30 Jobs With Flexible Hours

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated February 22, 2021 | Published February 25, 2020

Updated February 22, 2021

Published February 25, 2020

Flexible jobs can allow employees to work from home and at hours that accommodate an employer's schedule. You have to consider various factors before accepting an offer, but having flexibility puts you in a place where you can achieve a work-life balance that benefits both your family and your employer. However, you still need to consider the industry you want to work in to see if its demands align with the work schedule you want. In this article, we discuss what flexible jobs are and list 30 of them in more detail.

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List of flexible jobs

These 30 flexible jobs allow you to create your own schedule while having a meaningful career:

1. Substitute teacher

Average salary: $21,040 per year

Primary duties: A substitute teacher is accountable for replacing a classroom's teacher when they're unavailable to work on a particular day. They follow instructions from teachers to give assignments to students regarding their lesson plans and collect them at the end of the class.

2. Video game designer

Average salary: $22,080 per year

Primary duties: Video game designers construct the story mode and challenges for users playing a game. Designers work with artists and programmers to make sure they are following the design and it is consistent with the audio and visual presentation.

3. Home health aide

Average salary: $23,960 per year

Primary duties: A home health aide takes care of a patient's health needs in their own home. They render laundry services in addition to food shopping, prepare and serve meals, and bathe patients to help them stay clean.

4. Production assistant

Average salary: $27,320 per year

Primary duties: A production assistant is an entry-level position within the film and television industry that works on administrative tasks, such as getting coffee, printing out copies of scripts and transporting crew members at the discretion of the director.

5. Photographer

Average salary: $28,660 per year

Primary duties: A photographer takes photos for clients at special events, such as weddings, family photoshoots and corporate gatherings. They can also take photos of the landscape and post it to their portfolio, website and social media accounts to get themselves noticed, acquire new clients and sell the photos if they generate interest.

6. Virtual assistant

Average salary: $31,700 per year

Primary duties: A virtual assistant aids with tasks regarding administrative support for an organization. A virtual assistant can manage an employee's calendar, schedule presentations, create presentation decks to show senior leadership and post on a company's social media account.

7. Graphic designer

Average salary: $35,460 per year

Primary duties: A graphic designer is responsible for the visual concept of a product or a brand. They can either produce artwork by hand using different materials, or they can use computer software to attract and inform customers. Artwork can help various deliverables, such as e-books, brochures and magazines, stand out to its target audience.

8. Automotive technician

Average salary: $39,100 per year

Primary duties: Automotive technicians change the oil and inspect all vehicles that arrive at the body shop. They then make repairs based on their observation and the functioning of the vehicle. They'll work with other mechanics as well as the customer to make the necessary repairs on relevant vehicle components.

9. Tutor

Average salary: $42,620 per year

Primary duties: A tutor reviews assignments completed by students, and they work with students individually if they need assistance. Students learn noteworthy study skills from tutors in addition to test preparation and note-taking methods that can help them retain vital information and improve their performance in the classroom.

10. Personal trainer

Average salary: $42,680 per year

Primary duties: A personal trainer works with clients to come up with a workout routine that best fits their physical needs. They operate machinery, teach clients how to use them properly and give feedback on their progress.

11. Freelance writer

Average salary: $47,720 per year

Primary duties: A writer is accountable for researching subjects they're assigned to and write a story based on the facts that relate to it. A writer proofreads their article before submission, and they can make changes to it once it's reviewed by the editorial staff. They'll have the chance to make edits in their story and resubmit for final approval. A production manager or client may have the writer make more edits depending on the process they laid out.

12. Editor

Average salary: $50,161 per year

Primary duties: An editor reviews documents written and submitted by a writer. They'll make suggestions as to how content can be improved and check for grammatical and spelling errors in the process. They can also approve the content for distribution, but they may report to a production manager above them who might make the final decision.

13. Plumber

Average salary: $50,560 per year

Primary duties: A plumber installs new pipes and makes repairs to older pipes that transport wastewater and gas away from a property. They can also install other home appliances, such as sinks, toilets and dishwashers if needed. They determine how much to charge for repairs and present other improvement tips to property owners.

14. Electrician

Average salary: $51,860 per year

Primary duties: Electricians install and maintain all electrical appliances and power sources on a given property. They review wiring and control equipment through the flow of electricity, and they use hand tools to help troubleshoot issues. They must know complex wiring systems and follow federal, state and local building codes.

15. Accountant

Average salary: $54,535 per year

Primary duties: An accountant analyzes the financial status of an organization and advises how to communicate this information to internal and external stakeholders. They also ensure the accuracy of financial reports compiled by the organization, along with taxes filed to the government.

16. Massage therapist

Average salary: $56,180 per year

Primary duties: A massage therapist massages clients to loosen up their muscles and body tissues to alleviate tension and stress. Regular massages can also help clients relax, heal the injuries they suffered and help their immune system. Therapists who make $100 per hour generally operate out of private practices in major cities like New York and Los Angeles.

17. Account manager

Average salary: $60,143 per year

Primary duties: An account manager oversees sales and the relationships the company has with its customers. They usually serve as a point of contact for customers and help troubleshoot issues that arise for a product or service rendered to them.

18. Chemist

Average salary: $60,664 per year

Primary duties: A chemist specializes in the study of chemistry and the relationship chemicals have with one another. They conduct a test using certain chemicals to see if products can be refined and if they meet their requirements.

19. IT administrator

Average salary: $62,789 per year

Primary duties: An IT administrator oversees an organization's computer infrastructure to identify where systems and security programs can be upgraded. They determine procedures to enforce for usage and deploy solutions on software and hardware when necessary.

20. Content strategist

Average salary: $63,205 per year

Primary duties: A content strategist works with a company to gain a full understanding of content needs for their product. They work with their clients to get approval on content submitted on behalf of their company and define which content can be usable and published.

21. Dietitian

Average salary: $65,780 per year

Primary duties: A dietitian works with their patients to manage their diet, such as their intake of healthy foods, plans for making and prepping healthy meals and suggesting alterations to their lifestyle concerning their health. They can also decide how a patient can work within their financial budget to eat healthier.

22. Web developer

Average salary: $72,350 per year

Primary duties: A web developer is responsible for the presentation of a client's website and its functionalities. They work with programming languages to specify the layout of the website, ensure that it's friendly to the user and can be navigated effectively.

23. Sales manager

Average salary: $75,386 per year

Primary duties: A sales manager sets quotas for sales staff to meet their goals to help expand a company's customer base. They help mentor and train staff members to position them for success and take control of the hiring process for new staff members.

24. Researcher

Average salary: $77,752 per year

Primary duties: A researcher examines the information from a variety of sources, assembles it and presents it to their employer. Their employer can be in many industries, but the research gathered is imperative to the goals they're trying to reach. Research can be on trends from the stock market, the environment, consumer behavior and more.

25. Management consultant

Average salary: $85,976 per year

Primary duties: A management consultant comes up with different ways to enhance the effectiveness of an organization's processes. They use industry data and research and apply practices that solve current problems with workflows, employee performance and how finances are spent.

26. Aerospace engineer

Average salary: $100,303 per year

Primary duties: An aerospace engineer works on the physical components of aircraft, spacecraft and satellites. They develop systems to improve the safety of the aircraft while in the air, undertake research to increase fuel efficiency and improve its environmental impact. They ensure the items they work on align with the requests from their client and manager, along with ensuring they're working within the guidelines of assigned procedures.

27. Product manager

Average salary: $104,001 per year

Primary suties: A product manager creates a pathway for a product's success by making strategic decisions that may increase the likelihood of a product being purchased. Some duties include identifying the implementation of a product, ideation for new products and the features that can intrigue customers.

28. Software engineer

Average salary: $106,941 per year

Primary duties: Software engineers apply their knowledge of mathematics and computer science to create and improve new software. They may work on enterprise applications, operating systems and network control systems, which are all examples of software that can be used to help businesses scale their IT infrastructure.

29. Actuary

Average salary: $107,655 per year

Primary duties: An actuary highlights the financial risk of decisions made by an organization. They use math and statistics to map out the results from different events that may occur within a company, especially changes to compensation and benefits programs.

30. Mobile application developer

Average salary: $117,989 per year

Primary duties: Mobile application developers solely work on applications for smartphone devices. They learn programming languages and develop new environments for apps to run on, and they can also work in game design as well to produce an interactive experience for users.

Additional careers with flexible hours

If the jobs above aren't quite what you're looking for, here are some more flexible jobs to consider:

  • Occupational therapy assistant

  • Instructional designer

  • Online instructor

  • Test scorer

  • Construction manager

  • Clinical researcher

  • Genetic counselor

  • Carpenter

  • User experience designer

  • User interface designer

  • Veterinary cardiologist

  • Civil engineer

  • Executive assistant

  • Game tester

  • Librarian

  • Video editor

  • Film editor

  • Translator

  • Security analyst

  • Business development manager

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