining new properties and responding to potential lawsuits. To prepare for a career in business law, candidates typically study a wide variety of subjects during their undergraduate study, such as economics, business administration and political science.

10 jobs you can get with a business law degree

Here are 10 jobs you can pursue in business law:

1. Lawyer

National average salary: $54,188 per year

Primary duties: A lawyer is a legal professional who represents clients during court cases. Lawyers can attend court for hearings, trials and meetings, hold meetings with clients to discuss their legal needs and conduct research to build cases that they might later argue in court. A lawyer who specializes in business law might also prepare documents for organizations, such as contracts or property ownership agreements, and offer advice for businesses that need help adhering to legal regulations in their operations.

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2. Financial analyst

National average salary: $69,212 per year

Primary duties: A financial analyst offers advice to businesses and organizations about how they can earn revenue from investments. Financial analysts can conduct research on the market to find new investment opportunities, recommend investments to clients that can increase their revenues and prepare financial reports that they give to management teams to be used to develop new strategies for investing and operations. A financial analyst might also pay attention to laws and regulations that businesses need to adhere to while investing.

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3. Human resources manager

National average salary: $69,221 per year

Primary duties: A human resources manager oversees an organization's human resources operations. This can involve facilitating communication between employees and management staff, creating new policies in human resources for businesses that can improve operations and ensuring that a company is adhering to laws and regulations regarding human resources. Human resources managers can also help companies hire new staff by recruiting potential candidates, conducting interviews and training new hires.

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4. Corporate paralegal

National average salary: $70,993 per year

Primary duties: A corporate paralegal is a legal professional who assists a lawyer with their work in business law. Corporate paralegals can perform many of the same job duties as general paralegals, such as drafting legal documents, helping to design legal arguments and motions and gathering evidence and research to use when developing legal strategies. A corporate paralegal might also pay attention to business laws and regulations to ensure that the lawyers they work with are aware of any important updates or changes.

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5. Employee relations manager

National average salary: $71,179 per year

Primary duties: An employee relations manager is a human resources professional who supports employees in the workplace. Employee relations managers can design new programs that provide support and guidance to employees in the workplace, maintain communication between employees and management staff and recommend improvements for policies surrounding employee relations, like hiring and dismissing employees. An employee relations manager might also oversee a team of professionals who help employees at a company on a more in-depth level through individual meetings.

6. Compliance officer

National average salary: $74,873 per year

Primary duties: A compliance officer, or a compliance manager, ensures that a company follows all laws and regulations while operating its business. Compliance officers can review a company's records to look for any inconsistencies in their legality, develop new procedures for businesses to implement that promote following applicable laws and regulations. A compliance officer can collaborate with state and federal governments throughout their work to ensure they're aware of any updates to regulations that they might need to pass on to clients.

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7. Judge

National average salary: $94,341 per year

Primary duties: A judge is a legal professional who makes decisions on the outcomes of court cases. In business law, a judge might specialize in administrative law and preside over cases that cover labor relations and employment regulations. These judges can use their expertise to determine when laws are broken and what a business can do to ensure their future operations follow all laws and regulations. Judges can work for local, state and federal governments and can hear cases at all levels.

8. Intellectual property paralegal

National average salary: $99,116 per year

Primary duties: An intellectual property paralegal is a legal professional who helps establish trademarks for companies that sell products or services. This can involve preparing trademark and service mark paperwork, creating and submitting applications for patents and assisting lawyers during preparations for intellectual property litigation. An intellectual property paralegal might also conduct research into copyrights, patents and trademarks to ensure they're unique.

9. Litigation attorney

National average salary: $102,898 per year

Primary duties: A litigation attorney is a lawyer who takes on civil court cases for clients. Litigation attorneys who specialize in business law can manage negotiations during business disputes about contracts or transactions, evaluate business partnerships to determine the legality of their operations and respond to claims from former employees who experience challenges with a company. A business litigation attorney might also work with shareholders to create policies for ownership and control of public entities.

10. Policy manager

National average salary: $104,748 per year

Primary duties: A policy manager oversees the policies in an organization to ensure they're effective and adhere to laws and regulations. Policy managers can evaluate an organization's existing policies to identify any areas that might need improvement, design and implement new policies for operation in a company and conduct research on new trends in policymaking across different organizations and industries. A policy manager might also work closely with state or federal governments to maintain legality in the policies they recommend to their clients.


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