How To Search for Remote Work on Indeed

By Indeed Editorial Team

February 26, 2021

Given the impact of COVID-19, you may be interested in exploring sustainable work-from-home opportunities that can easily accommodate CDC prevention recommendations. Here are some tips to help you explore and identify remote job postings on Indeed, along with other ways to target your job search by salary, company, job type and title.

How to search for remote jobs on Indeed

Use the following steps on both the desktop and mobile versions of Indeed. If you’re using Chrome and would like to get alerts from your internet browser, you may find the Indeed for Chrome extension to be helpful. This extension is free, and it allows you to save jobs for later and manage your job application status in one convenient place.

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1. Create a free Indeed account

Start your search by creating a free Indeed account. That way, you can save job postings, apply to saved jobs once you’re ready and you can track your application status. It’s an easy way to stay on top of your job search and measure your progress.

2. Use targeted keywords

You can target remote work with Indeed job search. In the What box, enter keywords like these:

  • Remote

  • Work at home

  • Work from home

  • Home-based

  • Telecommute

  • Cyber commute

This technique will surface job postings that include one or more of these keywords in the title or description. If you’re searching for a specific job title, you have two options:

  • Type the job title in the What box and use a remote keyword in the Where box.

  • Type the job title paired with a remote keyword in the What box (ex., Remote administrative assistant) and leave the Where box blank.

3. Use the "Advanced Job Search" form

If you’re looking for remote positions on Indeed, narrow your search by using the Advanced Job Search link located to the right of the Find jobs button on your search results page. Navigate to the Where and When section near the bottom of the form and in the Location box that reads "city, state, or zip" type remote as your desired location.

With Advanced Job Search, you can also narrow your search by other details, like salary range or job type (i.e., contract, freelance and full-time or part-time work).

4. Search specific jobs, companies or phrases

If you’re looking for something really specific, here’s another trick—search for an exact job title using quotation marks. For example, if you enter: “Software Engineer” (not Software Engineer) into the search bar, the results will only display job postings with that whole phrase, as opposed to postings with just one of the words. Remember to include a remote keyword either in your search phrase or in the Where box.

You can take this technique a step further by specifying the company you’re looking for, as well as words you want to exclude from the search. For example, you could type:

Job title: “Software Engineer”
Company: “Indeed” -intern

You can also stay up to date with targeted job alerts. When you create job alerts, Indeed provides regular email updates about new positions that fit your criteria. Job alerts are a simple way to apply early. You can create multiple alerts for different search criteria, but if you’re not interested in getting many emails, don’t worry. You can select how frequently you want to receive emails about new postings and it’s easy to pause or delete alerts.

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5. Keep an eye out for suspicious postings

Indeed works to proactively identify and remove predatory content from search results. For your safety, review these guidelines for a safe job search. Above all, protect your personal information, never accept money for work you have not done, and do not perform any financial transactions on behalf of a potential employer. Also, if you find that a position is falsely listed as remote, please report this to Indeed.

After you apply

After you apply to a remote position, an employer may ask you to interview via phone or video. To ensure your remote job is safe, please review our article on Common Signs of Fraud. For tips on how to prepare for an interview or how to confidently perform a video interview, visit our article on How To Prepare for an Interview.

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