14 Special Education Degree Jobs Besides Teaching

Updated March 10, 2023

Many people transition into new careers to explore work that better fits their needs and salary expectations. A degree in special education can prepare you for a wide range of jobs outside of teaching. In this article, we list 14 positions for people with special education degrees outside of teaching in a classroom.

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14 jobs you can do with a special education degree besides teaching

Here are 14 positions, other than teaching, that you can pursue with a special education degree. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links below:

1. Education coordinator

National average salary: $48,450 per year

Primary duties: Education coordinators evaluate, develop and advise on education programs, including school curriculums and corporate training. Education coordinators may recruit instructors and write grants in the process of developing programs. They may oversee how programs develop and introduce different tools to improve the curriculum. Education coordinators can work in many different industries, including education, IT and health.

2. Reading specialist

National average salary: $49,600 per year

Primary duties: Reading specialists work with individuals or small groups of students to build reading skills. They can help students, teachers and caregivers understand specific reading challenges and how to overcome them. Reading specialists also test students to determine if they need further support, including focused instruction or special education.

3. Writer

National average salary: $49,603 per year

Primary duties: Writers work in a variety of industries to present information clearly to their audience. They may work as an independent writer or as part of a team. Writers may work closely with publishers, editors, visual artists and other collaborators before they present the final draft to their audience. Special education experts can use their training to write children's books, present research as education journalists and write textbooks. Education specialists can also write for television, particularly children's programming.

4. Corporate trainer

National average salary: $49,124 per year

Primary duties: Corporate trainers design curriculum and instruct employees on the tools they use at work. Corporate trainers may also oversee and design programs like diversity training and corporate policy. People with special education degrees can use their training in curriculum design, educational tools and instruction to be sure that training is accessible to all employees.

5. Fundraising manager

National average salary: $49,341 per year

Primary duties: Fundraising managers oversee teams to raise money for a variety of projects. They often work in nonprofit and educational fields. Fundraising managers often hire and train fundraising agents, design fundraising campaigns and track the success of fundraising campaigns. They may also work with vendors, donors, institutions and policymakers to reach fundraising goals.

6. School counselor

National average salary: $51,835 per year

Primary duties: School counselors help students with social and emotional challenges that they encounter both in school and in their private lives. They often test students' abilities to determine if they could use more individual attention in the classroom and work with them to achieve their academic goals. School counselors may work with students individually or in groups.

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7. Advocacy manager

National average salary: $52,583 per year

Primary duties: Advocacy managers are professionals who provide a voice for a specific population. They often work in public health, nonprofit organizations and lobbying organizations. Advocacy managers seek to understand the needs of a population and find ways to solve those needs through working with community leaders, raising funds and influencing policy. They often work with other experts to determine the most feasible way to accomplish project goals.

8. Curriculum manager

National average salary: $58,218 per year

Primary duties: Curriculum managers oversee the development and implementation of educational and training programs. They work with subject matter experts to design materials and activities to help students engage with the subject and create assessments to determine how well the students understand the information. Curriculum managers often work with educational software and collaboration tools.

9. Educational consultant

National average salary: $58,474 per year

Primary duties: An educational consultant provides feedback and suggestions to other education professionals to improve their performance. Some educational consultants work with students and their guardians regarding special needs, preparing for exams or planning for college. Education consultants might recommend new educational tools or suggest changes to policies or programs to improve how a school or organization performs.

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10. Instructional designer

National average salary: $64,404 per year

Primary duties: Instructional designers are professionals who design, evaluate and train other professionals on how to use instructional management systems. They may create educational content like podcasts, videos and articles that discuss and teach new eLearning products. They research new technologies and teaching strategies to meet instruction goals. Instructional designers also incorporate user feedback on instructional management systems to improve user interfaces and other aspects of the programs.

11. Recreation coordinator

National average salary: $69,994 per year

Primary duties: Recreation coordinators plan and schedule activities for patrons in environments like municipalities, public parks and private companies. They may oversee a staff for large events or multiple activities happening at the same time. Recreation coordinators help with budgeting, designing programs and developing standard operating procedures.

12. Psychometrist

National average salary: $77,140 per year

Primary duties: Psychometrists work with a clinical psychologist to administer and score psychological tests. They provide a standardized environment for testing patients, then use scoring criteria and provide detailed observations to help the clinical psychologist interpret the results. Psychometrists may also be responsible for administrative duties like scheduling, billing, ordering supplies and coding the procedures.

13. Occupational therapist

National average salary: $82,252 per year

Primary duties: Occupational therapists are medical professionals who help patients to develop, rehabilitate and maintain their ability to perform everyday tasks. They work with patients to understand their daily need and how they can help them be independent. Occupational therapists evaluate patient needs, provide recommendations for making the patient's home or work environment more accessible, train patients and caregivers to use equipment and develop treatment plans. These therapists need a master's degree in occupational therapy to practice.

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14. Principal

National average salary: $103,428 per year

Primary duties: School principals are administrators who manage a school campus. They set educational goals for their school, manage the school's budget, hire personnel and oversee disciplinary actions. School principals also help with public relations, including speaking at school events and with the media. They work closely with district administrators, teachers and other staff.

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