15 Careers in Design and Technology

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published March 8, 2021

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Are you interested in a career in tech, but are not sure which job is best for you, or how to start preparing for it? We have you covered!

A career in design and technology involves developing creative, tech-based solutions to existing problems. This can mean anything from designing innovative video games to creating indoor living spaces that are both functional and visually appealing. As technology continues to advance, you may be able to find more careers in design and technology that fit your interests and skills. In this article, we explain why you may want to explore a career in the design and technology field and examine 15 careers within this sector.

Why choose a career in design and technology?

As technology continues to grow and evolve, so does the need for people with strong backgrounds in design. Choosing a career in the design and technology sector allows individuals to combine their knowledge and passions into a single, fulfilling role. These rewarding careers often offer ample room for creativity and innovation, making them an appealing choice for many.

Careers in design and technology

From engineering to graphic design, there are numerous careers that involve the intersection of design and technology. Because these fields are so broad, individuals with varying skill sets and interests can easily find jobs that are well-suited for them.

If you're looking for a job in design and technology, consider one of these:

1. Sound engineer

National average salary: $39,058 per year

Primary duties: Sound engineers are responsible for the mechanical and technical aspects of audio. Typical responsibilities of a sound engineer include recording, mixing and reproducing sound, regulating sound quality and volume levels, setting up microphones and repairing and maintaining audio equipment.

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2. Graphic designer

National average salary: $47,366 per year

Primary duties: Graphic designers create visual imagery, either by hand or by computer, that convey messages in an effective and visually appealing way. They typically work on several different types of projects, including webpage layouts, magazine covers, advertisements and other marketing materials. They use their knowledge of art and design to combine typefaces, text, images and colors to create concepts that inspire emotions and elicit responses.

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3. Interior designer

National average salary: $58,261 per year

Primary duties: Interior designers use their understanding of architecture, design and construction processes to create visually appealing living and working spaces. They are involved in the construction and renovation of homes and businesses, collaborating with outside contractors to help develop safe and functional interior spaces.

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4. Industrial designer

National average salary: $67,674 per year

Primary duties: Industrial designers develop innovative concepts for manufactured products like home appliances, furniture, toys and cars. The duties of an industrial designer include meeting with clients, researching potential products, sketching designs, creating virtual models and building prototypes. They are also responsible for testing overall functionality and evaluating product safety.

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5. Video game designer

National average salary: $71,154 per year

Primary duties: Video game designers are responsible for developing characters, storylines, themes and other creative concepts for games. They collaborate with developers and use a variety of software and programming languages to turn ideas into playable products. Additional responsibilities of video game designers include managing teams of developers, pitching ideas and fixing errors associated with gameplay, interface or animation.

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6. Art director

National average salary: $75,385 per year

Primary duties: Art directors create the overall designs for projects associated with magazines, newspapers, product packaging, advertisements, movies and television shows. Using their knowledge of design elements, they determine the style and imagery for projects and oversee the work of contributing artists and designers. Other tasks include managing budgets, meeting with clients and presenting designs for approval.

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7. Web developer

National average salary: $75,945 per year

Primary duties: Web developers design and build websites for businesses and clients. They manage all technical and design aspects, including coding, optimization and troubleshooting issues that relate to performance, functionality and style. While many opt to work for established companies, web developers can also freelance.

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8. Civil engineer

National average salary: $87,300 per year

Primary duties: Civil engineers oversee large construction projects from start to finish. Some of their responsibilities include designing and maintaining infrastructure projects and systems, determining project feasibility in regards to budget and resources and inspecting project sites to make sure they are up to code.

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9. Mechanical engineer

National average salary: $94,914 per year

Primary duties: Mechanical engineers design, build and test various mechanical devices, including engines and tools. Developing and testing prototypes, analyzing issues, troubleshooting equipment failures and overseeing manufacturing processes are some of their day-to-day responsibilities.

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10. Robotics engineer

National average salary: $96,280 per year

Primary duties: Robotics engineers primarily focus on building machines that replicate the actions of humans. Using technical skills and expertise, they mostly design the prototypes necessary to build effective robotic systems. Their day-to-day responsibilities include conducting research, employing computer-aided design programs and performing tests and other diagnostics.

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11. Systems engineer

National average salary: $99,631 per year

Primary duties: Systems engineers develop and maintain systems within industries like engineering, business, product development and manufacturing. They identify problems, develop solutions and continually monitor the performance of systems to make sure there are no inconsistencies.

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12. UX designer

National average salary: $101,723 per year

Primary duties: User experience designers improve the overall user experience of a website, product or app. They conduct in-depth consumer research, develop mock personas to represent potential users and create prototypes that help guide the development of their designs. They use A/B testing, polls, surveys and other usability tests to measure the success of their work.

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13. Aeronautical engineer

National average salary: $103,446 per year

Primary duties: Aeronautical engineers use their advanced knowledge of technology to develop, design and test aircraft, spacecraft and related systems. They direct and coordinate the manufacturing of aerospace products, evaluate projects to ensure they meet quality standards and assess proposals to ensure they are financially feasible.

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14. Architect

National average salary: $110,020 per year

Primary duties: Architects plan and design buildings using their expertise in construction, design and technology. They meet with clients to discuss projects, create and oversee budgets, prepare detailed documents, travel to building sites and translate their ideas into sketches using computer-aided design software.

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15. Software developer

National average salary: $110,526 per year

Primary duties: Software developers analyze the needs of users and develop, implement and test software designed to meet those needs. In addition to writing code to generate new software, they recommend updates for customers, ensure that programs continue to function normally and regularly create documentation of their work.

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