16 Entry-Level Supply Chain Jobs (With Average Salaries and Duties)

Updated March 3, 2023

Businesses can succeed when they make their products efficiently. A supply chain allows employees to work together from various specialties and complete the manufacturing process. If you're interested in working in supply chain management, there are multiple occupations for professionals newly entering the field. In this article, we define a supply chain and provide a list of entry-level supply chain jobs for you to consider.

What is a supply chain?

A supply chain is essentially the business world's assembly line. Employees, companies and vendors work together in a specific sequence to create a final product that successfully reaches consumers. Because companies frequently use supply chains, you can work in many industries if you have a supply chain job. Often, due to the variety of supply chain jobs, you can work your way into any position that interests you. The best way to start is with an entry-level supply chain job.

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16 entry-level supply chain jobs

Here are some entry-level supply chain jobs with descriptions to explore if you're interested in building a career in the industry:

1. Warehouse operator

National average salary: $31,170 per year

Primary duties: A warehouse operator handles all the duties that surround processing, organizing and packaging stored warehouse goods. This includes signing for shipments, inspecting products for damages and processing distribution on time. They also operate the handling equipment, such as hand carts and forklifts, to load and unload items.

2. Packing associate

National average salary:$33,995 per year

Primary duties: A packing associate ensures manufactured products are ready for shipment by cleaning packaging materials, loading items into containers and sealing and labeling the containers. As one of the final product handlers between consumer and producer, packing associates also check for any product defects and prepare the goods for transport.

3. Logistics technician

National average salary: $34,003 per year

Primary duties: A logistics technician primarily manages the systems involved in order processing and delivery requests. They create systems that help organize various logistics functions, and they manage the delivery and storage of goods to the warehouse. Once they fulfill the orders, logistic technicians monitor the deployment of goods.

4. Logistics coordinator

National average salary: $36,261 per year

Primary duties: A logistics coordinator is responsible for ensuring a supply chain runs smoothly and the product distribution is efficient. Some specific parts of their job include analyzing data regularly and suggesting improvement solutions. They also plan and implement supply chain processes and prioritize customer satisfaction.

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5. Logistics clerk

National average salary: $36,596 per year

Primary duties: A logistics clerk puts together and keeps track of the production, storage and transportation of products between businesses. They maintain records, handle outgoing and incoming shipments. They also keep customers updated on the status of their orders.

6. Customer support representative

National average salary: $43,253 per year

Primary duties: A customer support representative in the supply chain communicates with customers and relays their needs back to management. They maintain good relationships with customers and answer specific customer requests. They also track customer files and backlogs.

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7. Production scheduler

National average salary: $46,122 per year

Primary duties: A production scheduler coordinates and develops schedules regularly. Their goal is to maintain production schedules to meet company goals and deadlines. They also help solve production problems.

8. Supply chain technician

National average salary: $47,390 per year

Primary duties: A supply chain technician handles the supply of goods. They oversee the overall management of supply inventory, which includes processing the receiving and storing of goods. They also maintain records of good distribution.

9. Transportation technician

National average salary: $47,685 per year

Primary duties: A transportation technician helps all transportation-related aspects of moving products. Their main goal is to provide timely delivery transport and recommend the best routes to other transporters. They might also educate truck operators on proper transportation methods and ensure well-maintained vehicles.

10. Purchasing analyst

National average salary: $51,193 per year

Primary duties: A purchasing analyst determines what supplies to buy and which large purchases are necessary for the company. They also determine which distributors and manufacturers will work with the company based on quality, price and delivery speed.

11. Purchasing agent

National average salary: $52,625 per year

Primary duties: A purchasing agent also considers quality, price and reliability when choosing suppliers and merchandisers. However, they buy products and services for businesses to use or resell. They also negotiate contracts.

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12. Inventory control analyst

National average salary: $56,796 per year

Primary duties: An inventory control analyst monitors the adequacy of inventories for distribution and operations. They look into the tool and material quality required for production and identify cost-reducing opportunities without diminishing the quality standards.

13. Logistics assistant

National average salary: $61,559 per year

Primary duties: A logistics assistant provides daily support to keep workflow consistent. Their duties include monitoring shipments and deliveries, overseeing the quality and quantity of deliveries and preparing orders and invoices. They may also handle administrative tasks, customer service tasks and general office maintenance.

14. Sourcing specialist

National average salary:$63,685 per year

Primary duties: A sourcing specialist makes the sourcing process of a company more efficient. They accomplish this by building good relationships with suppliers, negotiating costs that benefit the company and developing agreements that help the company profit. Generally, they are a third party that advises and consults a company's upper-level staff members to the best of their ability, and some even work on a contract basis.

15. Supply planner

National average salary: $64,220 per year

Primary duties: A supply planner anticipates and maintains stock levels. Their main objective is to determine how to fulfill the requirements of the demand plan. They balance supply and demand to meet the financial and service needs of the company.

16. Demand planner

National average salary: $75,261 per year

Primary duties: A demand planner estimates future product demands, including revenue forecasting, inventory level alignment, material planning and procurement forecasting. To do this, they use analytical, marketing and sales data.

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