20 Ideal Careers for Empaths (With Salary Info)

Updated March 10, 2023

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Finding a job that suits your personality type can be a great way to develop a highly satisfying and successful career. People with an empathic personality type tend to experience high sensitivity to their own emotional states and those of others. If you have this kind of personality, you may benefit from finding a career that aligns with your unique abilities.

In this article, we explain the characteristics of an empath and list 20 jobs for compassionate people with this personality type. 

What is an empath?

An empath is a person who experiences high levels of sensitivity to their own emotions and the emotions of those around them. They often exhibit qualities of compassion, caring and intuition at work and in their personal lives. These characteristics can become assets in many job types and work environments. 

Empathetic people often enjoy long and successful careers in various fields using their ability to understand others and view situations from a uniquely intuitive perspective. If you identify with the characteristics of an empath, consider seeking out jobs that are well suited to your personality type to help you find the most workplace satisfaction.

20 careers for empaths

Many of the best jobs for empaths involve working with people to offer guidance and counsel or caring for their physical or mental health. If you're an empathetic person, here are some jobs that might be a good fit for you:

1. Teacher

National average salary: $26,672 per year

Primary duties: Teachers plan instruction, teach lessons and provide feedback for students at all levels. They also fulfill other professional responsibilities such as committee work and curriculum development. Teachers follow state and national guidelines to instruct students in core subjects like math and reading and elective classes such as music and technology.

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2. Counselor

National average salary: $33,389 per year

Primary duties: Counselors help individuals, families and communities achieve well-being by evaluating and caring for their mental, social and emotional health. They often work for hospital, schools and nonprofit organizations. Counselors may specialize in a particular area such as working with children or teens. 

3. Veterinary technician

National average salary: $33,988 per year

Primary duties: Veterinary technicians care for animals at veterinary clinics. They take blood samples, administer medication and assist the veterinarian in medical procedures. These experts assist veterinarians in their daily duties and by interacting with animals and their owners. 

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4. Park ranger

National average salary: $39,932 per year

Primary duties: Park rangers monitor and educate visitors to state and national parks and monuments. They often lead tours, give presentations and handle administrative tasks such as collecting entrance fees. They also take part in conservation efforts at the state and national levels. 

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5. Musician

National average salary: $42,817 per year

Primary duties: Musicians perform individually or with groups at concerts and for recording projects. They sometimes work for businesses or organizations, but they can work on a freelance basis as well. Working as a musician allows artists to express their talent in a variety of creative ways in a performance-based career.

6. Gardener

National average salary: $53,731 per year

Primary duties: Gardeners maintain plant life and outdoor spaces at businesses and institutions. They sometimes work for private individuals or landscaping companies as well. Gardeners cultivate a deep understanding of how to care for and encourage growth in a variety of species based on the climate where they work. 

7. Graphic designer

National average salary: $54,509 per year

Primary duties: Graphic designers develop visual content for print and digital publications. They often work for marketing and design firms, as well as the marketing department of individual companies. Graphic designers rely on software to create work digitally for entertainment industries like film or publishing and business-focused areas like marketing. 

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8. Librarian

National average salary: $55,065 per year

Primary duties: Librarians organize and catalog both printed and digital material. They also assist patrons in accessing large amounts of information to complete research tasks. Librarians often offer their expertise by identifying possible titles for patrons to read. 

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9. Massage therapist

National average salary: $55,109 per year

Primary duties: Massage therapists use manual pressure techniques to relieve pain, alleviate stress and increase their clients' well-being. They may work to massage muscles on the back, neck, head, legs, arms and hands of clients. Massage therapists can work individually or as employees of a hospital or spa. 

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10. Copywriter

National average salary: $55,459 per year

Primary duties: Copywriters produce written material for marketing publications such as catalogs and websites. They often work for individual companies or marketing firms as well as on a freelance basis. Some copywriters specialize in creating content for a particular industry such as insurance or health care. 

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11. Social worker

National average salary: $55,806 per year

Primary duties: Social workers support individuals and families in a variety of different circumstances, such as injury, disability and addiction. They assess client needs, evaluate possible solutions and connect clients with the best possible resources. Social workers provide counsel and manage cases to ensure the safety and well-being of certain groups like children and families.

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12. Editor

National average salary: $57,302 per year

Primary duties: Editors review written materials for print and online content to determine potential revisions and identify errors in grammar, usage and mechanics. An editor often coaches a writer to strengthen their writing by creating a new draft that addresses the editor's concerns. At higher levels, editors also manage multiple writers across publications by assigning writing projects and managing the publication process.

13. Professor

National average salary: $58,275 per year

Primary duties: Professors plan instruction, teach lessons and respond to student work at the post-secondary level. They also participate in research projects with colleagues and students. Professors usually work for colleges and universities.

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14. Yoga teacher

National average salary: $70,562 per year

Primary duties: Yoga teachers plan and teach classes in the practice of yoga. They often specialize in one kind of yoga, and they can work for specialized studios as well as institutions like hospitals and gyms. Some yoga teachers travel to work abroad in countries where yoga is widely practiced by residents. Once abroad, they may learn more specific techniques and work as an instructor for travelers who want an enriching experience while on vacation. 

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15. Artist

National average salary: $72,742 per year

Primary duties: Artists produce a diverse array of visual materials in many types of media. They may work for commercial purposes or independently in their own studio. Artists work under creative flexibility to create during their own chosen periods of inspiration or under deadlines to finish commissions from clients. They may travel to sell their creations at art shows, operate a storefront or use online platforms to market and sell their pieces.

16. Therapist

National average salary: $75,233 per year

Primary duties: Therapists provide mental health services to clients in settings such as private practice, clinics and schools. They use a variety of psychological strategies to help meet their clients' needs. Therapists meet regularly with clients to discuss a client's feelings and offer support and guidance. 

17. Web developer

National average salary: $80,320 per year

Primary duties: Web developers write code for websites including, both the parts the consumers see and the parts they don't. They interpret client requests, implement website updates and changes and monitor user responses. Web developers also analyze collected data to gain insight into the program's functionality. 

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18. Nurse

National average salary: $87,176 per year

Primary duties: Nurses provide supportive care to patients in healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities. They monitor their patients' vital signs, record medical histories, provide patient education and help administer medical treatments. Nurses may extend their training to fill leadership positions or train other nurses. 

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19. Dental hygienist

National average salary: $91,231 per year

Primary duties: Dental hygienists help maintain dental patients' oral health by cleaning their teeth and performing exams. They frequently perform patient education and help the dentist with procedures and X-rays. Dental hygienists may also take molds of a patient's teeth to plan for cosmetic or health care procedures.

20. Business owner

National average salary: $106,441 per year

Primary duties: Business owners are part or whole stakeholders in companies developed by themselves from the start or purchased from another entrepreneur. Their level of managerial involvement can vary depending on the type of business they oversee and their personal preference. Business owners network with other businesses to develop connections mutually beneficial for other entrepreneurs. 

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