12 Interesting Jobs and Career Paths for Creative People

By Jennifer Herrity

Updated May 31, 2022 | Published January 3, 2020

Updated May 31, 2022

Published January 3, 2020

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Hear a brewer, welder and a real estate agent describe their daily work and the skills it takes to be great at their job.

Careers in creative fields usually involve imagination and original thinking, particularly through the creation of original work in the arts and the media. Often, creative jobs require both dedication and time that extends beyond traditional business hours.

In this list, we discuss 12 careers well-suited for the creative person. 

What are creative jobs?

There are three main features of creative jobs that inspire people to pursue them. Creative jobs for creative people offer:

  1. Flexibility: Creative professionals are often self-employed or contractors, allowing a more flexible schedule.

  2. Team collaboration: Many careers in creative fields feature teams that brainstorm and problem-solve together to find solutions and new ways to tackle things.

  3. Newness: A creative position often requires new thinking, quick changes and fast-paced deadlines.

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Best careers for creative people

Creative positions often require a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Marketing, Journalism or Design. Many positions pay well, including these 12 jobs that pay above $50,000 per year, as indicated by Indeed Salaries:

1. Journalist

National average salary: $47,736 per year

Primary duties: Journalism is another career choice for creative people in which writers specifically cover news for print, digital and television. Positions include on-air, online and print journalists, all with a good grasp on creative writing as well as providing the “who, what, when, where and why” to every story.

2. Illustrator

National average salary: $51,595 per year

Primary duties: An illustrator creates the artwork that accompanies books, magazines and other publications. Positions include illustrating children’s books, creating marketing materials or drawing for scientific or medical books and magazines.

3. Copywriter

National average salary: $53,852 per year

Primary duties: Copywriters work for advertising and marketing agencies or directly for a business. They’re responsible for applying marketing principles to compose compelling copy that accompanies visual elements in ads, videos and other types of marketing content.

4. Interior designer

National average salary: $60,304 per year

Primary duties: Interior designers work on the plans of homes, businesses and industrial spaces. Also, working with computer programs or sketches, interior designers consider the tastes of the customer, as well as the functionality of a space, budget and aesthetics.

Interior designers may work closely with other building professionals, such as architects, builders and engineers. They may specialize in a particular area of a building, such as kitchens or bathrooms, as well as project types, such as commercial or sustainable designs.

5. Advertising manager

National average salary: $61,499 per year

Primary duties: An advertising manager works to create campaigns to promote products and services. A manager reviews and approves creative materials for print, web, radio and television, with the final product placed in appropriate media categories as advertisements. Advertising managers also track and monitor the campaign results for effectiveness.

6. Makeup artist

National average salary: $61,996 per year

Primary duties: Applying makeup can be a work of art, so being a makeup artist can serve as a great career option for a creative person. Transforming faces so people can look their best or fit a specific role—including actors, politicians and public figures—makeup artists use color to highlight and enhance features, skin tones and looks.

7. Tattoo artist

National average salary: $63,533 per year

Primary duties: Tattoo artist positions involve sketching and inking permanent images onto the skin. Considering these works cannot be erased and involve needles and blood, many states have licensing requirements for tattoo artists.

8. Marketing manager

National average salary: $66,903 per year

Primary duties: Marketing managers develop marketing plans and strategies to achieve company goals, which include creating a demand for a company’s products or services. Marketing managers establish the policies, identify target markets, monitor campaigns and their effectiveness and work with advertising and promotional teams.

9. Art director

National average salary: $70,039 per year

Primary duties: Art directors create the styles and elements of a product while supervising other artists. Art directors are often found in media industries, such as publications, advertising agencies, theater, film and video games.

10. Industrial designer

National average salary: $70,466 per year

Primary duties: Combining art with business, an industrial designer creates products such as cars, furniture and appliances. In these roles, creative people can be innovative and find new ways to present a product, often utilizing engineering skills.

11. Web developer

National average salary: $70,825 per year

Primary duties: Web developers write code used to create websites. What people see on a website requires a considerable amount of proper coding in the backend. A web developer can envision a page and build it using front and backend code. Web developers also improve user experiences on websites and implement tools to monitor and track website performance.

12. Building architect

National average salary: $76,454 per year

Primary duties: Art can also be functional when used to design and create buildings. Architects sketch building designs for residential and commercial use, combining artistic abilities with mathematical formulas to ensure safety, structure and building standards.

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