17 Types of Planning and Organization Jobs (Plus Salaries)

Updated February 3, 2023

Planning and organization refer to competencies that allow you to approach tasks and meet objectives logically and systematically. Such abilities are essential for collaborating, leading others or completing projects. If you're looking for a career in which you can use your planning and organizational talents optimally, you may be interested to know what professions consider them to be foundational skills. In this article, we introduce 17 jobs that would be ideal for job seekers skilled in planning and organization, with salary information and a detailed description of each profession.

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17 different types of planning and organization jobs

Here are 17 jobs you might consider if you're looking for a profession that involves a significant amount of planning and organization. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, visit indeed.com/salaries:

1. Travel agent

National average salary: $42,350 per year

Primary duties: A travel agent is a type of sales representative who helps people arrange trips. Working with individuals, couples or groups, they not only ensure that clients reach their destinations but also that they have all of their needs met once they get there. The job involves determining the travel requirements and preferences of clients, booking travel arrangements, reserving accommodations and informing clients about the documents and preparations necessary for travel. Planning and organizational skills are necessary for the job to ensure the proper coordination of numerous activities.

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2. Real estate agent

National average salary: $49,040 per year

Primary duties: A real estate agent is a type of sales professional who serves individuals trying to sell, purchase or rent a property. Agents may handle both residential and commercial properties, but some may specialize in one or the other. The primary tasks of the job include finding potential clients, informing clients about real estate matters such as market values and conditions, creating and maintaining lists of properties and showing properties to clients. The job typically requires the ability to work independently, so planning and organizational skills are vital for fulfilling appointments, completing paperwork and prioritizing tasks.

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3. Personal assistant

National average salary: $50,178 per year

Primary duties: A personal assistant is a support professional who manages the schedule and requirements of another person. Personal assistants commonly work for individuals whose occupations involve a large number of tasks and a high degree of coordination, such as executives. Some of an assistant's primary duties are scheduling personal and professional appointments, arranging travel and boarding accommodations, handling emails and other forms of communication and reminding their employer of important activities throughout the day. Depending on the conditions of their employment, they may also manage their employer's household affairs.

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4. Wedding planner

National average salary: $50,839 per year

Primary duties: A wedding planner is a specialist who organizes clients' weddings. Wedding planners are responsible for arranging the logistics of both the marriage ceremony and the reception. They meet with clients to understand their personalities and gather requirements, preferences and ideas. Other duties may vary depending on the wedding planner but generally include tasks such as identifying potential venues, recommending service providers and vendors, negotiating and finalizing deals with service providers and vendors, communicating with service providers and vendors throughout the process, arranging accommodations and travel arrangements and directing service providers and vendors during the wedding.

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5. Librarian

National average salary: $53,779 per year

Primary duties: A librarian is a type of curator or information manager who helps people locate texts or information. Aside from public libraries, librarians commonly work in various settings such as schools, hospitals and government agencies. In these settings, they catalog and organize physical sources of information or entertainment such as books, periodicals, movies and hard copies of recordings. They also manage the digital forms of these media. Additional key duties include helping library visitors locate materials, ordering materials to stock the library and planning programs such as community events, classes or literacy initiatives.

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6. Event planner

National average salary: $53,922 per year

Primary duties: An event planner is a professional coordinator of events. Event planners often work on large and festive social events such as weddings and banquets, though they commonly work on formal and corporate events as well, including conferences, meetings, award ceremonies and fundraisers. Event planning gigs usually start with meeting clients to discuss the specifications of the event they want to throw. After determining specifics such as date, time, location, size and cost, the planner organizes the event by finding vendors and service providers, visiting and inspecting venues and arranging ancillary services such as boarding and transportation.

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7. Interior designer

National average salary: $54,769 per year

Primary duties: An interior designer is a specialist who designs indoor spaces to optimize their aesthetic appeal, functionality or safety. After meeting with clients and gathering their requirements, they devise goals to create design solutions that meet specifications. They envision ways to use and decorate rooms, draw design plans and propose the plans to the client. With an approved plan, they find materials to meet the client's specifications, such as furniture, plants and other design components. They may also oversee arrangements or remodeling projects to ensure that contractors adhere to the approved plan.

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8. General manager

National average salary: $59,663 per year

Primary duties: A general manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of a business. They commonly work in a variety of settings, including retail stores, food-service establishments and corporations, where they oversee a department or segment. General managers handle duties relating to a wide range of areas, including staffing and finances. Specific duties of the job include hiring and training employees, scheduling employees according to availability and organizational needs, establishing and enforcing standards and protocols, devising and implementing strategies to improve performance or revenue and responding to issues or emergencies as they arise.

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9. Training and development specialist

National average salary: $59,676 per year

Primary duties: A training and development specialist is a professional who handles employee training and professional development programs. The job involves determining the needs of an organization and its employees, developing programs and materials based on needs, delivering or overseeing the delivery of such programs and evaluating their efficacy. Additional tasks may involve interviewing employees, enrolling employees in training opportunities and hiring experts to guide or deliver training programs.

10. Writer

National average salary: $67,120 per year

Primary duties: A writer is a creative professional who creates written content. Some of the media for which writers produce content are books, magazines, newspapers, online periodicals, theater, film and television. Many writers specialize in a particular type of media, while others diversify. The writing process usually varies depending on the practitioner but generally includes several common tasks. Aside from the act of writing, these include selecting topics of interest, pitching ideas, conducting research, organizing information, outlining content, proofreading and revising work based on the recommendations of editors.

11. Public relations specialist

National average salary: $67,584 per year

Primary duties: A public relations specialist is a professional who helps to cultivate a positive reputation or public image for individuals or organizations. Public relations specialists meet with clients to understand their identity, needs and preferences. They then perform various activities to improve the public perception of the client, such as writing press releases or speeches, arranging public events or interviews with the client and coaching the client on how to interact with the public. Because specialists often work with numerous clients and handle several tasks at a time, the ability to plan and organize effectively is necessary.

12. Accountant

National average salary: $73,560 per year

Primary duties: An accountant is a finance professional responsible for the financial records of an organization. Their chief responsibility is to ensure the organization's financial health is in good condition by monitoring its money matters. The duties of the job include reviewing financial records such as statements and budgets to ensure accuracy, evaluating finance-related activities for efficiency, making recommendations to improve efficiency and profits, making sure the organization is current on its tax payments and maintaining its financial records. Because accountants often handle a broad range of documents for various employers, organizational skills are crucial for the role.

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13. Urban planner

National average salary: $75,950 per year

Primary duties: An urban planner is a professional who develops strategies concerning the use of land in a city. Through their work, urban planners help to establish communities, facilities and programs that function appropriately with existing facilities and residents. The primary duties of the job include discussing land use issues with policymakers and land developers, collecting data concerning factors that may affect communities, overseeing feasibility studies for proposed land use plans, reviewing and approving land use plans and working with communities to realize projects. In addition, urban planners aim to remain knowledgeable about and compliant with applicable regulations.

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14. Logistician

National average salary: $76,270 per year

Primary duties: A logistician is a professional who helps to coordinate a business's supply chain, allowing for the smooth execution of the product life cycle. They oversee a wide range of activities to ensure that a product can get made and distributed. Their duties include ensuring the arrival of all of the materials and resources required for production, allocating resources, communicating with clients or suppliers, maintaining relationships with suppliers and coordinating the transportation of materials or products. With strong planning and organizational skills, a logistician can keep track of the various records required to complete these tasks accurately.

15. Project manager

National average salary: $77,063 per year

Primary duties: A project manager is a professional within an organization who's responsible for the execution and completion of projects. This role is common in a wide range of industrial sectors, including but not limited to health care, education, construction, engineering and nonprofits. Project managers perform a vast number of duties, including setting the budget of a project, determining roles and resources, creating a timeline, assigning tasks, overseeing the project as it's underway, adapting to delays and making changes to the project plan as required. They also create reports and meet with stakeholders to update them on the progress.

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16. Architect

National average salary: $82,320 per year

Primary duties: An architect is a type of design professional who creates plans for structures. Residential, commercial and civil projects are all within the scope of the job, so it's common for architects to design structures such as houses, apartment buildings, office buildings, schools and even outdoor spaces. The job involves meeting with clients to gather specifications and creating drawings based on them. Though architects typically work during the pre-construction phase of projects, they may also visit construction sites to oversee the work and ensure adherence to the plans.

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17. Lawyer

National average salary: $126,930 per year

Primary duties: A lawyer is a legal professional who represents and advises clients in disputes or cases relating to the law. There are numerous specializations in this profession, but some of the common duties of the role are educating clients on matters of law, conducting research to support a client's case, presenting information either verbally or in writing, writing and filing legal documents such as contracts and appeals and providing legal advice to clients. As the materials lawyers handle are often time-sensitive and the arguments they make on their client's behalf require extensive preparation, organization and planning are essential skills.

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