15 Best Entry-Level Work From Home Jobs

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated April 12, 2021 | Published November 5, 2020

Updated April 12, 2021

Published November 5, 2020

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If you're a new graduate or switching careers and breaking into an industry for the first time, it can be helpful to understand your options. Entry-level jobs that also allow you to work from home may be even more prominent now as COVID-19 caused many businesses to establish temporary and in some cases permanent remote or at least flexible work options.

Below, we’ve curated a list of good entry-level, work-from-home jobs you might consider as you start your job search.

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15 work from home entry-level jobs

There are a lot of opportunities to work from home as a remote employee or entrepreneur without experience. Many individuals choose to work from home to afford themselves the work-life balance they want.

If you are new to the workforce and want to work from home, these positions have a low barrier to entry:

1. Customer service representative

National average salary: $13.74 per hour

Primary duties: A customer service representative is responsible for working with customers to answer questions, resolve issues, listen to complaints, process orders, take payments and educate customers about a product or service. They may work somewhere that provides in-person customer service, but there are also opportunities to provide customer service over the phone or through email.

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2. Data entry clerk

National average salary: $14.51 per hour

Primary duties: A data entry clerk is responsible for performing the clerical task of typing data into an organization's computer system. They receive, translate, organize and input data, but they also retrieve data that a superior may need for a report or presentation. Data entry clerks must keep the database they work in free of errors and easy to access.

3. Data transcriber

National average salary: $14.92 per hour

Primary duties: A data transcriber is responsible for listening to recordings and translating what they hear into written form. They usually work within a computer system or program to enter in the information and data. Data transcribers can even work on transcribing live events, which they may be able to attend remotely from their homes.

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4. Collections clerk

National average salary: $15.61 per hour

Primary duties: A collections clerk is responsible for contacting customers who owe money on an unpaid bill. They may work for a credit card company or other company that frequently offers loans to consumers, or they may work for a firm that provides collection services to companies. A collections clerk calls consumers with the intention of receiving payment immediately. They may contact their list by phone or email.

5. Technical support specialist

National average salary: $15.61 per hour

Primary duties: A technical support specialist is responsible for working with customers on resolving technical issues they may be having on their computer or associated software programs. A person in this role who is working from home will probably need to answer phone calls, utilize a messaging application to chat with customers or answer questions and provide solutions via email. They typically have a manual that they can refer to for problems they aren't familiar with.

6. Social media coordinator

National average salary: $16.02 per hour

Primary duties: A social media coordinator is responsible for creating content on a brand's social media pages, creating and executing campaigns and building a community by responding to comments. They may have goals for increasing brand awareness or driving sales for a particular product or service. Social media coordinators typically work alongside the social media manager or director of marketing to develop advertisements.

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7. Content writer

National average salary: $17.62 per hour

Primary duties: A content writer is responsible for writing and producing blogs, social media posts and other online sales copy for their audience. They may partner with editors, bloggers and other marketing professionals to produce and refine their writing. A content writer can craft clear, consistent and engaging messages for a variety of audiences in a number of industries.

8. Virtual assistant

National average salary: $18.67 per hour

Primary duties: A virtual assistant is responsible for general administrative duties for their clients. They may schedule meetings, make travel arrangements, compile reports and presentations, make phone calls and manage email.

9. English teacher

National average salary: $18.88 per hour

Primary duties: An English teacher is responsible for instructing students on spelling, grammar and understanding of the English language. Someone who works from home without much experience in teaching may apply for a position teaching English to foreign language students in another country. They usually create lesson plans, proctor online exams, assign and grade homework and send progress reports to parents and guardians.

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10. Freelance writer

National average salary: $21.35 per hour

Primary duties: A freelance writer is responsible for writing for a brand's audience. You may not have to have a degree to work as a writer; if you are naturally gifted in writing or write as a hobby, you may be able to connect with companies who want to hire you to write for them. As a freelance writer, you may write creative content or something more research-based. An employer may ask you to write content for advertisements, social media, blog posts, emails, newsletters, brochures, magazines, product descriptions or online courses.

11. Proofreader

National average salary: $22.06 per hour

Primary duties: A proofreader is responsible for editing written documents. These documents can be hard copies or online and may include anything from articles to books. Proofreaders must have high attention to detail and a strong command of the language of the document they are editing. A proofreader may need to check the facts in a report, perform quality assurance of the piece and make sure that all the sentences flow nicely for the intended audience.

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12. Tutor

National average salary: $24.52 per hour

Primary duties: A tutor is responsible for working with students so they can come to better understand or master a subject. They may be a supplement to the work a student is doing in school. A tutor seeks to understand more about a student's learning style, develop ways to teach the student and explain topics that a teacher may not cover in class.

13. Account manager

National average salary: $24.67 per hour

Primary duties: An account manager is responsible for being the main point of contact between an organization’s staff and its customers. They usually have to create and maintain customer relationships and ensure all their needs are taken care of by communicating customer-related matters to the appropriate person or team at their company. Account managers must also be able to present progress reports to both clients and upper management, as well as work with the sales team to identify new business opportunities.

14. Recruiter

National average salary: $27.67 per hour

Primary duties: A recruiter is responsible for pairing qualified candidates with companies that are currently hiring for open positions. They may review the candidate's application, conduct initial interviews, provide information about insurance options and benefits and negotiate the salary for a position.

15. Quality assurance tester

National average salary: $30.04 per hour

Primary duties: A quality assurance tester is responsible for running tests on programs and software to make sure it works the way it should. The goal of a QA tester is to find any issues that should get a fix before customers use the program. They may receive a set of standards and guidelines to follow as they perform their testing.

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Tips for finding an entry-level work from home job

Here are a few pointers for quickly landing a remote job without work experience:

  • Optimize your search: Target remote work with Indeed job search. You can filter your search results to include keywords like “remote,” “work at home,” “work from home,” “home-based” or “telecommute.” Using the Advanced Job Search link, you can also type “remote” as your desired location. To filter out job postings that are only seeking experienced applicants, use the Experience Level drop-down menu to select “Entry Level.”

  • Showcase your skills: Since you don’t have much experience to highlight in your application, tailor your resume to highlight your relevant skills and education. You may already have a number of transferable skills from internships, volunteering or leadership positions in organizations at your school. Refer to the job posting when deciding which skills to recognize to make sure you align with what they are looking for.

  • Tap into your network: Referrals are an important tool to get your foot in the door with any employer, but especially when trust needs to be established for employees who won’t be supervised at an office. Build your network by talking to as many new people in your desired industry as you can—be it at a virtual event or with a professional profile on a social media platform.

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