10 Entry-Level Marketing Jobs To Jump-Start Your Career

Updated June 28, 2023

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A woman looks at a piece of paper with a magnifying glass next to a list with the title "10 Entry-Level Marketing Jobs" and these jobs:

1. Communications specialist
2. Media assistant
3. Marketing assistant
4. Social media coordinator
5. Account coordinator
6. Public relations coordinator
7. Marketing coordinator
8. SEO specialist
9. Sales representative
10. Marketing analyst

Entry-level marketing employees assist with developing strategies that enhance a company's promotional efforts. Getting an entry-level job can help you build a specific skill set and gain the experience needed to pursue a long-term career in sales or marketing. Many of the responsibilities you need to perform in an entry-level role translate well into mid-level and higher positions. 

In this article, we list 10 entry-level marketing jobs you can pursue to get your career going, with tips for finding them.

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What are entry-level marketing jobs?

Entry-level marketing jobs are positions you can get with little to no related experience in the marketing industry. In many cases, employers require an Associate Degree or Bachelor's Degree in Marketing or a related field for entry-level jobs. Some companies may accept candidates with experience in a similar field, such as sales, as a substitute for education. Duties can include interacting with clients, assisting with marketing strategies and gathering and analyzing data related to response rates and SEO.

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10 entry-level marketing jobs

Here are 10 entry-level marketing roles to pursue a marketing or sales career path. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, click on the link for each salary below:

1. Communications specialist

National average salary: $1,910 per month

Primary duties: A communications specialist helps with public relations, press releases and social media marketing campaigns. Their main focus is to ensure the public has a positive perception of the company's brand by creating content and releases regarding organizational updates. Communications specialists may also plan company events and schedule public appearances of business executives.

2. Media assistant

National average salary: $13.60 per hour

Primary duties: A media assistant helps process media and advertisement contracts. They review and revise advertising contracts, streamline billing procedures, perform research on advertising data that relates to their company and prepare additional reports. Media assistants also help the media buyer plan advertising budgets and campaigns.

3. Marketing assistant

National average salary: $14.93 per hour

Primary duties: A marketing assistant monitors the performance of an organization's marketing campaigns. They assist in brainstorming ways to improve the results of current and future campaigns. They coordinate with their company's brand ambassadors to identify best practices that increase a product's exposure. They may work with managers on important marketing projects if needed.

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4. Social media coordinator

National average salary: $15.96 per hour

Primary duties: A social media coordinator implements strategies to grow the company's engagement on social media and blogging platforms. They help generate content and collaborate with content creators on how to attract attention from their target audience. Coordinators track website visitors, interact with followers and solicit feedback on their experience with the company's products and services.

5. Account coordinator

National average salary: $42,552 per year

Primary duties: An account coordinator serves as the contact for customer service inquiries on a company's marketing and advertising campaigns. They pitch ideas to help troubleshoot client problems and track the tasks employees work on for projects associated with each campaign. They work with an account manager to maintain the budget for campaigns.

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6. Public relations coordinator

National average salary: $44,572 per year

Primary duties: A public relations coordinator writes and promotes press releases and plans opportunities to speak with the press. They monitor audience behavior to get an overview of the public's perception of the company. They perform research and speak to executives about different ways to promote their brand and improve strategy for better results.

7. Marketing coordinator

National average salary: $45,071 per year

Primary duties: A marketing coordinator tracks the sales performance of a company's products and makes preparations to attend meetings and industry trade shows. Coordinators help execute marketing campaigns by making sales predictions, determining objectives and updating timelines for the completion of different tasks. They communicate the design and content specifications of print deliverables in addition to keeping inventory on different resources and purchasing materials.

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8. SEO specialist

National average salary: $53,352 per year

Primary duties: An SEO specialist optimizes a company's webpages to improve its rank on search engine result pages. Specialists discover keywords that match a company's brand messaging and determine if they're searchable. They can use their copywriting skills to write meta descriptions, title tags and headings to boost search results.

9. Sales representative

National average salary: $58,720 per year

Primary duties: A sales representative communicates with leads to encourage them to purchase a product or service. They call or meet with prospects to inform them about the benefits of their company's products. Representatives may help with training new sales representatives and give presentations on new products.

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10. Marketing analyst

National average salary: $64,003 per year

Primary duties: A marketing analyst performs market research on competitors and consumer behavior. They monitor and predict the results of trends within marketing and sales, and underscore new promotions offered by companies in their industry. They can coordinate with data scientists and statisticians to prove the authenticity of the data they gathered.

Tips for finding entry-level marketing jobs

Here are some tips to help you find an entry-level marketing job:

  • Discover your strengths. Write a list of what you like to do and what you're good at so you can narrow down your options of entry-level marketing positions to apply for. For instance, if you love to write and design, consider searching for content marketing positions. A passion for research can help you gather data on a company's competitors in a marketing analyst role.

  • Produce and share work samples. Apply for internships that allow you to create marketing deliverables and share them on your portfolio and professional networking profile. Use these samples to showcase your marketing experience to set yourself up for an entry-level position. For example, if you created SEO content that drove readers to a website during your internship, list it in your portfolio.

  • Keep realistic expectations. An entry-level job is the beginning of your career, and you must gain relevant skills to land a job that matches your career aspirations. Search for companies that provide professional development opportunities to grow your skills and career prospects.


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