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10 Customer Service Jobs You Can Do From Home

February 25, 2020

As one of the most common remote job categories, remote customer service is desirable to many due to the low barrier to entry, easy requirements and the ability to avoid the daily commute. Customer service is easily performed from the comfort of your home office as long as you have internet and telephone, which allows you to multitask throughout the day with fewer interruptions than you'd get working in an office, and you get to save money on transportation-related costs.

In this article, we provide a list of remote jobs related to customer service in which you'll serve as the first point of contact for customers who call in with questions, concerns or complaints.

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Work-from-home customer service jobs

Remote customer service jobs can be a great way to earn extra cash while providing a necessary service from your home office. These positions generally have few requirements to start and pay between $13 to $17 per hour. Some positions are paid through commission structures, while others pay piecework, giving you a bit more control over your pay. If you're looking to obtain a part-time or full-time job working from home and have the skills for a career in customer service, review the following list of remote customer service jobs.

National Average Salary: $13.30 per hour

Primary Duties: An appointment setter's main job is to encourage sales by calling prospective leads to make appointments with sales executives. In this type of position, you'll be responsible for making a high volume of outbound calls, persuading prospects to meet with your sales team for demos or sales pitch meetings and keep notes on each prospect and your conversation with them. This position requires a sales-oriented mindset and excellent telephone communication skills.

Requirements: This position typically requires an associate degree in sales or marketing as well as previous experience making a high volume of cold calls. You must be experienced using computers, including CRMs and Microsoft Office Suite programs, possess exemplary communication skills and be able to manage your own time while working in your home office. Self-motivation and a high level of professionalism are crucial in this role.

National Average Salary: $13.31 per hour

Primary Duties: As an inbound call operator, it will be your responsibility to answer inbound calls from customers to address their questions or concerns while meeting daily call quotas, receiving high audit scores and maintaining customer databases. This role will also require you to remain updated on the latest system upgrades and updates to company and regulatory policies, as well as attend virtual meetings with management and colleagues.

Requirements: This job requires you to obtain a dedicated PC with high-speed internet connection and landline phone line with a headset as well as a dedicated home office in which you can work without distraction. Organization and time management skills are imperative, as is the ability to self-motivate.

National Average Salary: $13.56 per hour

Primary Duties: As a customer service representative, your focus is to provide outstanding customer service without a language barrier, serving English-speaking customers as well as those who speak your secondary language. Your duties in this role will include resolving customer issues or complaints, providing remote support, acting as a translator in virtual meetings and, if necessary, reroute calls to the appropriate department for assistance.

Requirements: This role requires you to make sure you have a quiet, distraction-free environment with a dedicated PC, high-speed internet and landline phone. This role also requires fluency in English and another language, as required by the specific company and role. Candidates should also hold a high school diploma, a flexible schedule and previous customer service experience. Required skills include communication, critical thinking and problem-solving, and an ability to multitask effectively with a patient disposition. You'll likely be asked to pass a background check and drug screen.

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National Average Salary: $13.93 per hour

Primary Duties: As a client care representative, your primary duties will be to answer inbound calls and online chats with customers looking for answers to billing questions, solutions for specific problems, technical support and more. Some employers will give you the task of selling products and services via email, text and online chat. You'll need to be available to take these calls throughout the duration of your assigned shift in a quiet, distraction-free environment. Your availability will need to be flexible, depending on the company, as some companies have customer service available 24/7.

Requirements: A position like this typically requires candidates to have a bachelor's degree for tech industry companies or a high school diploma for other industries. Employers will require you to maintain open availability, including nights, weekends and sometimes holidays. Most will prefer you to have previous relevant experience, though some will train entry-level employees.

National Average Salary: $13.97 per hour

Primary Duties: Call center support representatives provide remote customer service to customers who call in to get their questions answered and concerns resolved. This role involves multitasking during a fast-paced workday, taking calls throughout the duration of the entire assigned shift and updating customer accounts anytime new contact is made.

Requirements: This role requires candidates to possess strong communication skills and at least a year working in inbound call centers. You are preferred to have open availability, including nights, weekends and holidays, be able to attend onsite training and be able to proficiently operate Microsoft Office programs.

National Average Salary: $14.51 per hour

Primary Duties: The primary duties of a customer support representative are to answer inbound calls, emails and chats in an effort to provide support to customers in a professional and timely manner. This role is responsible for addressing and resolving any problems with billing or customer account management, obtaining customer feedback and remaining connected to a team using several communication tools.

Requirements: The job requires excellent customer service skills, experience working in tech support and critical thinking skills. Someone in this role must have empathy, an eye for details and leadership qualities. You'll need a dedicated PC and high-speed internet connection, as well.

National Average Salary: $14.68 per hour

Primary Duties: This role provides tech support, customer care and complaint resolution to inbound-calling customers, escalating issues to the proper department, if necessary. Other duties include providing timely and relevant answers to customer questions, following up with customers to make sure their problem or question was resolved and documenting recurring issues, generating periodic reports for management. Other duties may be assigned as needed.

Requirements: To succeed in this role, you'll need to have a high school diploma, customer service experience in a call center setting and exemplary communication skills. Additionally, this role requires familiarity with billing and claim resolution, proficiency using Microsoft Office programs and a quiet, dedicated home office to take calls in without distraction.

National Average Salary: $15.16 per hour

Primary Duties: Lead generation specialists are tasked with pre-qualifying lead prospects, identifying their needs and describing products or services that could fulfill those needs as well as answering any questions that they might have. Duties also include meeting daily campaign quotas and generating customer files.

Requirements: Candidates for this position are required to have at least one year of experience working in a similar role, a quiet, distraction-free home office with dedicated landline and internet-accessible computer, and be comfortable presenting sales materials.

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National Average Salary: $16.50 per hour

Primary Duties: To be hired in this role, you must demonstrate a track record of providing excellent customer service in a lending environment and continue to provide service to customers and clients. You have to be familiar with lending policies and procedures as well as the regulations surrounding lending practices, as duties will include referring to them much of the time. Other duties include reviewing escrow accounts, reviewing disclosure statements, preparing closing documents and settlement statements and meeting specified levels of productivity.

Requirements: This role requires at least two years of experience in loan operations, an eye for detail and the ability to ensure accuracy of credit reports, income reporting documentation and property appraisals. You must also have remarkable communication skills, patience, an organized and analytical mindset and be able to proficiently use loan-processing, spreadsheet and other documentation software.

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National Average Salary: $16.58 per hour

Primary Duties: The role of a QA specialist requires listening to recorded phone interactions between customers and customer service reps, auditing for accuracy and compliance with company policies. This person is tasked with documenting and scoring calls for quality, suggest ways to improve the quality of those calls and generate QA reports for future training purposes.

Requirements: Requirements for this role include a high school diploma or GED, customer service experience as well as QA experience, and the ability to proficiently use spreadsheet, word processing and data entry tools.