20 CS and Finance Double Major Jobs To Pursue (Plus Salaries)

Updated February 16, 2023

A double major in computer science (CS) and finance teaches you how to create computer software and how to develop different methods for investment. Some degree programs may also teach you how certain laws affect a business operation. Learning about original jobs you can pursue with this double major can help you determine if it's the right academic path for you. In this article, we list the various CS and finance double major jobs you can pursue, along with their primary responsibilities and respective salaries.

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20 CS and finance double majors

When pursuing a double major in CS and finance, you can expect to take courses in marketing, ethics, portfolio management and information security. Taking these courses can help you learn the required knowledge for a wide range of careers in these fields. Here are 20 CS and finance double major jobs to consider pursuing. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links below:

1. Foreign exchange (forex) trader

National average salary: $40,947 per year

Primary duties: A forex trader buys and sells currencies on the forex market, which enables individuals, companies and central banks to convert one currency into another. A forex trader sets local exchange rates based on the foreign currency exchange market, communicates these rates to staff and provides advisement to clients regarding the market.

2. Professor

National average salary: $53,060 per year

Primary duties: A college professor develops a course curriculum, instructs students on a particular subject, provides mentorship and evaluates each student's academic progress. A CS or finance professor presents lectures on these subjects specifically and can often provide career advice.

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3. Junior trader

National average salary: $56,009 per year

Primary duties: A junior trader helps a licensed broker process security trades and execute orders. They represent a firm and detail its investment strategy to future investors. A junior trader also tracks an investment's trade assets and any future price changes.

4. Credit analyst

National average salary: $56,429 per year

Primary duties: A credit analyst uses specialized computer programs to evaluate the financial status and overall assets of loan applicants. Once an applicant receives acceptance, a credit analyst creates loan documents, constructs payment plans and submits loan applications for approval from an investment or credit card company.

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5. Investment banker

National average salary: $62,413 per year

Primary duties: An investment banker helps an individual or business raise capital through the global stock market or individual investments. They issue debt or sell company equity, help with mergers and acquisitions and provide advisement on the best investment opportunities.

6. Technical trainer

National average salary: $64,679 per year

Primary duties: A technical trainer teaches professionals how to use their company's technology, creates training materials and leads training courses. They assess training needs and determine each employee's skill set to prepare effective course curricula.

7. Data analyst

National average salary: $64,938 per year

Primary duties: A data analyst examines various metrics, such as customer information, sales figures and website usage, to spot patterns and find opportunities that can help a business make better decisions. Financial data analysts focus on data related to a company's financial matters. They also prepare financial reports for managers that include accurate forecasts based on financial trends.

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8. Portfolio analyst

National average salary: $67,831 per year

Primary duties: A portfolio analyst advises individuals and companies on various investments. They research market trends, evaluate investment packages and recommend stocks. A portfolio analyst also reviews the performance of their clients' investments for future ventures.

9. Financial planner

National average salary: $71,570 per year

Primary duties: A financial planner evaluates their clients' financial status, provides money-management services, identifies possible risks and prepares investment strategies. They also manage client relationships and stay up to date on financial products, tax laws and any industry news that may affect their clients.

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10. Risk analyst

National average salary: $72,681 per year

Primary duties: A risk analyst reviews a firm's investment portfolios and identifies any unfavorable outcomes their financial activities may cause. They help firms reduce risks by recommending investment strategies or portfolio diversification techniques. They also create contingency plans in the event of unforeseen emergencies.

11. Data scientist

National average salary: $74,488 per year

Primary duties: A data scientist reviews raw computer data for trends or patterns and identifies any data analytics issues. They devise algorithms and models to mine for additional data and communicate their findings to key stakeholders. Financial data scientists can also streamline complex banking processes.

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12. Portfolio manager

National average salary: $75,416 per year

Primary duties: A portfolio manager finds investment opportunities and determines the best time to buy stocks on the global exchange. They also sell different investments and make financial decisions on behalf of their clients. An IT portfolio manager looks at an organization's IT investments and financial portfolio to predict potential returns, assess risk and ensure the suitability of individual investments.

13. Broker

National average salary: $77,027 per year

Primary duties: A broker serves as an intermediary between investors and a securities exchange. They execute trades and regularly monitor the market for any changes or key trends. A full-service broker also provides investment advice and solutions customized to their client's particular needs.

14. Application developer

National average salary: $79,525 per year

Primary duties: An application developer designs and implements applications for mobile devices. They also create software updates and release them to end-users. Application developers who specialize in creating financial technology often work in the banking, internet finance and digital currency industries.

15. Valuation manager

National average salary: $91,339 per year

Primary duties: A valuation manager working in the finance industry typically audits financial statements. They lead a valuation and financial analysis for their clients or business of employment, determining the worth of different assets. They also apply valuation theories throughout the process, which may help them predict future market rates of each asset.

16. Hedge fund analyst

National average salary: $95,997 per year

Primary duties: A hedge fund analyst helps a portfolio manager with various financial tasks, such as creating and evaluating investment ideas or reviewing quantitative measurements of assets. They also create financial models based on macroeconomic concepts and may research individual securities, sectors or trends.

17. Software engineer

National average salary: $117,847 per year

Primary duties: A software engineer develops software, recommends upgrades and fixes programming bugs. While software engineers often specialize in either front- or back-end development, full-stack developers program every aspect of a website or application creation process.

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18. Quantitative analyst

National average salary: $137,436 per year

Primary duties: A quantitative analyst takes a mathematical approach to solving financial and risk management issues. They create often precise models that firms can use to make important decisions regarding economic matters such as their investments or pricing strategies.

19. Quantitative model developer

National average salary: $139,442 per year

Primary duties: A quantitative model developer uses various coding languages to create financial models and forecasts, which they can use to develop effective investment strategies. They also review the performance results of various models and report the data to third-party stakeholders, such as traders or IT support.

20. Quantitative trader

National average salary: $171,631 per year

Primary duties: Quantitative traders use their knowledge of computers and coding languages to create computer programs that can optimize trading technique models. They take a mathematical and quantitative approach when reviewing financial products and markets. This helps them find trading opportunities and identify any financial risks with greater ease.

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