How To Identify COVID-19 Scams and Economic Update: COVID Update Episode 11

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated May 14, 2021 | Published July 29, 2020

Updated May 14, 2021

Published July 29, 2020

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Clint shares strategies for identifying and avoiding COVID-19 scams. He also explains how to start a job search.

Indeed livestreams COVID Updates on Indeed’s Facebook Page to provide resources and information on searching for a job during COVID-19.

This week, Clint Carrens, a career coach at Indeed, shares strategies for identifying and avoiding COVID-19 scams. Other topics include urgently hiring employers, how to start a job search and an update on the job market in light of coronavirus.

Our COVID Update Tip of the Week is: To protect yourself and your identity from COVID-19-related scams, never share sensitive personal or financial information over phone, text, email or social media. According to the Federal Trade Commission, COVID-19 scams have cost more than 18,000 Americans a total of $13.44 million since the beginning of the year. While you can’t plan on being the target of an attack, there are warning signs that you can look for to stay protected. For more information, check out the recording of the livestream above.

Clint also quotes Daniel Culbertson, a Hiring Lab economist, on the current state of the economy and job market: “In Indeed's job postings data, we continue to see good news for the overall labor market. The job posting trend has consistently improved since May 1, when it was down 39.3% from a year earlier. However, we do see some differences when we make comparisons across industry and geography. For example, job postings in the Beauty & Wellness industry, typically in-person service roles, have stalled out in metro areas where COVID-19 cases are surging. Conversely, nurse and medical technician postings are increasing in metro areas facing climbing rates of COVID-19.”

Clint concludes this week’s episode by answering some frequently asked questions.

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