Enneagram Type 2 Careers: 20 Jobs To Consider Pursuing

Updated February 16, 2023

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Beyond the skills listed in a job description, job seekers can also benefit from understanding how their unique personalities would suit a role to maximize their careers for professional and personal growth. Among the most popular methods of personality identification and classification is the Enneagram System. Understanding your Enneagram personality type can give you an advantage when finding a role that might naturally suit your traits and behaviors.

In this article, we explore the Enneagram personality types, Enneagram tests, details about the Enneagram type 2 personality and 20 potential career paths for people who fall under this category.

What is the Enneagram test?

The Enneagram test is a questionnaire designed to map the test taker's personality to at least one of the nine Enneagram personality types. It's commonly accepted that people have a dominant personality type but also fall under one or more types within the same system. The Enneagram Institute numbers these personality types 1-9. The numbers are neutral, so no type is specifically more advantageous than another.

  • Type 1: The Reformer

  • Type 2: The Helper

  • Type 3: The Achiever

  • Type 4: The Individualist

  • Type 5: The Investigator

  • Type 6: The Loyalist

  • Type 7: The Enthusiast

  • Type 8: The Challenger

  • Type 9: The Peacemaker

Among the most popular Enneagram tests are the Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire, an adaptive test with over 170 questions that takes more than 30 minutes to complete, and the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI), a forced-choice questionnaire of over 140 paired statements that takes around 40 minutes to complete.

Both options require a fee, but several free Enneagram personality tests are online. It's important to know that the free options may be less accurate and contain less detailed information.

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What is Enneagram type 2?

The Enneagram type 2 is called the Helper because they are usually caring and geared toward interpersonal relations. Type 2s can be generous, outgoing and people-pleasing. At the personality's core are sincerity and empathy, which means Helpers can be friendly but sentimental and flattering. Helpers are driven to become close to others but may also become possessive and do favors to feel needed. The 2's primary desire is to feel loved, so they might also fear being unloved.

At their best, Helpers are altruistic, humble and selfless in giving unconditional love. Twos see the good in others and appreciate and encourage them. This type's nurturing disposition means they care for those around them and themselves.

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Best Enneagram type 2 jobs

Twos thrive when working in an environment where they can help and connect with others to build strong relationships. They're motivated when asked to help with personal problems, recognized for their contributions and when peers affirm their actions. Job functions where these factors are constant can enable Helpers to lead fulfilling careers.

Here are some jobs to consider if you're a type 2 personality:

1. Teacher

National average salary: $32,401 per year

Primary duties: Teachers provide students with education in various topics, including math, science and history. Instruction might also include practical skills for joining the workforce. Teaching also has various specializations. For instance, Enneagram type Twos might be attracted to becoming a special education teacher.

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2. Customer service representative

National average salary: $36,920 per year

Primary duties: Customer service representatives often work behind a help desk in an office or remotely, resolving issues ranging from complaints to technical support. Representatives also usually have tiers based on the level of solution they offer. For example, Level 1 technical support typically gives out simple troubleshooting tips and forwards calls to Level 2 support if the customer requires more technical expertise and advanced troubleshooting steps.

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3. Worship leader

National average salary: $43,693 per year

Primary duties: While their specific responsibilities depend on their religion, worship or religious leaders have in common their mission to inspire, preach and guide their followers based on the teachings of their faith. Acting secondarily as counselors, they offer advice and emotional support to those in need.

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4. Preschool and childcare center director

National average salary: $44,702 per year

Primary duties: Where a teacher is responsible for classes of students, a center director manages the entire organization, supporting teachers and parents in various capacities and ensuring the development of the children in their care.

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5. Social worker

National average salary: $66,405 per year

Primary duties: Social workers support individuals and families going through difficulties of varying degrees. From ensuring children get out of abusive households to safeguarding vulnerable spouses from harm, social workers essentially improve the welfare and lives of others.

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6. Human resources manager

National average salary: $70,628 per year

Primary duties: Responsible for the functioning and management of an organization's human resources department, these managers lead recruitment drives, employee training, coaching initiatives and workforce wellness programs.

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7. Safety technician

National average salary: $73,630 per year

Primary duties: Occupational health and safety technicians collect and analyze data on how safe work environments and business processes are for employees. Their primary goal is to reduce the risk of harm to the welfare of a workforce.

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8. Counselor

National average salary: $78,581 per year

Primary duties: Counselors or life coaches help people deal with difficulties in everyday life by giving them both inspiration and practical advice. From school counselors ensuring students stay out of trouble to life coaches providing advice to entrepreneurs, counselors help direct people to lead more fulfilling lives through healthier behavior and better lifestyle choices.

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9. Registered nurse

National average salary: $90,717 per year

Primary duties: Registered nurses help run hospitals and other healthcare facilities by assisting doctors, administering care and maintaining patient records.

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10. Psychiatrist

National average salary: $234,647 per year

Primary duties: Psychiatrists prescribe medication to help patients with mental disabilities or disorders like depression, schizophrenia or anxiety. These physicians assist their clients with constructively managing their emotions so they can function in their daily lives.

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10 additional Enneagram type 2 careers

Here are 10 more careers that you might want to pursue if you identify as an Enneagram type 2:

  1. Childcare provider: $36,238 per year

  2. Personal trainer: $43,008 per year

  3. Life coach: $61,003 per year

  4. Doula: $67,834 per year

  5. Director of non-profit: $69,825 per year

  6. Therapist: $74,878 per year

  7. Politician: $83,039 per year

  8. Psychotherapist: $90,566 per year

  9. Psychologist: $120,191 per year

  10. Physician: $195,559 per year

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