13 Careers in Population Health (Plus Salary and Duties)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published December 14, 2021

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The health of a community relies on many factors, such as economic, social and environmental conditions. If you wish to pursue a career that improves the health of communities, you may be interested in a position in population health. Learning about population health research and the various career paths in the population health field can help you find a position that fits your skills and interests. In this article, we define population health and list 13 careers in population health, along with the average salaries and primary duties of each.

What is population health?

Population health is the study of health issues among specific populations or demographics and the various factors that cause them. Population health sciences focus on the social, economic and environmental components that affect the health of a certain group. Careers in population health include researching and policymaking roles that aim to provide information and resources on public health issues. Population health also includes public health professionals and practitioners who care for communities.

13 careers in population health

Here are 13 careers that in the population health field, including salary and job duty information. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links below:

1. Health educator

National average salary**:** $28,377 per year

Primary duties**:** A health educator is a professional who educates people on common health issues and how to handle them. They work to help individuals and communities develop better health practices. A health educator may work in a school, business, hospital or community outreach organization.

2. Patient advocate

National average salary: $28,705 per year

Primary duties: Patient advocates work with medical patients during their treatments. They help them understand their diagnosis, medications, insurance and medical bills. A patient advocate may communicate with doctors and insurance agents on behalf of a patient and address any issues that patients experience with their care.

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3. Community health worker

National average salary: $32,680 per year

Primary duties: A community health worker is a public health worker. They work with the public, government, health care industry and social services to increase public health knowledge and improve community health resources. Community health workers most often work in marginalized communities to provide better access to health care.

4. Care coordinator

National average salary: $34,887 per year

Primary duties: A care coordinator works in a hospital, doctor's office, an insurance company or other health organization. They communicate with patients to coordinate their appointments and treatment schedules. They also work with the various specialists that a patient may visit to ensure they all understand the patient's history and needs.

5. Health coach

National average salary: $38,054 per year

Primary duties: A health coach helps individuals create and implement healthier lifestyles and choices. They listen to a client's health goals and create specialized plans, diets and routines. They guide their clients through identifying, creating and applying healthier habits. Health coaches may provide educational resources on topics of health, diet and exercise for their clients and community.

6. Health promotion coordinator

National average salary: $44,311 per year

Primary duties: Health promotion coordinators aim to improve public health knowledge by coordinating events or promotional campaigns. They create, plan and host community outreach programs or events with a focus on health education. A health promotion coordinator may work with medical offices or professionals to reach communities and provide information.

7. Contact tracer

National average salary: $45,263 per year

Primary duties: A contact tracer communicates with patients about symptoms, treatments and procedures for infections. They work with patients to identify and locate individuals who may have been in contact with the patient and may be at risk of infection. Contact tracers serve an important function in limiting the spread of outbreaks and identifying their origins.

8. Pediatrician

National average salary: $63,292 per year

Primary duties: A pediatrician is a medical professional who specializes in treating patients from birth to age 18. They address medical, social and mental health concerns in children and teens. A pediatrician may also provide parents with information about adolescent health topics and how to care for their children.

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9. Public health nurse

National average salary: $69,134 per year

Primary duties: A public health nurse is a medical professional who cares for entire groups or communities, rather than individual patients. They focus on educating communities with awareness campaigns and outreach programs. A public health nurse addresses common community health issues and provides resources and information.

10. Epidemiologist

National average salary: $75,345 per year

Primary duties: An epidemiologist studies the factors that contribute to the outbreak of diseases within a community. They examine the patterns, causes and location of outbreaks. They work to identify health risks and inform members of the public on how they can protect themselves and others from further health risks.

11. Biostatistician

National average salary: $114,046 per year

Primary duties: A biostatistician is a statistics professional who analyzes data from medical research. They work to predict and recognize patterns within the medical data provided. A biostatistician working in population health may use previous community health data to predict future health issues and identify the principal causes of health outbreaks.

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12. Behavioral specialist

National average salary: $118,221 per year

Primary duties: Behavioral specialists are trained mental health professionals who work with children and adults with special needs. They observe, assess and treat their patients' mental health needs to provide them with the best care and education possible. They often work in education settings to aid students with learning disabilities or behavioral problems.

13. Medical director

National average salary: $191,034 per year

Primary duties: A medical director is an administrator who coordinates the teams within a medical facility or program. They work to improve the care that an organization provides and create new medical policies or procedures with the medical board. Medical directors help improve the availability and quality of health resources in their communities.

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